Heart Problems

The sun shone through the thin, linen blinds brightly. It filled the whole room with light as it penetrated through the window. Amelia's alarm clock buzzed loudly in her ear. She woke and slammed her hand hard on the clock, silencing it for now. She pulled herself up and rubbed her eyes, she had left her make-up on last night, so now she'd have panda eyes. After stretching her arms and moving her feet to the floor, Amelia stood up and began to dress herself. It was a nice day, so she decided to wear her new floral dress, it was mostly white, but the arrangement of blues and light purples made it look vibrant and beautiful. She pulled it on and stared at herself in the mirror. She weighed at least eight stone, but she felt that was because she never ate anymore. Whenever she had her heart broken, she felt worthless, like she needn't worry about keeping herself healthy. But today was the start of a new Amelia, the new Amelia who didn't fall in love. 

Because Amelia had never been able to look at her ex's without her heart filling her body with searing pain, she never stayed at a school very long before she had to leave. She was a beautiful girl, so naturally, boys fell for her instantly. She was a brunette, with dark green eyes which stood out instantly. Her hair was almost as long as her, it reached down to her hips and sat there nicely, swaying in the wind whenever she was out. Her skin was clear and she never seemed to get any of the teenage acne that other people got, but nevertheless, she felt more comfortable wearing a thin layer of foundation and blusher. The only thing that bothered Amelia about her appearance, was the small heart-shaped birthmark on her hip. When she was little, she loved to show it off and gloat that she had a unique, beautiful birthmark, but as she got older it became an ironic mark, constantly reminding her of her illness. 

When she was thirteen-years-old, she met Jake, her first love. He was also a brunette, but he was the sort of guy who thought he was everyone's everything. He asked Amelia if she would go to the movies with her and, obviously, she said yes. But when she got there, Jake had brought along another girl and decided to kiss her throughout the whole movie. From that moment, Amelia knew she was different. When she got home, she felt a sharp pain coming from her chest, filling her whole body with pain, like she was on fire. She screamed for her mother, who burst through the door to her aid. Hours later, Amelia was in a hospital bed with her mother and father by her side, resting their heads on one another in deep slumbers. Amelia had been diagnosed with  a heart disease that meant her heart beat faster than an average person. With the mixture of an irregular heartbeat and consistent heartbreak, her body could not take it. She had to live with this everyday, but hopefully the right guy would come along and make sure she would be healthy again. Hopefully.

The End

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