Prologue- The Burning MansionMature

February 03, Outskirts of London, England, 1253

"Another glass of wine, Master Ivan?" an old butler with thinned grey hair asked a tall man, sitting at a desk with papers lying everywhere.

Ivan looked up at the butler and said with a smile, "yes, please, Charles." The butler poured red wine into the Ivan's glass, bowed, then walked out, closing the door behind him.

Ivan poured the wine down his throat, whiped his mouth, then countinued with his work. Before him, were pages filled with sketches, calculations, and explanations. Ivan was an inventor who regularly did trade with mercenary's and sometimes the King of England himself.

Originally, Ivan created weapons to bring England into the future, but the Church disbelieved in science, and punished him for his beliefs. A young mercenary leader named Lloyd Siegfried, found his work intrigueing, and hired him to use his mind to help his men.

At first, Ivan thought he was doing good when Lloyd helped out the King by killing off thieves, rogues, anyone who disobeyed the lay basically.

Things were good for Ivan, he had a wife, Secille, and two children, Vladimir and Crystal Lowell. Crystal was a girl, fourteen years of age. Crystal was a good girl, she obeyed ever rule, she helped with everything, she was strong and beautiful, but not that bright. Vladimir, on the other hand, was disobedient. He stole a soldiers purse, and paid for it with his hand. Ivan had created an artificial hand for his ten year old son, using a powerful crystal, known only to him, that had magical powers within it.

Lloyd had been around Vladimir and Crystal for all of Vladimir's life and most of Crystal's. Lloyd was like an uncle to them, and he became a family friend to the Lowell family.

The snow gently fell down, covering the footprints of Lloyd, who walked up to the door of the mansion, two swordsman standing outside with the three horses they rode. Lloyd was dressed in a long black cloak, over his light armor. At his side was a long steel sword, covered in a leather sheeth. He had a scar on his left cheek, but the rest of his face was young and tanned. His eyes were a dark green, his left eye covered by blond hair, shrt all around, except for the bangs.

"Stay here," Lloyd commanded.

Lloyd placed his knuckle on the knocker and swung it agains the heavy double doors. He stepped back, folded his arms and shivered. Charles' face appeared as he opened the door, and bowed, singnaling Lloyd to enter.

Lloyd's heavy boots crunched onto the floor, leaving snow on the floor. He brushed the snow off his boots lazily.

"Shall I announce your presence, Master Lloyd?" Charles asked.

"Yes please, Charles," Lloyd answered, brushing snow off his cloak.

Charles closed the door, bowed, then walked up the stairs, his hands curled up at his side.

"Lloyd?" a woman said.

"Secille?" Lloyd looked towards the voice. Standing at a doorway, was a woman, a little older than he was, dressed in an elegant blue dress. Her hair was a chestnut brown that went down to her hips. Her face was young, scarless, her blue eyes locked onto Lloyds.

"Um, why are you here?" Secille said, looking away.

"I, uh-"

"Master Lloyd," Charles interupted, from the railing on the second floor. "Master Ivan is ready to see you."

Lloyd looked up at Charles and smiled. "Thank you Charles." The butler bowed, then walked off down the hallway.

Lloyd looked towards Secille, smiled, then walked up the stairs, his hand following the rail.

"Master Lloyd," Charles said as he opened the door to Ivan's study. Lloyd walked into the well lit room, Charles closed the door behind him.

Vladimir eyed the injured rodent on the ground, trying to crawl to safety, a bolt in its arm. Vladimir,with an evil look in his eye and death in his voice, muttered, "Goodnight," with a grin.

He pressed his finger down onto the crossbow resting on his shoulder, his eye peering down the stirrup. The bolt flew through the air for half a second, before piercing the rodents flesh. The rodent let out a shriek before it collapsed. Vladimir jumped from the bed and kneed before the dead rodent. He pulled out the bolt, a tiny heart on the end of it.

Vladimir grinned, but not because his shot was dead on, but because he had a strong craving for blood. He cupped the heart in his hands and squeezed the blood out and into his open mouth. He drank up the blood and tossed the heart across the room. He moaned and wrapped his arms around his stomach. He breathed heavily and eyed the body. He bent over and riped the body to pieces, drinking what blood he could.

