A story of a girl whose never had any luck in the love department. After being dumped time and time again, Amelia decides that she won't go looking for love anymore.
But when a handsome, smart, funny boy moves in next door, she can't help herself.

'FINE! I never loved you anyway!' 

Amelia fell into a ball of tears on her kitchen floor. She screamed out in pain and held her chest. Her mother ran into the room, dropping her shopping bags, making the eggs and milk cartons split and spill all over the floor. 
'Amelia? What's wrong sweetheart?! Is it your heart again? I'll call Doctor Myers.' She ran towards the phone and pressed the speed dial.
'Doctor Myers? It's Mrs Lions. It's happened again. Her heart. Yes, that's her screaming. Can you come over? I don't want her to end up in hospital again. Thank you. I'll see you shortly.' She put the phone back on the receiver and calmly grabbed a light blue flannel out of Amelia's purse. She ran it under cold water from the sink and rinsed it, so not to drip water all over the floor. Amelia was still screaming and her breathing had become erratic. 'Amelia sweetheart, its me. Everything's going to be fine.' She began to pat the flannel on her brow, cooling her down, hoping to stop her from sweating. 

After ten minutes of piercing screams, Amelia began to scream quieter. When she finally stopped, the doorbell ran. 'It's okay to use your key Doctor Myers.' The key turned in the lock and the door swung open.
'Please Jane. I've told you. Call me Drake.'
'I'm sorry, but my brother a doctor? It's quite an honor, if you ask me.'
'Either way, I want to check on Amelia.' He crouched down next to her. 'Amelia, it's Uncle Drake. I'm going to use the needle again. I'm sorry sweetie, but it'll help.' He pulled out a small needle from his bag and filled it with a clear liquid from a small, sealed flask. He injected it into her arm and Amelia went limp.

'Amelia? Are you okay?' Amelia woke again hours later in her bed. 
'I'm fine, mum. Thank you. I really thought he would stay. I let him in too much.'
'It's fine baby. You're okay now. Just please, can we stop with dating for a while. That's the fourth break-up this year. I don't think you can survive another one.'
'Okay mum. I won't. But if I see a really, really hot guy, can I talk to him?'
'Of course you can. Just don't get pregnant!' They both laughed loudly, tears streaming down their faces. When they both calmed down, Amelia kissed her mother on the cheek and watched her leave the room. After she had, she grabbed her phone from her pocket and flipped it open. Four messages from her best friend Janie. She read the first three, all about school. But the fourth was about what had just happened.

       Aimee!!!! I just saw Harry leave your house and a lot of screaming!!!!! Are you okay? Text me ASAP! Love you loads! Janie x

The End

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