Loving A Vampire...Mature

(I didn't write this whole story by myself, i had help from my friends: Audrea Marks, Tammy Jackson, and Maria Mechler.)

Life is a whisper that is like old music to some, and for others life is a whisper that is one of those cheesy love songs that nobody really likes. My whisper is old music. It flows through me like a flood and my flood brings hail with it sometimes but I am sturdy. I stand like a solid rock, standing straight and tall waiting for the storm to engulf me. I will let the storm flow over me whispering it’s songs of praise or sorrow…

By, Ashlynn Williams

I see you’ve read my writing. By the way I am Ashlynn Williams, I am sixteen years old. I live in a small, small town called Canton, Texas.

The walk to school is long and quiet normally, but ever since this new kid named Dylan showed up two months ago in my city it’s been a noisy and annoying walk inside my head. Now that I have a new found stalker I walk to school faster or I rush to somebody I know so that Dylan leaves me alone. Today was different though, I couldn’t make my legs move fast and nobody I knew was standing around. Which left me with one fate…walking to school with Dylan. I decided that I might like him. I found a tree and sat under it and started to write another “poem”. He came and sat next to me and I slid over away from him. He lifted his hood of his sweater off and he showed me his beautiful face. He had dark animal-like eyes, long black hair that went to the middle of his back, strong cheek bones, and he was very tan. My mouth dropped and I couldn’t close it, so I just put my hand to my mouth. My stalker is… extremely handsome. I tried to talk but all I said was “um…” then I ran away.

When I got to my first class (which is one of my classes I had with Dylan), I was upset because Dylan wasn’t there. I had two theories of why he wasn’t there 1) I had hurt his feelings when I ran away from him. 2) He was late. I thought the 2nd one was most likely but Dylan is fast and he could have caught up to me when I ran away, so why didn’t he? Was he shocked? Did he think that I thought he was ugly? While I was thinking of these things my teacher Mrs. Ash was calling me up to read my “poem”. Mrs. Ash finally came over and tapped me on the shoulder. She led me to the front. When I got to the front to read my “poem”, Dylan came in. I smiled and started to read

Life is a whisper that is like old music to some, and for others life is a whisper that is one of those cheesy love songs that nobody really likes. My whisper is old music. It flows through me like a flood and my flood brings hail with it sometimes but I am sturdy. I stand like a solid rock, standing straight and tall waiting for the storm to engulf me. I will let the storm flow over me whispering it’s songs of praise or sorrow. I will let life fly, let go, and be free. Fly like a dove, soar through the sky and reach for the stars. Breathe, drink, eat, praise, and live life like a roller coaster for the rest of my days.”

I looked around the room, I saw many confused faces but one who understood completely…Dylan. I walked to my seat between Dylan and my best friend Trisha, then I sat and Mrs. Ash congratulated me on my heartfelt and perfect “poem”.

As I walked to my next class (gym) I saw Dylan following me. I slowed down so that it would seem that we walked together on accident. We walked not talking for a while, until I decided to talk.

“Umm…hi” I said

“Hello” he said in a mellifluous voice

Then he asked me “Why did you run away from me this morning?”

“I ran from you so I wouldn’t be late and I’d never seen your face before so I was surprised to see your face, and what you looked like.”

“Did my face scare you?”

“Not at all it’s just…”

“It’s just what?”

“Umm…I need to get to gym, bye Dylan.”

He tried to say something but I was gone by the time he thought of what to say. I was worried that I might see him in gym class since the guys and girls share a gymnasium.

We played boys versus girls’ dodge-ball game. When it came down to 3 on each side left it was me, Trisha, and my other friend Shelby versus Dylan, Sean, and Jacob. Then all of the sudden Jacob and Shelby got out. So Trisha, Sean, Dylan, and I were left. Then I flung a ball at Sean and I hit him, and right after I did that Dylan hit Trisha. Dylan and I were the ones left. My team started to cheer because everyone knows Dylan won’t hit me with a ball. My team was cheering “We win!” and Dylan’s team was screaming “Do it! Hit her man! Dude hit her! Hit her!”

Then Dylan dropped his dodge-ball and walked away. My team screamed in excitement and lifted me on their shoulders. After they let me down I got dressed and started to walk to my next class, when Dylan stopped me. I was pretty mad.

“Why do you always do that Dylan?!?” I asked him, my question filled with anger.

“Do what? Walk with you?”

“No, Dylan I mean why do you always let my team win the dodge-ball games?”

“Well…Ashlynn I can’t hit you…I…I feel very protective of you.”

“When you get hurt I can’t stand it.”

“I’m going to get hurt so get over it!”

Then I walked away to go to lunch. I never eat much lunch; I just grabbed a sandwich and went outside to sit on the grass and think. When I got to my normal spot Dylan was there so I walked over to a corner by the fence. I closed my eyes and just sat there for a couple minutes. When I opened my eyes Dylan was sitting next to me. I felt like screaming. I got up and started to walk away, but he locked his hand on my wrist and pulled me down on top of him.

“Dylan, what are you doing?!? Let me go”

“I need to talk to you Ashlynn.”

“Fine but talk quickly.” I said almost biting my tongue

“Ashlynn, I’ve never felt so protective of anyone before. Do you know why I might want to protect you?”

“Dylan, you sound like a shrink and no I don’t.”

“No, Ashlynn I think you do know you just don’t want to believe it. I know you feel the same way or you wouldn’t still be talking to me.”

“Dylan, let me remind you that I didn’t want to talk to you in the first place.”

“Liar!” he hollered as I got up and ran inside before the bell rang.

It was time for me to go to math class. School was almost over. But I then remembered that after school I had track practice and Dylan was going to be there. I decided to forget about me and Dylan’s little talk. I made it through math class without talking to Dylan. I then started to walk to science and Dylan started to follow me. I ran to Trisha and we walked together to science. Then out of the blue Trisha asked me

“Why aren’t you walking with your boyfriend?”

“What I have a boyfriend? That’s a first!”

“You know what I mean Ashlynn, I saw you and Dylan over by the fence during lunch he really likes you.”

“How can you tell?”

“The way he looks at you…his eyes tell me that he’d jump in front of a bullet for you.”

“Thanks for telling me but I’m not dating him and I never will.”

“Okay…but I see the way you look at him too”

“Stop it Trisha!”


I saw Dylan walking behind us with a grin on his face that showed his white gleaming teeth. I ditched Trisha and hurried away to science. When I got to science my teacher, Mr. Bach gave us our assignments and I started to work using a microscope. While I was working, out of the corner of my eye I could see Dylan staring at me. He was looking at me up and down. Then I figured out what he was looking at…he was checking me out, he was looking at my legs and today was the day I decided to wear a mini skirt. The bell rang and I ran out of class. I took the long way to the gymnasium and I got dressed for track practice. Some of my friends were already there and I went to sit by them.

