Loving Tones, Phone Tones

Nikky gets a call from a man who got the wrong number, and a few minutes later, he calls back. He seems interested in Nikky, just by her voice. Nikky decides to talk to him, and soon enough... they fall in love?



I felt strong arms wrap around my waist protectively in the dead of night. I had been awake for a few hours, and feeling him hold me felt comforting in this foreign place.


Shifting so I was facing him, I looked into his handsome face. I blew softly on his nose, in case he really was asleep, and smiled when he opened his hazel eyes.


“Yes, darling?” he asked in that accent of his.


“I can’t sleep,” I said, cuddling up closer to him to rest my head on the mattress near his shoulder. I felt him rub circles in my
bare back.


“Why would that be, Nikky?” he asked. I was so glad that I was used to his smooth, deep voice, or I would have shivered right then.


“I’m too excited, I guess...” I whispered, as if there were somebody watching us. I felt him kiss my hair.


“It will be alright,” he hummed, pulling my torso closer to his body. I took in his warmth gladly, not used to the nightly English chill quite yet. “You will settle down soon enough. Try to sleep again, dear.” 


I was silent for a moment, smiling widely to myself. Finally, I gathered enough courage to say, “Can you say that again?”


He laughed warmly, but quietly. “Say what again?”


“Call me ‘dear’ again,” I asked, feeling like an adolescent, immature girl. I looked up at him with begging eyes. “Please?”


He laughed again, and kissed my lips. “Go to sleep, dear.” He put a loving emphasis on that last word. I smiled and shifted closer to him, embracing him and his warmth, love, and protection.


Is it strange? How I can pick out his voice from anywhere in the world? But when it comes to his body or face... I still get star-struck?


Is it strange how I’ve heard his voice, talking to me, for over a year now? But I’ve only met him a few months ago?


Would you like me to tell you my story?

The End

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