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Chapter One- Before The Killer

Siad, September 03, 1560

Victor Lowell walked through the town beside his older brother, Butch Lowell. Butch was tall, broad, and an expert swordsman. Victor, who was small, scrawny, and who had hardly any weapon skills at all. Victor had always looked up to Butch, he wanted to be a knight just like him.

The townsfolk were working hard on this day, it marking the start of the Harvest Season. Traders annually came into town to purchase the crops, since it was one of the only towns for miles with good enough soil.

"My brother?" Victor spoke.

"Yes?" Butch replied.

"When do i start my training to become a Knight?"

"When your twenty-one years of age," Butch chuckled, "why do you ask me that every day?"

"I apologize, i hadn't realized," Victor replied, looking down.

"It's nothing, brother," Butch replied with a smile, "When i was your age, i was just as anxious to become a Knight, maybe even more-so that thyself."

"What age to i become a Squire then?"

"Either thirteen or fourteen years of age, depending on how skilled you are."

"So, three years then, brother?"

"Yes," Butch smiled, "but until then, you are still my Page."

"Yes, of course brother," Victor replied.

The day wore on with the usual commotion of the town. Considering it was the start of Harvest Season, there were no reports of thefts for once. That is, until when the sun had almost set, and Butch had gotten a mission. He was to go to the outskirts of town where a bandit cave was supposedly hidden.

Butch, a man of honor, took the job, bid farewell to Victor, hopped onto his horse, and rode off into the sunset.

Hours had past, and Victor sat on the edge of his bed, within the castle. Butch had been gone for too long for it to be a simple mission. A scream interrupted his thoughts. Victor sprung to the window and looked out into the town. Fires had been spread along the buildings near the wall of the city and men on horses galloped through town with torches in hand lighting fire to anything in range.

Victor saw his father and a few other knights confront the rogues in the center of town. Both parties stopped, as his father yelled commands at the Rogues.

Victor climbed out the window, and climbed down to the ground, like he had down many times before. He crouched and made his way over to where his father was, knowing it was a dumb idea.

Victor hide behind a barrel of arrows and listened to the conversation.

"Don't take it personal old man, we're just following orders," the leader yelled back.

The leader sat upon a black haired horse with a bright white mane, a longsword at his side. He wore a full faced black helmet along with heavy black armor. Around his neck was a dark red cape with an emblem on it.

Victors father was obviously annoyed by this mans attitude. He drew his sword and yelled out. "I'll give you one more chance, knave, leave now or you will die by my sword."

The leader's horse raised its hoofs into the air and let out a loud whine then charged at Victor's father, the leader laughing maniacally. Lord Lowell raised his shield just before the Rogue Leader's sword crashed into him.

The Rogue Leader continued and charged into the knights behind Lord Lowell, cutting down two in the process. He then turned around and galloped toward Lord Lowell, raising his sword once more. 

The Rogues galloped past Lord Lowell and met the knights. The Rogue Leader sent another blow toward Lord Lowell, knocking him off the horse. The Rogue Leader turned and hopped off his horse, sword in hand.

Lord Lowell got to his feet and placed the sword so that it was the only thing standing between him and the Rogue Leader. The Rogue leader swatted the sword away and put hit sword up to Lord Lowell's neck.

"Don't be a hero, fool," the Rogue Leader spat, "nothing can save you."

He put pressure onto the sword and sent it through Lord Lowell's neck. He withdrew the sword, and flicked it, blood dropping to the ground.

All around, knights lay on the dirt ground, blood sprawling from their lifeless bodies, whcih quickly became a pool. Victor couldn't believe what he had just seen, his father getting slain right before his eyes, and the killer making it look so easy. Victor eyed the arrows in the barrel in front of him and took out his homemade crossbow, and loaded it. He held his breath, waiting for a steady shot of Rouge Leader.

The Rogue Leader walked around, talking to the Rogues who had just killed off all the knights.

"You bastard," Victor whispered, "I'll kill you."

He pulled the trigger as the arrow flew through the air and struck the front of the Rogue Leader's helmet. The Rogue Leader yelled out and threw his helmet off, the arrow coming off to. The Rogue leader held up his hands, covering his face. He then removed his hands, covered in blood, which also revealed himself. Victor moed from the hiding spot and walked forward, standing before the killer.

The End

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