“So Ashlynn…Are you and Dylan dating?” Shelby asked

“Yeah right Shelby, like I told Trisha I will never date Dylan.”

“Okay…but I saw ya’ll by the fence.” Said Shelby

“Yeah ya’ll were getting a little freaky by that fence.” Said Jacob

“It was an accident now ya’ll forget about it!” I was really irritated now

“Okay! Okay! Ashlynn” said Jacob

“Ashlynn, I’m sorry.” Said Shelby

“It’s okay Shelby you were curious. But don’t ask again, please.”

“Okay I won’t.”

Then Dylan ran in grasped my hand and hauled me away. I then heard everyone in the gymnasium run to the door to watch.

“Ashlynn…” Dylan began to talk but I cut him of

“What the hell was that? Can’t you just leave me alone?”

“I can’t Ashlynn!” he said as he pushed me against the wall then he leaned in towards me.

“I want you…” he said in a whisper as he started to breathe on my cheek. He then wrapped his hands around my hips and he held me close.

“Say you want me too; you won’t completely believe it until you actually say that you do.” He said in an extremely soft whisper

“If you won’t say it…then all you have to do to get rid of me is tell me to leave you alone. If you really mean it then I’ll try my best to avoid you.” He said, his voice trembling in its mellifluous way. He then kissed my cheek.

“I…I can’t say I want you to leave me alone.”

“Say it! Say you want me! Say you want us to be together!” he said in his extremely soft whisper. Then I made a big mistake, I looked into his eyes. Then I dropped my head and my head fell on his shoulder. He sighed then said.

“Does that mean that you want me?”

“Yes! Okay Dylan I want you! Are you Happy?!?” I said

Then he smiled and looked away. I grabbed his face in my hands and kissed him very ardently. He looked surprised then I walked into the locker room to fix my face. I wiped away some of the tears that were on my face and Dylan was right behind me and he wiped the last one. He hugged me from behind and then said.

“No more tears right?” he asked

“Look at you girl your beautiful.”

I nodded and we walked out of the locker room hands intertwined, but when we got to the gymnasium our hands dropped and we power walked to our places. I heard Trisha and Shelby giggling.

“Oh shut up you two.” I said in a very low whisper that was just loud enough for them to hear.

We got out to the track and started to run our five laps. Then Dylan caught up with me and grabbed one of my ear phones for my I-Pod and put it in his ear. Then Dylan said

“Umm…well how do I put this…I’ve never asked this before…”

“Well, just say it.”

“Okay…” he started to whisper because everyone was eavesdropping. “Do you want to go to the movies with me tonight?”

“Sure” I said hiding my excitement

“I also have another surprise for you and for it we might be out late.”

“My parents are going to want to meet you.”

“After tonight they can meet me. Just say you’re going with your friends on a girl’s night out.”




“What is my “surprise”?”

“You’ll see.” He said as we finished our last lap.

I walked to the locker room with Trisha and Shelby. They were mocking me both remembering how before I started dating Dylan, I said I would never date Dylan.



 “Fine we’ll ask her for you!” both Sean and Jacob yelled

Dylan tried to stop them but they ran away too fast. They reached the spot where Trisha, Shelby, and I were standing and they told Trisha and Shelby to leave. Trisha and Shelby stayed still at first then they walked away.

“Okay!” said Sean

“Dylan’s too chicken to tell you but…He really likes you and he wants to know if you really like him.” Said Jacob

“Yeah, so do you Ashlynn?!?!?!?” said Sean


“What?” Sean asked

“Does that mean no?” said Jacob

“No it doesn’t! Just tell him that I do…” I said frustrated

“Oh great he’s going to be so happy!” said Jacob in a girly voice

Then they ran away to the guy’s locker room. I hurried and caught up to Trisha and Shelby. We walked to the girl’s locker room.

“Hey guys?”

“Yes Ashlynn?” They both answered

“Can I borrow some of your clothes? Dylan is taking me to the movies and then he has some surprise for me.”

“Yeah girl! Of course!” they both said

“Here” Shelby said “Use my stilettos and my black top.”

“Here” Trisha said “Take my skirt and let me do your make-up.”


“Hey, Dylan?” said Sean


“Are you taking Ashlynn out tonight?”


 “Dude you got to look good!” said Jacob

“Here, man use my suit” said Sean

“Thanks…I guess”

I stuck my head out of the locker room and I saw Dylan he was dressed up in part of a tuxedo. He looked very handsome. I was wearing a slut outfit. I ran back in the locker room.

“Get me a short dress and skinny jeans!”

Trisha and Shelby ran to get the things I asked for.

“Why?!?” they both yelled

“I look like a slut!”

“Okay good luck girl!” Trisha yelled as I hurried out the locker room.

When I reached where Dylan was standing his mouth hit the ground.

“Is it too much?” I said

“No…No it’s not too much…it’s just you look…sexy.”

“Thank you” I said as I blushed

“You look very handsome.” I said

“What I’m not sexy?”

“No you are…but I didn’t think of you as a suit person...”

“I’m not that’s why…” he said then pulled the suit off

“I am wearing my favorite clothes under it.” He said

“Sean made me wear it, he’s gonna be upset.”

“Now you look very sexy.” I said

He was wearing a leather jacket, a V-neck shirt, and black skinny jeans.

“So where are we going to after the movies?”

“Remember it’s a secret. You’ll see.”


We went to the movies and saw a scary movie called “The Haunting in Connecticut”. I was so scared and that made Dylan happy, because I was practically in his lap. Every five minutes he would ask me

“Are you okay?” then he’d kiss me on the head. I would nod. Then he’d hug me tightly to his chest. He was very cold.

We walked to the car and he opened the door for me.



“Umm…well this is gonna sound dumb, but…”

“What is it Ashlynn?”

“Why are you so cold?”

“Oh…It’s nothing”


It was silent forever. Then I started to get goose bumps. Dylan took off his jacket and handed it to me.

“Thanks…” I said very drowsily.


“Yes, Ash?”

“Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise remember.”

“I want to know!”

“You’ll know soon”




“Are you still cold?”

“A little”

“Okay. There’s a blanket in the back.” He reached in the back and grabbed the blanket. He laid it on top of me.

“It’s going to be about thirty more minutes ‘til we get there.”

“Okay…” I said then I closed my eyes.

I felt a cold hand on my hips. The hands flipped me on their shoulders and knocked the air out of me. I opened my eyes when I felt a sharp pain on my sides. It hurt a lot but I didn’t speak. Then the hands laid me on the back seat and that’s when I closed my eyes. I wasn’t sure if the person who carried me was Dylan but I was too scared to open my eyes and find out.

