New Beginnings

Amelia wouldn't be starting at her Horwards until next Monday, so she spent every day in between getting ready, packing and shopping for anything she needed. Because her headmistress seemed to like her and Janie, she gave Janie the rest of the week off to help Amelia get ready for her new school.
'I can't believe Mrs Jackson let you off!' Amelia and Janie were in the town center, stocking up on clothes and new stationary. 
'I know! I can't believe my mum let me! Come on, lets get everything and head back to yours.' After three hours of shopping, the girls headed back home. Amelia had brought loads of clothes, seven new notepads, six packs of pens, a pad of sticky-notes and a new phone for emergencies (mums request). 

When the girls got off the bus, there was a large van in front of Amelia's house. 'Whose that? Your dad got a new job? New van?'
'I don't think so. He would have said something, we don't do surprises anymore.' She couldn't help but think that was her fault...
A tall, brown haired, green eyed boy jumped out of the van. He flicked his head and ran his fingers through his hair. For Amelia, everything was going slow motion. He was staring at her and she could imagine a slow motion run.
'Amelia! Snap out of it.' Janie had pushed her slightly.
The boy noticed them and walked over. No more dating. The words bounced around in Amelia's head. She couldn't love him, no more heartbreak. She wouldn't survive it.
'Hey. I'm Tom. How're you?'
'Hi Tom! I'm Janie and this is Amelia! We're great. How are you?' Janie always was a bit forward. Amelia waved feebly.
'Hello Janie. Well, I'm sure Amelia can speak for herself. After all, she's got beautiful lips.' Amelia blushed.
'Hey.' It was all she could utter. Tom was beautiful, everything she'd wish for in a boy. 
'Hey, i'm doing a project for school. I need a picture with a girl for one part. I'll take one with both of you. Is that okay?'
'Yes! I mean. Yeah sure. That'll be cool.' said Janie, her face redder than a post box.
'Here, you take one of me and Janie, Amelia.' He handed her his phone, the camera already set up. Tom stood next to Janie and smiled. Janie smiled too, but looked at Tom, as apposed to the camera. 'There we go.' She handed him the camera. 
'Looks great. Your turn Amelia.' He handed the phone to Janie. They both smiled at the camera, but Tom put his arm around Amelia's waist and pulled her tight. The camera clicked and Janie looked down at the photo. As she did Tom whispered in Amelia's ear. 
'Come over to mine later. I want to show you something.' He pulled away from her and looked at the photo. 'It looks great! I'll use them both, yeah? See you guys around? Bye!' He walked back towards the house. 'Oh, by the way. I guess I'm your new neighbour.' He winked in Amelia's direction and went inside. Amelia fell to the floor in extreme happiness.

The End

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