"So sad, brother,"

Vladimir turned around and eyed his sister, Crystal standing there.

"Screw off you dumb piece of shit," Vladimir swore.

"Don't call me dumb, you vampire!" Crystal swore back.

"Im not a vampire," Vladimir said more calmly, riping the head off the dead rodent and drinking the blood that flowed from it.

"Accept, brother, your a creature of evil," Crystal said, walking up behind him. She went to put her hand on his shoulder, but Vladimir turned around and flashed his fangs to her. She stepped back.

"," Vladimir muttered, his eyes flashing between his normal blue eyes, and a dark red.

Outside the room, a loud crash was heard. Soon after, there was yelling and their mother screaming.

"What the hell?" Vladimir looked up from his food and looked in the direction of the sound.

Crystal ran out of the room, followed by Vladimir. As they closed in to the sound, they could make out words and curses being thrown. They burst through a door that led into the main room and stopped.

Before them was a tall older man with long black hair and a giant two handed sword in his hands. On the opposite side of him were Lloyd, Ivan, and Charles, who was presumly dead.

Vladimir eyed the blood flowing from his corpse and licked his lips. As he was about to spring forward, Crystal held him back and gave him the signal to be quiet.

The man wore small-sized armor, iron shoulder pads, chestplate, gauntlets, and leather boots with some armor on the front. On his right shoulder, which faced Crystal and Vladimir, there was a patch with a symbol. Vladimir eyed the symbol, and implanted it into his mind.

Lloyd stood in front of Ivan, with his longsword in both hands, blood running down his face. Ivan stood with his arms around his wife.

"You are not wanted here, rogue," Lloyd said, swinging his blade forward. The man blocked the attack, and sent Lloyd flying backwards.

"Out of my way, mercenary," the man said, "You are not what I came for." He pointed to Ivan, his heavy sword in his other hand. "I am here to collect a bounty on Ivan Lowell."

Ivan stepped away from his wife, facing the man. "For what? I have done nothing to anyone."

The man slipped his hand under his breastplate, and took out a scroll. He rolled out the scroll, reading it aloud. "Ivan Lowell, Inventor, wanted for treason."

"What!?" Ivan strolled towards the man, grabing the scroll from his hands and reading it. He quickly skimmed over the scroll. "Treason to whom!?"

"That, is of no importance," the man swung his blade foward, cutting the scroll in half.

The man took another quick step and lashed out his sword, the blade going through Ivan's chest. The man pulled back and sheathed his blade, Ivan, falling to the floor.

Crystal's arms fell to the floor, shocked at what she had just witnessed. Lloyd had grabbed Secille and ran out of the building. The man bent over and took out a knife, cutting off Ivan's head, then holding it in the air, examined his prize.

The man then felt a sharp sting in his neck, paralyzed, he dropped the head. Vladimir was hanging onto the mans back, his fangs sunk deeply into the man's neck. The man's eyes rolled back into his head and dropped to the floor, rich blood flowing from his vein. Vladimir withdrew his fangs and looked at the ceiling, his eyes pitch red as well as most of his face. He removed his arms from around the mans neck and stood to his feet.

His eyes drew towards his fathers head on teh ground, and his anger rose once more. He then started kicking the dead body of the killer and then started riping his skin from his body, lettting out a flery of curses.

Crystal had walked over to her father's body, crying as the blood flowed from it. She dropped to her knees and held her hands to her face, letting out great sobs of sorrow. When she finally looked up, the room was filled with red flesh as well as organs scattered across the floor. Blood covered the walls and the numerous painting and artifacts her father had collected over the years. She saw her brother kneeling in a dark pool of blood, before the man's heart. Tears ran down his face, mixing witht he blood that covered his skin and clothes. 

Crystal stood up and walked towards him, sat down beside him, and wrapped her arm around him. From around them, smoke could be smelled, as well as the intense heat emerging from the walls of the house.

Racing down the hill, were eight men on horseback. One man looked back, his young eyes looked upon the mansion. Smoke was rising from the building, not long after, ablaze. It soon became known as the Burning Mansion

The End

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