“I’ll be right back my love” the person said

It didn’t sound like Dylan, It sounded like someone from 100 years ago in England. The person put the blanket over my head. I stayed put until they closed the door. I heard the car lock and then I woke up from my fake sleep. I saw somebody running from the car. The person looked like Dylan. The person caught up with five other people and the six people seemed to disappear into the forest. I almost screamed. But I couldn’t my mouth and the rest of my body was frozen in place. I just laid back down and tried to sleep peacefully…until I heard the earsplitting scream of what sounded like a deer. I covered my ears and closed my eyes as tears flooded my cheeks. All I could think was about that poor deer and how it died. Hours must have passed by the time I woke up. When I woke up I was freezing cold and I was still alone. Now all I could think about was why Dylan decided to leave me in his car. Thinking about Dylan made me cry. Now everything I thought about was him, wondering if he was looking at the same star, wondering if he was thinking of me too. While I was crying I had an urge to get out of the car but I had the feeling that something was lurking outside the car. I hesitated, then I sat up to open the door and then car started to move. I laid back down not wanting to see who was driving because whoever it was they were breathing very hard. All of the sudden I started crying. My crying scared the driver because they thought I was asleep. I flipped onto my side and I faced the seat. I looked over my shoulder very quickly to see the time…it was 1:53 a.m. I’d slept for a while. I turned my head back when the driver turned their head in my direction. I was still crying. I thought my crying was distracting the driver’s driving because they stopped driving. They got out of the car and slammed their door closed. That’s when I faked sleeping again. They opened my door and their cold hands touched my sides again. Their hands flipped me over their shoulder again. Then the driver opened the passenger door and set me in the seat. The driver kissed me on the cheek it was hard, harsh, and cold. Then the driver took their place in the driver’s seat and started to drive. I leaned my head against the door, because I didn’t want to know if Dylan was the driver. I just wanted to go home. Then the driver lifted me up onto their lap with little effort. I slanted my head to the left so that I couldn’t see the driver’s face. The driver kissed my neck and breathed on my neck delicately. Then the driver said

“You know you’re very beautiful…” in a tough, manly, mellifluous voice.

I shifted my weight and sighed. I pulled my blanket away from my back and felt the driver’s cold chest on my back. The driver apparently had no shirt on. I could feel the driver’s cold chest through my dress and Dylan’s jacket that I was still wearing. I then felt a cold hand on my chin my head was turned toward the driver. I almost fainted at the sight of Dylan. His normal charming ice blue eyes were astonishing, burning, crystal clear pools of blue-gray water. My lip trembled at his beauty. Then he kissed me. He tried to pull away but I pulled him closer. I didn’t want him to stop. I tried to use all my strength to pull him closer to me but he escaped my grasp. I was nearly out of breath when he put me back in my seat. I sighed. I knew Dylan could tell that I was disappointed. I reached for the knob to turn on the radio and so did Dylan. Our hands touched and he pulled back right away. I never noticed how cold his hands were. I turned on the radio and they played some of my favorite songs. I would have liked to dance to the songs but I was still in the car. Dylan let out a little chuckle and he started to drive faster. I then climbed into the back seat. Dylan stopped driving.

“What are you doing?” he asked

“I don’t like the front seat.” I said just because I didn’t want to have to look at his beauty any longer.

“Oh…” but he didn’t start driving again

“Are you going to drive?”

“Yes” he said still not driving


“Soon” he said still not driving



“Can I come back there?”

“No!” I said still not wanting to look at his face

“Okay…” he said like I hurt his feelings.

“I’m sorry…” I said feeling sad for hurting his feelings

“So can I come back there now?” he said as if he was in a better mood


“Okay I’m coming” he said as he hopped into the back seat next to me. All I could think about was to not look at his face. He tried to kiss me but I pulled away.

“What’s wrong Ashlynn?” he said disappointed

“Nothing…” I said not wanting to say that I couldn’t look at his face.

“Please…Tell me Ash”

“I can’t look at your face. Okay!” my voice with slight anger

“Does that mean I’m ugly?”

“No! You’re just so…so...”

“Say it!” he said as he pulled me closer.

“Good looking…” I said then I fell limp onto his shoulder. He squeezed me tight until I got too cold. Then he kissed me passionately. It was soft but rough at the same time. This time he wasn’t pulling away. Then someone knocked on the car window. It was Jacob. I was mad. I thought that he brought Jacob to come and watch. Then I saw Sean behind him. I was furious now. I was almost ready to take my dress of when they showed up.

“Dylan…” I said my anger rising inside of me.

“Now Ash calm down it’s not what you think.”

“What am I suppose to think?!?” I screamed my voice hitting him with my rage. He flinched.

“What do you want me to think? That you didn’t bring them here to watch us?!?”

I fixed my dress, took off the jacket Dylan had put on me I threw it at him, and I grabbed my purse. I opened the door and started walking home while putting my heels back on. All I had to do was walk through the forest, cross a highway, and walk a two mile trail to get home. I decided to get started. I started to walk faster and I tripped. Dylan hurried over and caught me before I hit the ground. I pushed him away, dusted myself off, and walked away crying. Then Dylan ran in front of me. He grabbed me by my hips and pulled me close to him.

“Baby…Please stay. Don’t go.” He said

“Why should I stay?” I said still crying

“Because you’ll miss your surprise”

“I already got enough surprises tonight. I’m going home.”

“Ash!” he yelled as I walked away “At least let me drive you home!”

“I’ll walk!” I said tripping again, my face hitting the dirt hard.

“Ash!” he said running to me “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine leave me alone” I said while taking my stilettos off

I started walking barefooted and still crying.

“Please Ash please let me take you home.” He said sadly

“I promise I won’t talk to you on the drive there. You can sit in the back by yourself.” He said

“Fine…” I said walking over to the truck. I started to get in the back seat and I slipped. I saw Dylan’s hands reach to catch me.

“Dylan not talking to me and not touching me are the rules.” I said harshly

I got in and he closed the door. He walked over to Jacob and Sean. He looked very mad. All I heard him say was

“Thanks guys…” in an angry and sad voice

He hopped in the truck and started to drive. I calmed down a bit on the drive to my house. So when Dylan stopped the truck I kissed his cheek leaving some of my tears there. Then I ran out of the truck and climbed into my bedroom window. I was hoping that my parents were asleep and luckily they were. I then went to sleep for the few hours of sleep I had left.

I walked to school the next day trying to avoid Dylan. I saw Dylan at the end of my street and I started to walk faster. I could feel his sad eyes on me. I wanted to turn around and hug him, but I was supposed to be very mad at him. I could hear his footsteps moving very fast behind me. I saw Shelby and I decided not to walk over by her. What if she asks me about last night? I couldn’t take the chance so I walked around her.

