A Difficult ChoiceMature

Chapter Three- A Difficult Choice

Siad, September 03, 1560

"Brother?" Victor stood before the Rogue Leader, who now had blood running down his face, but Victor could spot his brother from miles away.

"Victor?" Butch, the Rogue Leader stepped forward, his hands coming off his face.

"Why?" Victor stood there, beginning to cry.

Butch put his hands on his brother's shoulders, "It had to be done," Butch replied, "you don't know what was going to happen to you, to us."

Victor pushed away from his brother, tears streaming down his face. "You bastard! I'll kill you!" Victor leapt at Butch and started pounding his fists on his armor.

Butch pushed him off, "Stop, your only hurting yourself!" Butch eyed Victor's now bloody hands. He grabbed Victor's arms in order for Victor to stop hurting himself. "Listen to me," Butch pulled Victor closer, staring into Victor's enraged eyes. "It had to be done," Butch angrily told Victor.

"Lier! You just wanted to be lord sooner!"

Butch slapped Victor across the face, "Shut up and listen!" Victor stood, crying. "They were going to sacrifice you and I to the gods."

"Well, even so, my sacrifice would've been worth it, to bring peace and prosperity to our land."

"Forget all you know about the gods!" Butch yelled at him, his face coming closer, and his grip tightening. "There are no gods..."


"I speak of the truth!" He released his grip and let go of Victor, standing up straight. "There are no gods," he said calmly.

"Your lying," Victor sneered.

"Then why are we such a mistake!?" Butch yelled,

"We're not a mistake," Victor replied.

"You haven't seen the mistakes and tragedies of this world, they kept you inside the city for a reason, to prevent you and others from knowing the truth."


"The Missionaries, they spread lies like wildfire."

"They're good people, you can't talk about them that way!"

"Listen Victor!"

Some distance away, a horn went off and the sound of armor clashing started to increase.

"We have to get out of here, dad's army was few, but the Missionaries are numerous and powerful,"

Out of nowhere, a man yelled out and swung a sword at Butch, just missing him. The man was dressed in Lowell's armor and had an upper hand on Butch.

"Quick, Victor, aid me!" the knight yelled out.

"No...Victor, help me."

Victor looked around and saw that the Rogues were killed, adding their blood to the already pool. He looked back at Butch who was on one knee, him and the knight struggling for power.

"Help, Victor, i can't...hold on...much...longer," he grunted.

"No Victor, stay out of this, your brother betrayed us, he is no longer our ally," the knight yelled back.

Victor's mind raced, what to do? His brother had betrayed him and killed his father, but his words sounded true. He then came to a decision. He picked up a sword covered in blood and walked forward. He raised the sword, then brought it down onto the knight.

Butch pushed the body off him and slowly got to his feet. "Thanks brother." A piercing sound interrupted their reunion as a knight on a horse stood on top of the hill, then came down, at top speed, followed by hundreds more.

"Go," Butch commanded Victor, holding his sword out in front of him.

"But-" Butch interupted Victor.

"Go!" he yelled.

Victor ran as fast as he could, but he could never get far enough away to hear the sound he knew that would come. His brother's death cry.

The End

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