New House

Janie and Amelia finally went back inside after giggling frantically for twenty minutes. 'He's so hot! I cannot wait to try that.' Janie seemed to like him too. 
'Umm. Janie. Can I have this one? I haven't had much luck and I want to see if he's good or not, for me I mean.' Janie's face drained of its colour. 
'Oh. Sure. Whatever. I didn't like him anyway. That's fine. I have to go. Bye.' Janie grabbed her shopping and left instantly. That was weird.

After packing her new things into her suitcase, Amelia headed over to Tom's house. 
She knocked on the door and a boy opened the door. 'Hey Tom. You okay?' Amelia managed to speak confidently. 
'I'm not Tom. I'm Ryan, but come in. Easy mistake. You must be.. Amelia?' Ryan had a twin brother?! I must tell Janie. She walked in, following Ryan to, what looked like, the living room. 'Just make yourself at home, I'll get Tom.' He smiled and left the room. He was charming too, but Tom seemed much more fitting for Amelia. The room she was sat in had a dark-wood floor, with a white rug in the middle, complete with a small glass table. There were pictures of a happy family of five; a mother, a father, Tom and Ryan and a little girl. As she skimmed through the pictures, Amelia felt like she was being watched. She turned around and, sure enough, Tom was leaning against the door frame looking at her. 'Having fun? It's a huge house right?'
'Yeah.. It's big.' Tom smiled and walked over to her. She stood up and Tom pulled her into a hug. 'Wanna go upstairs? My sisters been getting very eager.' 
'Your sister?'
'Yeah, I told her there was a girl next door and she got really excited. Come on up.' They walked upstairs, the wall filled with even more photos of the family. 
'You got a lot unpacked in one day, huh?' She couldn't understand where her confidence was coming from. 
'Yeah, we had some family round. We only moved from Brooksfield Avenue. Here she is. Amber! This is Amelia.' A little girl slammed into Amelia's legs, knocking her over. Amelia hit her head hard and fell unconscious.

The End

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