When I got to class it was time for Dylan to share his “poem”. He walked up with a sad smile on his face. Then he started to read

Her hair blows like an amber brown ocean through the wind when she runs. Her eyes the color of creamy melted Hershey’s chocolate. Her face pale and gorgeous, each part of her face precisely lovely. Her hips move softly and slowly when she dances. Her legs long, strong, tan, and fast. She is like my special heroine. She is what makes me melt.

The students clapped and Mrs. Ash said it was an exquisite description of someone he loves. I was glad the bell rang because I was half way to tears over his “poem”. I ran out of the class trying to hold the tears down. Then I ran to the bathroom to fix my face. I washed my face in the sink. Then I started to redo my make-up. I poked myself in the eye when I saw Dylan behind me in the mirror.

“Ow” I said in a very low whisper

“I’m sorry did I scare you?” he said

“No, seeing guys that stalk me every day is a normal thing in my schedule.” I said harshly

“I just came to see if you were okay” he said

“Well as you can see I am fine.” I said finishing up my make-up


“What Dylan?!?”

“Umm…Did you like my poem”? He said

“No, Dylan I didn’t” I said

“Oh…” he said dismayed “I just wanted you to know that it was about you.”

“Really I didn’t notice” I said sarcastically

“Bye Dylan”


“What?” I said frustrated

“Are we still…Do you want us to still be us?”

“No…I think it’d be best if we split.”

“Oh…” he said letting out a whimper and he ran away.

I started to yell for him to come back but he was already swallowed by the crowd. I ran to the gymnasium and sat under the bleachers waiting for everyone else to come to gym class. I laid down on my stomach and I started to cry. I was remembering the words that he wrote about me, about my hair, my eyes, my face, my legs, and my braveness. Did he really love me that much? Then I heard people coming so I wiped away my tears and made sure my eyes looked normal. Then I crawled out and walked over to Shelby and Trisha. Then Trisha said

“How was last night, Ash?”

“Fine…” I said trying to avoid conversation

“Are you gonna tell us about it?” asked Shelby

“Nope…” I said

“Okay…” they both said. Then they ran over to Jacob and Sean to ask them about what they knew. I sat down by the door. Then Dylan walked in and I stood up and walked to the other side of the gym to the top of the bleachers. While I walked the way there I knew Dylan was watching me so I put a little sway in my hips. I knew I was mad at him but his “poem” was so romantic and sensitive, that I wanted to give him something for it. Then the coach walked in and we got in a line ready for instructions. The game was long but soon it came to two on both sides. Shelby got out next, and then Jacob, Leaving me and Dylan. He of course dropped his ball and walked away. My team cheered and came running to me to lift me up, but I ran to Dylan who was running into the guy’s locker room.

“Dylan?” I called out sadly, looking for him around the locker room.

“Ash? Ash is that you? Is it really you?” he said running to me. I hugged him.

“Do you have an explanation for last night?”

“Yes, Ash I do but you won’t believe me.” He said doubtfully

“Try me”

“Okay…” he said “I am not human…” I decided to go with it

“Go on…”

“…And the reason Jacob and Sean aren’t human either is we are…Vampires. They were there for two reasons. 1st we…we had to eat, and 2nd they were there to make sure I didn’t hurt you, to make sure we didn’t go too far.” He said not looking at me


“Ash? Do you understand?” he said still not looking at me

“Yes explains a lot…” I said hugging him

“I can never go out of control with you.” He said “I might hurt you”

“You can’t and you won’t hurt me Dylan”

“How do you know that, Ash?” he said

“I just do” I said

“I was built to kill, I’m a monster. I wanted to kill you once, no human knows the pain we go through resisting the blood of a human. I wanted to suck all the blood in your body from your veins the first day I saw you. Your blood smells delectable. I’ve killed people! Aren’t you terrified!?!” he screamed backing away from me

“Dylan” I said walking towards him “You’re not a monster. I don’t care if you wanted to kill me once or now. If you killed people that doesn’t matter either. I’m not afraid of you.” I said softly hugging him. Feeling his cold chest against mine and his cold hands slowly wrap around me. Then Jacob and Sean busted in ruining the whole moment.

“Are ya’ll okay?” Jacob asked really meaning is Ashlynn okay

“Yes, we’re fine Jacob” Dylan said “Thanks for checking”

“Oh…You want me to go?” he asked

“Yes” Dylan and I both admitted. Jacob and Sean left and I let my body fall limp into Dylan’s hands. I lift my head to look at his eyes before I kissed him, and I was going to hold his head in my hands… but before I could he grabbed my face and kissed me fervently. He led me to one of the changing rooms still kissing me and he sat down. We kissed for a while, then he picked me up and laid me down carefully then he laid on top of me. We were lying on the floor both breathing heavily. I moaned as he kissed my neck and Dylan thought I was in pain. So he stopped everything he was doing.

“Are you okay, Ash?” he asked worried

“Yes, I’m perfectly fine.” I said comfortingly

We laid there for the rest of the school day. No one bothered us. We laid there until I decided I wanted more than just kisses. Dylan laughed and said

“So? You want more than kisses, huh?”

“Yeah” I said flipping over on top of him. Then he pushed me off of him and he stood up.

“What’s wrong, Dylan?” I said with concern in my voice

“Somebody’s here…they’re looking for you.” He said in a whisper “Get your clothes back on.” I put my shirt and pants back on. Then I walked up behind Dylan. I wrapped my arms around him.

“Hun, it’s probably nothing” I said kissing Dylan’s cheek.

“Oh it’s something, this guy he wants you.” He said in a very low whisper.

“What do you mean” I said following his tone of voice.

“This guy wants to take you away from me! He wants you like I have you.” he said in a low growl. Then he crouched down in a protective crouch in front of me. He released my grip on him and pushed me behind him. A loud growl was released from his chest, and the guy who wanted to take me opened the curtain. There he was some guy I didn’t know, that thought he was in love with me. Dylan pounced on top of the guy and started clawing at his face. The guy must have been a vampire too because he was clawing back in the same way and he was growling in the same way as Dylan. I was in the corner and to me it looked like Dylan was getting hurt. Then the guy knocked Dylan out. The guy smoothly walked over and held my face in one of his hands. He then pulled me over closer to Dylan. I was just an inch away from Dylan. I then noticed that Dylan’s arm was wrapped around a pole. I was just out of Dylan’s reach and then the guy kissed me. I tried to push him off but he held me down. Dylan had opened his eyes and he was going crazy he couldn’t get his arm unwrapped so he just broke the pole. Then he tackled the guy and Dylan said

“Ash!” yelling over the growls

“Yes, Dylan” I said

“Go get Jacob and Sean!” he said urgently

“I can’t leave you here Dylan!” I said

“Just do it!!” he said angrily

“Okay!” I said as I ran to get Jacob and Sean. When I opened the door over ten people fell back, but I didn’t care that they were listening.

