Time for school

After four school changes in a year, Amelia looked forward to moving to her new school. There were only six schools in her catchment area, four of them were mixed sex schools, the other two, however, were single sex schools. Janie had been going to Horward's School for Girls since year seven. Amelia went to all of the mixed schools. Her mother wasn't too happy about her going to a school just for girls, she especially didn't like Howard's. The only reason being that it was a private boarding school. Very expensive, but not too expensive for Amelia. As she had no siblings, there was no competition when it came to buying her things. Her parents had considered adopting another child, but when Amelia's illness arose, the decision was put aside. 
Amelia and her mother drove up the long pebbled school driveway, oo-ing and ah-ing at the buildings they passed. There were girls in groups scattered around the grounds, all wearing a dark scarlet coloured uniform, white blouses with red blazers and knee-length pleated skirts. They parked their blue ford fiesta close to the reception, Amelia looking around, searching for Janie. But she never saw her. 
'Welcome to Howard's School for Girls, please take a seat. Mrs Jackson will be with you shortly.' A bubbly, blonde-haired woman in her late-twenties was sat at the reception desk. She smiled sweetly and handed Amelia a clipboard. 'Please fill this in. Just some background information.' She smiled again and looked back to her computer. 

Amelia filled in the paperwork and handed it to her mother, letting her skim over and sign wherever necessary. They handed it back and the secretary smiled. 'Yep. All good. Mrs Jackson will see you now.' She pointed towards a light-brown oak door with a red plague with white lettering in bold writing 'MRS JACKSON HEADMISTRESS' and underneath her name 'SILENCE IS PROHIBITED'. Amelia was confused. Usually boarding schools were strict and silence was usually enforced. 
'AMY! You came to my school! I can't believe it!' Janie came rushing in and threw herself at Amelia. They rolled on the floor laughing until Mrs Jackson opened her door. Amelia stood up immediately, 'I'm very sorry miss. I haven't seen my friend Janie for days.' 
'Girls are always inseparable,' she turned to Amelia's mother. 'Don't you agree?' 
'Oh. Yes. They used to be stuck to each other. But they went to different schools.'
'Until now!' whispered Janie.
'We were hoping to enroll Amelia here. She has had trouble with her past schools and this school would be a perfect fit for her.'
'Well, no need to convince me. I've heard a lot from Janie. As long as you have no violent backgrounds and you are eager to learn. You're in!' Janie and Amelia looked at each other, screamed, hugged each other and jumped with joy. Finally, she could be happy. Without the heartaches.

The End

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