Lowell, Book 3- Present and HistoryMature

Victor Lowell, a descendant of Vladimir Lowell, a 13th century psychotic inventor, was a 16th century Romanian freelance assassin who was caught and sentanced to death.
Years later, a gothic group of teenagers awakes him in an old abandoned chapel near Caen, France, to reek havoc upon the world.
Third installment of the Lowell Series

Prologue- The Awakening

Caen, France, 2009

The cold air whistled through the dark corridor of the old chapel, sending ashes fluttering through the breeze. The moon and the stars were the only light around for miles of France. But, the forest stirred as a group of goth teenagers wearing dark cloaks that covered their face.

They made their way up the stepping stones that lay on the barren hill, toward the chapel. Their dreary chanting was all that could be heard throughout the area. They stopped at the broken doors of the chapel. The leader turned and pulled down its hood, revealing a womans face, about 16 years old. Her hair was long, covered most of her face and was dyed a deep purple, with piercings on her eyebrows and lips. When she spoke, she spoke in French

"It's time, my minions, we will revive a man long dead from his deep slumber and bring havoc upon our enemies," the girl spoke loudly.

The others cheered her on.

She turned and pushed open the doors. The wind carried the ashes and blew them into her face. She smiled as soon as she stepped. The others followed. The girl walked up to an altar and brushed the dust and ash off it.

"Can u feel it, can u feel the power in this place?" she spoke in a dark tone.

The others took their hoods off, revealing a variety off hair dyes and piercings. A male, the tallest of the thirteen with blue emo hair spoke.

"Yes, i can feel this power, its so...invigorating," he spoke.

"Pierre, hand me the tomb," the woman commanded. A boy with white hair took out a tomb from his cloak and handed it to her. "Everyone, encircle the altar."

They all circled around the altar, threw up their hoods and put their hands together, chanting in melody. The leader stood in front of the circle and placed the book onto the altar. She turned to the middle of the book and then read aloud what the book said.

"Blood and Darkness fills these walls, murders and betrayal lie at every turn. Assassin of the old, killed at the altar, come back and under me we will slay our enemies, through blood and horror they will face, u will stop their pace!"

The book shined, causing a gust storm to flow throughout the chapel. Her hood blew back, revealing her face once more, she gasped as she saw a coffin appear from the walls, blood stained. It floated, then landed on top of the altar, the wind and light stopped.

Everyone looked at the coffin placed on top of the altar. The girl walked forward, hypnotized by the coffin.

"No wait," the boy with blue hair yelled out, "Catharine!"

Catharine was hovering over the coffin, her eyes fixated onto it.

"Don't Catharine, it's to dangerous!"

"Must...release...master..." Catharine said hypnotized.

"No!" He grabbed her hand and pulled her away. His arm went around her neck as he pulled her back. "I won't let you die, this is too weird."

She bit down into the boy's cloak, and into his skin, causing him to pull back. "God dammit!"

Catharine walked back up to the coffin and slid the top off it, then looked down into its contents. A man whose every bone showed sat within the coffin, his arms crossed, his eyes closed. His arms and legs were chained to the coffin for some unknown reason.


The man's eyes flung open. The sudden shock sent Catharine out of the trance. "What the?" She looked down at the man who was looking back up at her. She backed away, speechless.

"What the hell?" The boy shakily asked.

The man sat up, breathed, then turned toward Catharine and the others. They all shook and backed away slowly. The man stood up, revealing the rags he wore. He stepped out of the coffin and turned toward the Goths. He smiled, his fangs showing.

"Thank you, Catharine," the vampire spoke.

Catharine replied, her voice shaking. "Your...welcome."

"I know what your thinking, u think I'm thanking u for releasing me, well, that, and for bringing me a feast." They all started shaking wildly and backed away as the vampire walked forward. "I'm weak, you know, after a long time asleep, say, what year is it anyway?"

Nobody replied.

"Fine." He disappeared and reappeared behind Pierre, and sunk his teeth into him. Pierre let out a loud squeal. As the vampire drank, his body changed, he started to shape out, and his hair started to come in. He then let Pierre drop to the ground, drained of all blood.

"You bastard!" one of them yelled out. He charged at the vampire with a wooden stake. He raised it, ready to bring it down upon the vampire, but was stopped in mid air by the vampire.

The vampire's claws dug into the boys flesh, sending blood to drop. The stake fell to the ground. The vampire could see the fear in the boys eyes. He smiled, then sunk his teeth into the boys flesh until he was drained of blood. He let the boy drop, then wiped his mouth.

"Jack, no!"

The vampire turned just as another stake attempt was thrown at him. He stopped it, the same was as he did with the last one. "Tsk, tsk" the vampire taunted the tall blue haired boy. He then grinned and drained the boy of his blood.

Catharine fell to her knees burst into tears as Jack's lifeless body fell to the floor. She then turned around to see the others running for their lives. She looked up through her dampened hair at the vampire standing there.

"Please...no," she pleaded.

The vampire chuckled. "You freed me, for that, i am in your gratitude." The vampire bowed to her.

"So, i can go free?"

The vampire laughed. "Hell no," he stared at Catharine. "I need a servant, one to shower me with their wisdom of this new world. And since you freed me, and I owe you..."

He lunged forward and sunk his teeth into her neck, then let her fall back to the ground, blood flowing from her wound. She put her hand to her neck. "I'm...alive?"

"Of course, i blessed you with this curse i have," the vampire said, "Letting you live is my gratitude for setting me free."

"Thank...you," Catharine thanked getting to her feet, holding onto her neck.

The vampire bent over and took off Jack's clothes and put them onto himself. He grinned and looked around the chapel. Catharine walked over to the vampires coffin and read the top of the coffin.

"Victor Lowell," she read.

The vampire turned to her, his eyebrow raised.

"Born, 1548," she continued, "died 1564. No known family,  buried with his person, were his weapons he had on person. Accused of murder of important personal. Cause of death, stabbed in heart."

Victor had made his way and was looking over her shoulder.

"You name's Victor," Catharine pointed out.

"It...it is?" the vampire stood there. Images fluttering through his mind. "Father...?"

The End

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