“Jacob, Sean, Dylan needs your help!”

“What’d he do?” they both asked

“Just come on” I said scared to death. I ran in and they followed me. I showed them Dylan and the other guy on the floor still fighting. Jacob and Sean lifted the guy up, who looked at me and then I recognized him. His name was Jeremy.

“Wait!” I said

“What?!?” Jacob, Sean, and Dylan asked

“I know him” I said

“Who is he?”

“He’s my best guy-friend who went missing 3 years ago, Jeremy” I exclaimed. I ran over to Jeremy and I hugged him. I hadn’t seen him in years. But, Dylan said Jeremy wants me like he has me, and Jeremy is now apparently a vampire. I stepped back and then Dylan pulled me back.

“Who’s he?” Jeremy said

“I am her boy friend, Dylan” Dylan said back angrily

“Ash, is that true?” Jeremy asked

“Yeah…” I said letting my head go limp

“That’s too bad Ash ‘cause I came back for you.” He said taking three steps forward. Dylan hopped in front of me.

“He doesn’t love you Ash” Dylan whispered

“I know he doesn’t” I said

“He just wants your blood, Ash” he said desperately

“I know” I said whispering. Then I started to cry quietly on Dylan’s shoulder.

“It’s gonna be okay” Dylan and Jeremy both said. Then they both growled.

“Guys! Let her choose who she wants.” Jacob yelled

“Well, Ash who do you want more?” Sean said. Then Dylan and Jeremy both backed up so I could walk to who I wanted more. I lifted my leg and walked to Dylan.

“Sorry…” I said

“That’s okay I can live with that. Can I have a hug?” he said

I looked over at Dylan who nodded. Walked over to Jeremy and hugged him. Then he bit me on the neck and Jacob, Sean, and Dylan tackled him. I saw that Dylan was about to kill Jeremy. When Jacob said

“No! Dylan don’t we have him go help her. She needs you”

When Dylan came over to me he was crying and so was I. Then I blacked out. When I woke up I was in a hospital with, my mom, my dad, and Dylan who was pretending to sleep in the corner.

“Ashlynn!?!, are you okay?” my mom asked

“Yeah, mom I’m fine.”

“Thank god, you better watch out for them stairs!” said my mom

“Hey mom?”

“Yes dear?”

“Can I get a soda?”


“And mom…”


“Take dad with you”

“Okay” she said knowing why I wanted them gone.

Then Dylan’s head popped up and he walked over, he grabbed my face in his hands and he kissed me.



“Umm…you know how I said I feel very protective of you?”


“Well I’d feel better if I weren’t here to help you get hurt…I need to leave town…” he said as his head fell limp. There was a very long pause here. Then I said

“You’re leaving me?” then I started to cry quietly.

“No, Ash I just don’t wanna hurt you anymore” he said

“Fine then just go so you don’t have to see me hurt anymore” I said my rage rising inside me

“Okay…” he said walking out the door

“I hate you…” I said in a very, very, low whisper.

“Aww…You don’t mean that Ash” he said walking towards me again

“Yes I do and you hate me too because then you wouldn’t be leaving” I said letting out a whimper

“How could you think that, Ash?!? You know I love you!” his voice getting louder. Then he climbed on top of me and kissed me tenderly. I kissed him back and we sat there kissing forever, coming up for air every now and then. Then I heard my dad say

“Oh! I’ve had enough unhand my daughter!”

Then Dylan kissed me one last time and ran out the door.

“Dad! You scared him away!”

“He was feeling you up!” my dad said

“I love him” I said lowering my voice

“It doesn’t matter he isn’t getting you. Never ever!”

“That’s it I’m out of here!” I said then I stood up took all the wires off of me and grabbed my clothes. I went to one of the visitors restrooms and I changed my clothes. Then I walked out and passed my parents who were too busy fighting to notice me leaving. I went to the front and got the release form from the nurse, I signed it and left. I was walking on the sidewalk and I saw some people that Dylan was talking to. As I got closer I notice that Jacob and Sean were two of them, another was a kid named Jasin he is Dylan’s little brother, and the other two must have been their parents. They were probably deciding where to go to. I circled around them as I put my stuff in my parent’s truck. I grabbed the key out of the glove compartment and I started the truck. When I was about to drive away Dylan grabbed my wrist. He pulled himself into the truck and pushed me into the passenger seat. After he started to drive away I asked him

“Where are you taking me?”

“Somewhere safe…” he answered

“Safe? Why do I need to go somewhere safe?” I asked confused

“Your friend Jeremy he’s looking for you” he said

“What? What if he kills my parents?” I said concerned

“He won’t!” he said

“But what if he does?!?” I said angrily

“Ash! Just let me take you some place safe where I can watch you and then I’ll have my family watch your parents, okay?” he said

I didn’t say anything else I just cried and let the tears steam my face. Then to try to make me feel better Dylan put his arm around me. When we stopped driving we ended up at an airport.

“The airport? We’re taking a trip?” I asked

“Yes, Baby I’m taking you to Paris!” he said pulling out two tickets to Paris

I wrapped my arms around his neck and said “Umm…thanks”

We walked to the private jet and we started flying. I started to fall asleep and all I remember is how comfortable Dylan’s lap was. I woke up and Dylan was carrying me into a fancy hotel room. I closed my eyes and fake slept as he laid me down on the bed. Dylan sighed then said

“We’re here baby, we are here…” he then walked over to the bed and pulled me to his side in a tight clutch.

“Oh…” I said in pain

“Are you okay Ash?”

“Yes you’re squishing me”

“Oh sorry”

“It’s okay…” I said as he let his clutch loosen



“What are we gonna do here” I said wondering about all the wonderful things we could do

“Whatever you want…”

“Whatever I want…seriously?”


“Will you give me a present?”


“No you said anything” I said reminding him of what he said

“Yes I did” he said “I know what you want”

“What? Say it so I don’t have to” I said

“You want more than kisses”

“Yes” I said then I rolled on top of him

“Oh…You want it now?”

“Yes now!” I said kissing him

“Maybe later”

“Aww…you lied to me” I said disappointed

“Sorry Ash I’m just not ready yet. I don’t know if I could control myself.” He said in a very sorry voice

“Okay” I said. I sighed then turned on my side away from Dylan and pulled away from him a bit. He pulled me closer and said

“It doesn’t mean I don’t want a little more than kisses” he whispered in my ear and he squeezed me tightly. I laughed a little and then drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning Dylan wasn’t there. I saw a note on the bed. I picked it up off the bed, unfolded it, and began to read it.

Dear Ashlynn,

I have left to set up an exciting day for us. Please don’t be afraid I’ll be home soon. Take a shower and put on some of the clothes my mother packed for you. P.S. put on something sexy.



