Chapter Two- Feed

Caen, France, 2009

Victor sprung up, sweat pouring down his face, the images still clear in his mind. He put his head in his hands and went through his dream. "Father...?" he panted. "Butch?" He shook the nightmare from his mind and looked around the room. He was still in the chapel, he remembered, where that girl had set him free.

It all came back to him as he got up and stepped out of the coffin, his feet landing on the cold barren floor. He panted as he realized he was nearly out of energy. "Damn it," he fell to his knees and stared at the floor, sweat pouring down his face. He eyed a couple rats scurrying around the floor and he licked his lips. "No!" he told himself. "I will not stoop to eating rats!" he shook the thought from his head and eyed the door. He got to his feet, and shakily walked to the front doors of the chapel.

Victor pushed the front doors open and stood outside, his arms falling to his side, and he stared at the sun just about to go over the mountains.  In the distance, down the hill a bit, he saw a flash of light moving slowly toward him. As the light got closer, he smelled blood, human blood. He grinned and moved back into the chapel.

A teenaged boy pushed through the bushes. He had blond short, gelled hair, wore blue jeans, and a band t-shirt, while carrying a flashlight in his left hand. Following behind him was a girl, white long hair, palish skin and wore a heavy sweater, gloves, and black jeans.

"You sure we should be up here?" the girl asked, keeping her arms close to her body.

"Of course, Catharine, it's totally safe, and is a good make-out spot," the boy smiled.

Victor recognized the girl's voice as Catharine's, the girl who set him free, which he turned into a vampire. He smiled wickedly as the doors to the chapel opened. Victor hide beside the entrance within his chambers.

The footsteps closed in as the boy and Catharine got closer. They walked into the chambers, first looking around. The boy walked by an unlit torch, and lit it. He then walked over to a pew, sat down and faced Catharine, who stood at the door, looking around for signs of Victor. She then sensed his presence to the right of her. She grinned then walked forward and sat beside the boy on the broken pew.

The boy took a Mint out of his pocket then put it in his mouth,  then put his arm around Catharine, then smiled at her.

"Ugh, sorry Guy, i don't think I'm ready," Cathrine said.

"Don't worry, everyone does it,"

He leaned in to kiss Catharine, but she pushed him away. "Come on, baby."

"I'm sorry to do this to you," Catharine said, as she used her full strength and sent Guy flying off the pew.

"What the hell!?" Guy yelled out, "How are you so strong?"

"Because," Catharine stood up, "I'm a vampire."

Guy laughed, "Right, like vampires exist."

"Oh, but they do."

Guy felt a cold chill going down his spine. He leaped forward and turned around. A tall man stood there, wearing a black cloak over a black t-shirt and black skinny jeans.

"Another one of your goth friends?" Guy asked, laughing.

"Good," Victor said, "to die while laughing is the best way to go, i've heard."

Guy laughed as Victor moved slowly forward with and evil grin on his face. Guy then stopped laughing as Victor opened his mouth, revealing two longs white fangs. "Oh fuck!" Guy cried out. He turned towards the doors and tried to flee, but was tripped by Catharine. He tried to crawl away, but felt Victor's fangs digging into his neck, drawing blood from him.

Victor released his fangs and let the body fall. Guy, still alive, put his hand forward, but stopped when fangs dug into him once more. This time, it was Catharine.

Guy's lifeless body layed there as Catharine withdrew her fangs.

"Good work, Catharine," Victor complemented, standing behind her.

"Thank you, Master," Catharine stood to her feet, "but I'm still hungry."

"Yes, so am I," Victor replied.

"What are we to do then?" Catharine asked.

"We are going on a night on the town," Victor moved to the window and looked through the broken glass to the town far below. "Those poor unsuspecting meat puppets won't know what hit them."

"Excellent, Master."

"And, while we're there, we might as well pick up a few things." Victor moved his cloak to reveal a belt with a holder at the side which held a crossbow with its staves against the body. He grinned then turned to the window, the images of his past coming to him once more.

The End

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