I stood up and walked to the shower and turned on the water, I took a shower and got dry. When I was all clean I went to my suit case and opened it slowly. There was a little pile of jeans and t-shirts and a dress, and then I looked over in the corner a big pile of laced underwear and bras. I grabbed the short black dress, a pair of underwear, and a bra. I was getting dressed and when I had just put my bra and underwear on I turned around to look at myself in the mirror. Then I heard Dylan say

“You look great”

It startled me but I continued looking at myself.

“I don’t know. Your mom has good tastes, but it’s not for my body.” I said doubtfully

“Oh it’s so for your body” he said as he came over and took off the suit he was wearing.

“What do you think of mine?” he said. He was wearing black boxers.

I just laughed.

He then put a less fancy suit on.

“You look good” I said

“You look best” he said. I blushed and then we kissed.

We walked out of the hotel room and he took me to a place called “Vous Dansez?”

“What are we doing here?” I said confused

“We are gonna dance!” he said excited

“Oh no we ain’t” I said doubtfully

“Come on you know you’ve always wanted to dance with me” he said teasingly

“Fine…” I said finally giving in

“Yes!” he said successfully

We walked into the little dance club. Everyone stared at us.

“Everyone’s staring at us” I said in a whisper

“I know it’s because they’re jealous” he said in a whisper also

We walked into the middle of the dance floor and started to dance.

As we swayed across the dance floor Dylan started singing our song when the “dj” played it right on cue. I laughed

“Oh! Why to do you have to sing this song so well?” I said as he dipped me back

“Because I’m good at everything…” he said then he kissed me.

Our song was over and another song I liked started to play. The song that was played was perfect for slow dancing.

“Ash, you wanna get something to eat?” he sang

“Sure” I said

We walked outside and he sat me in the truck, then he hopped out.

“What is Dylan?” I said

“He’s here!” he said in a very loud whisper

Then all of the sudden I was snatched away from the truck. It felt like I was flying. I would have screamed but I couldn’t breathe. When I woke up I was in a room by myself. The room was mostly empty there was a bed, a blanket, a pillow, and one window with bars. I started to cry. Then the locked door opened and closed, and Jeremy appeared.

“Jeremy! Why are you doing this?” I said with tears in my eyes

“Because Ash, you blood smells delightful.” He said

He then ran towards me

“I brought this camera, we’re gonna make a movie for your little lover boy.” He said “look into the camera, look at the camera!”

He then kicked me in the stomach and he broke my shoulder with his bare hand.

“Tell Dylan how much it hurts. Tell him how much it hurts!” he said as I screamed

Then all of the sudden the door was broken down and one person came in. A big loud growl came from the chest of the person who had recently arrived. The person was Dylan. Dylan ran after Jeremy and he tackled him. Dylan hit Jeremy in the face and Jeremy smashed Dylan’s head against the wall. Dylan was unconscious for a bit and Jeremy took the chance, Jeremy ran over and bit my arm. Then two more people ran in, Jacob and Sean. They seized Jeremy and they kept him in a corner. Dylan ran over to Jeremy he was ready to kill him, when Jacob said

“Dylan don’t, she needs you…again”

I then heard Dylan break Jeremy’s neck and Jacob and Sean lit him on fire.

Dylan came over with tears pouring down his face.

“I’m so sorry Ash.” He said

“It’s okay” I said in a pained voice “Just make the pain stop, please”

“Okay Ash”

Then he grabbed my arm and sucked the poison out. Jacob and Sean came over to control him, to make sure he didn’t kill me. I then fell asleep and when I woke up I was in the hospital again. There were only two people in the hospital with me this time, my mom and my dad. Dylan was a no show.

“Ashlynn, are you okay?” my mom asked

“Yes mom” I said in a pained voice “Where’s Dylan?”

“Oh, he went to get a soda” she said upset that I was asking about Dylan

Then Dylan appeared at the door way. When I saw his face my heart skipped a beat.

“Hey Ash” he said quietly

“Hi” I said nervously

My mom then nudged my dad out the door so that Dylan and I could talk.

“So Dylan, you saved my life…again?”

“Yeah it was no big deal” he said shyly

“It was a big deal and now you can give me what I asked for in Paris, right?” I said pleadingly

“Fine but not in the hospital” he said

“Yay!” I said “Can I at least have a kiss?”

“Of course Ashlynn”

He walked over gave me a kiss and hugged me tightly

“So…Jeremy?” I whispered

“Dead…”He said happily

“Oh…” I said

I suddenly felt light-headed. Then I was in a coma. They say that when you’re in a coma you can still hear things, I did. I heard Dylan’s crying the most and my parent’s sobs were very quiet. I was in a coma for two weeks. Then one day when Dylan was crying even louder than normal. I woke up. When I woke up Dylan rushed over to me and whispered to me

“Oh, baby I’m so sorry. After you get out of this hospital, I’m gonna take you to the Bahamas and you can have anything and everything you want, I promise.


“Yes, Ash I’m here” he whispered

“Do you really mean “anything”?”

“Yes, anything you want Ash”

“More than kisses?”

“Yep, more than kisses” he said still whispering

“Why are we whispering?” I said

“Well, your parents told the hospital to not let me come in” he said

“How did you get in?” I asked

“I am a very charming guy, I made the nurses fall in love with me.” He said with a chuckle

“Oh…” I said “Wait, did you force me to fall in love with you?” I asked

“I tried, the day you saw my face I tried and it didn’t work, you fell in love with me because you wanted to.” He said

“Oh…Ok” I said “So when are we going to the Bahamas?”

“We can go today if you’d like…but we gotta get your parents okay.”

“Oh…We can try but they really haven’t gotten to meet you.” I said

“Ok, they are coming in soon and they’re gonna be very mad if they see me.”

“They’ll have to deal with it, they will like you at some point” I said

Then my parents came in and my father yelled

“What the hell is he doing here?!?”

“Dad, he’s my boy friend and he’s staying here with me” I said calmly

“Ugh…Fine” He said accepting defeat

“You need to get to know him first” I said smiling

“Fine” my mom and dad both said

Then my parents sat down and talked with Dylan. They “fell in love” with Dylan. Then I asked

“Can Dylan take me to the Bahamas?” taking the advantage

“Of course” my mom and dad said

I grabbed my stuff and put it in Dylan’s new armored sports car. Then I hopped in and waited for Dylan to get in. Dylan was over by a bush talking to his family; his hair was blowing in the wind. He looked so beautiful, I was glad I wasn’t standing ‘cause then my legs would have given in. As I looked at Dylan more he looked angry at his brothers. I heard him raise his voice and say

“Guys, I didn’t mean to say I was taking her somewhere; it just slipped out and I do want to take her somewhere. I promised her I’d do something for her.” He said sadly and angrily

Then he walked over to the car and got in. I then said

“When does our flight leave?”

“In an hour” he said drowsily

I pulled my legs up to my chin and closed my eyes. I must have fallen asleep for awhile, because when I woke up we were in the plane. This time the plane was full of people and there was no way we were gonna talk about vampires in the plane full of humans. Dylan had one of his arms around my neck and his other around my waist, I was in his lap. He kissed my forehead and squeezed me closer.

“I love you Ash” Dylan whispered thinking that I was still asleep. I then wrapped my arms around his stomach and squeezed him. He removed his hands from me, because he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to hug me and hurt me, I could tell he was nervous about this trip; he was wishing the plane would go slower. He was wishing the plane would go slower so he wouldn’t have to face the promise he promised me. When the plane landed, Dylan woke me up and said in a shaky voice.

“We’re here Ash” He said, and then he helped me out of my seat.

“Thanks” I said drowsily

We walked out of the plane and the view was beautiful. I could see the hotel next to the beach. The water was dark blue and it had high waves. The water was way prettier than many oceans I’d seen, because there was no waste in the water.

“This is perfect” I said hugging Dylan “Thank you”

“You’re welcome Ash” he said sadly

“What’s wrong?” I asked concerned

“Nothing…” he said with a sad smile

We walked to the hotel and got to our room. The room was nice and neat with fake flower decorations everywhere.

“Do I get my present tonight?” I said pleadingly

“I don’t know…” he said “What if I can’t control myself?”

“Fine, some other time” I said with small tears steaming my face as I hid them from Dylan.

“Oh…Ash don’t be upset” he said apologetically

“I’m not upset” I said as I let out a whimper. Dylan came up from behind me; he wrapped his arms around me and said

“Baby, I’m sorry…do you want your present now?” he said

“Yes” I said letting out a whimper

“I know you can control yourself” I said turning to him

“Can I have my present now?” I said hopefully

“Yes” he said with a sad smile on his face.

“So do you wanna fix yourself up? Or are we just gonna do it?” he said

“As long as you don’t mind I’d like to get right to it” I said biting my bottom lip

He sighed then said “Okay”

We kissed and then he laid down, he pulled me on top of him and I started to take his shirt off slowly. When his shirt was unbuttoned I laid on his chest for a while, feeling the hard muscles of his chest on my chest.

“May I?” He said pointing to my shirt

“Umm…yeah” I said half way to hyperventilation

He took my shirt off carefully and he smiled. Then he put his hands on my middle section and pulled me on top of him. He was enjoying it now. He yanked at my pant button until he broke it. I slipped my pants off and so did he. He was very involved now; he ripped my bra and underwear off and kissed my stomach. Then we started, way more than kisses and way better than kisses. He suddenly took a deep breath and smashed me against the wall. He came to me and grabbed me; he pulled me to him and kissed me very hard. I don’t remember what happened after that because I blacked out, but when I woke up the bed was broken, pillows were ripped, a mirror was broken and I had bruises all over my body but none on my face. I checked everywhere on my body and I didn’t see any bite marks, so Dylan didn’t go out of control. Dylan wasn’t there though. I grabbed a new bra and a new pair of underwear and put them on. I then walked over to the bed and laid down. Then I noticed that I hadn’t heard the shower running earlier. Dylan must have been in the shower. I then laid back down, turned on the radio, and closed my eyes.

“I’m sorry…” Dylan said as he walked into the room.

“About what?” I asked

“The bruises…” he said “Those bruises, the ones that I gave to you. Look at what I did” he said as a solitary tear fell down his cheek.

“I’m a monster” he said in a whisper

“You are not a monster” I said grabbing his arms and forcing him to look at me.

“You are not a monster…” I said “A monster can’t love someone and a monster can’t be loved. You’re not a monster, you’re my lover. Okay?”

“Okay…” he said

He then came and laid next to me on the bed, he wrapped one arm around my side, his skin still wet from his shower.



“I’ve had this question stuck in my head forever, well three questions. Do you mind if I ask?”

“Sure, go ahead, ask.”

“Ok…well, do you love me?”

“Of course” he said not saying the words

“I know you told your brothers and your buddies that you love me, but I don’t mean like sex love I mean love-love.” I said pleading for him to say it

“Do you love me?” I said ready to get very mad if he said no

“Yes, I love you Ashlynn.” He said with a smile on his face

“Ok…now what’s you second question?”

“Would you marry me, if we were both ready?” I said trying not to look at him

“Yes, I would Ash” he said not looking at me either

“Really?” I asked doubtfully

“Yeah” he said smiling.

“Ok, third question” he said sounding like he was getting tired of my questions

“Well, it doesn’t matter” I said not knowing how he’d react to the next question

“Go ahead ask it”

“Well, is it possible for us to have kids?” I said looking out of the window.

“Umm…I guess it is, none of us vampires have really ever experimented.”

“Oh…ok” I said with another question prodding at my mind.

“Anything else?” he said sounding annoyed


“Yes there is” he said accusingly

“Well…you sound agitated, so I don’t wanna ask any more questions”

“Just ask it I’m sure it’s a fine question.” He said with a fake smile

“If…Would…You…” I sighed “If we could have kids, would you want kids? Would you want to have a family of our own?”

“Hmmm…I never really thought about it” he said nervously

“I knew I shouldn’t have ask you about it, I’m sorry.” I said walking into the closet

Then nothing else was said. We barely ever talked for a whole week, until Friday.

 He left for the day like he does a lot and I stayed in bed all day, sleeping. All of the sudden I started crying, my stomach really hurt. I started to throw up, my stomach hurt so much. I ran to the window to let in air and I vomited out the window. Then my knees gave in and I sat there, and cried for hours. Even when Dylan came home, I cried. Dylan didn’t even notice I was crying until he heard a small cry come from my chest.

“What’s wrong Ash?” he said with concern in his voice

“Nothing, I just don’t feel too good” I said vomit touching my tongue

I then vomited in the trash can.

“Here Ash, come lay down” he said “This wouldn’t have anything to do with this morning’s questions, would it?”

“No, I was just curious. I mean just in case…”

“In case of what?”

“I’m not pregnant!” I said angrily

“Okay, just breathe” he said trying to calm me down

“No, I can’t. I don’t know why all of the sudden I’m so pissed off, but I’m gonna go with it!” I screamed

“There’s nothing to be pissed about…” he said still trying to calm me down

“Yes there is!” I said

“Like what?!?” he said raising his voice

“Like how you hesitated before you told me that you loved me...” I said furiously

Then I lost my balance, my stomach felt like something was being ripped out of it.

“…And even if I am pregnant you wouldn’t raise the kid with me anyway.” I said harshly

I grabbed my pants and shirt, put them on, and walked out of the hotel room before he could say something to change my mind. I didn’t know where to go, so somehow I ended up vomiting at the train station.

“Are you okay?” an old woman came to me and asked with concern

“Umm…yeah fine, I think I just have a little morning sickness at night”

“Okay…you going somewhere” she said

“Umm…I guess but I don’t know where” I said, it was so easy to talk to her.

“Okay, well good luck child” she said as she walked away

Trains came and went; I just couldn’t get myself to get on one. The train station was so peaceful and quiet that I didn’t throw up as much, and I didn’t wanna leave.

“Are you gonna come back inside Ash?” Dylan said from behind me

“Maybe…” I said ready to vomit

“Please come back to the hotel, let me take care of you” he said pleadingly

“Okay, but it’s just ‘cause you said please” I said as I stood up

When we got back to the hotel I laid down on my side and sighed.

“What if I am…Pregnant? What are we gonna do?” I said not looking at his face. Not wanting to know his reaction

“I don’t know…” he said sadly “I truthfully don’t know”

“I think I need to see a doctor” I said as I vomited blood

“Oh god, come on we gotta get you home very soon. My mom is a nurse, she can check you out.” He said nervously

He started packing our stuff, as he did that I went to the bathroom vomited and then washed my face. I grabbed the pills I had stashed behind the toilet, Vicadin, I took two. The pills numbed me and calmed me down. Then I put the bottle in my pocket for safe keeping.

“Are you ready?” he said

Then I notice he’d been standing there the whole time. He saw me take the pills. I truthfully didn’t care at the moment.

“Yeah, let’s go”

The drive to the airport was long and boring. We got to the airport and got on our plane. A couple hours and we would be home. I must have fallen asleep, because I don’t remember the rest of the flight.

“Come on Ash” Dylan said helping me up like something in my stomach might explode.

We walked off the plane and into the airport; I saw Dylan’s parents and brothers, but I didn’t see my parents. I wasn’t very surprised; they probably freaked out when they found out that I might be pregnant.

“Oh, there are the lovers!” Jacob called out towards us

“Hey” Dylan called out to his parents and brothers.

Then Dylan’s mother pulled me over to the side.

“So?” she said with a crooked smile

“What?” I said sarcastically

“How was it?” she said

“Great; well I am pretty covered up cause of the bruises, but he didn’t go totally out of control.” I said with a quick smile

“Did he…?” she said meaning did he bite you?

“No; just bruises, but he broke the hotel bed, ripped the pillows, and broke the mirror.”

“Oh…wow he was very interested” she said excitedly

“So, when are we gonna check if I’m pregnant?” I said not looking at her face

“What?!?” she said

“Oh my god, he didn’t tell you?” I said shocked

“No, what was he supposed to tell me?” she asked shifting her weight and putting her hand on her hip.

“Well, he said that you’re a nurse and you could see if I am pregnant…” I said

“Oh…okay we can check when we get to our house” she said calmer now

“Umm…Are my parents here?” I asked like a little kid

“No, sorry, we called ‘em and they…they said they wanted nothing to do with you” she said with worry in her voice

“Oh…Ok” I said calmly

Then Dylan and the rest of his family came over

“Ready to go” Dylan asked

“Yes” everybody said, but me

“You ready to go Ash?” Dylan said trying to look at my eyes

I nodded and he grabbed my hand softly in his velvety skinned hand. We walked out to their cars and started to drive away.

“Ash, are you okay?” Dylan whispered in my ear

“Yeah…it’s just my stomach” I said leaning forward a bit

“It’s more than that, now what’s truthfully wrong?” he asked looking into my eyes

“My parents…they weren’t here” I said

He then hugged me and held me as close to him as he could get me. I leaned into his chest and felt the coolness of his chest and the ridges of his muscles over my cheek. The coolness of his chest mixed with muscles and cotton is the best mixture I have ever encountered.

“Are you trying to seduce me in a car with my whole family watching?” he said in a very, very low whisper that everyone in the car heard.

“Yes” I said in the same tone of voice. Then he let out a chuckle and kissed the top of my head.

“We’re here Ash, wake up” Dylan said as he untangled our bodies. I was very unbalanced, but I stood as best as I could. I was thinking it might have been the two pills I took and that was the most likely reason.

“Ash, you shouldn’t have taken those pills” Dylan said in my ear as he helped me to the door

“Well, it helped didn’t it? I haven’t vomited in awhile” I said almost falling on my face. Then I vomited.

“I jinxed myself” I said as Dylan lifted me back up

“I need something stronger than Vicadin.” I whispered to Dylan

“Okay, I’ll get you something” he said with a sad smile

We walked into the house and Dylan’s mom sat me down to start checking me out.

“Okay hearts fine, sorry normal check up” she said moving the thing-er-ma-jig around my chest and stomach “Well, either you have two hearts or you have a little kid in there”

I sighed I really didn’t want a kid at that second. I was only sixteen and my parents kicked me out of the house. Dylan came over and hugged me.

“It’s gonna be okay…” he whispered repeatedly

I nodded as a tear fell down my face. Now what were we gonna do? Raise a family together? Have an abortion? Put him/her up for adoption? No, I was gonna raise a good kid. I was gonna raise a kid like his/her father. I shouldn’t have been thinking these things, because everyone in the room could hear them. Then I felt like tears were gonna explode from my eyes, but I held them in. I then laid down and breathed heavily.


“Yeah Ash?”

“Can you bring me my music?”


I laid back down and waited for Dylan to come back. When he came back he laid next to me on the couch and pulled me close to his side, like he was proving to anyone who wanted me that I was his.



“Do really think I’d be a good father?” he said as his family left the room.

“Yeah; I guess, but you’ll have to fix your short temper.” I said as I closed my eyes

“What should we name the kid?” he said with a smile

“You are really into this, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, if you think I might be a good father then I wanna be one” he said squeezing me closer

“Oh, is that right so how many kids do you want?” I said waiting for him to say something stupid

“I’m not gonna say anything stupid and just a couple of kids” he said

“I guess I gotta hide my thoughts better” I said with a smile that enervated me.

“You need sleep Ash” Dylan said wanting to leave

“If you gotta go somewhere you can just go, I’ll be fine.” I said closing my eyes

“Okay” he said getting up and walking out of the door.

Then all of the sudden I got very hot. I thought that maybe Dylan was what was keeping me from having a fever. Then Dylan’s mother came in and said

“Oh god child, your burning up, you need an ice pack” she said nervously

“No I don’t, I just need Dylan” I said “As soon as possible”

“Okay” she said pulling out a phone.

She started dialing and Dylan answered; he sounded angry and out of breath.

Dylan’s mother whispered stuff into the phone and then hung up.

“He’ll be here as soon as he can be” she said leaving the room slowly

I nodded and closed my eyes waiting for Dylan.

“What’s wrong Ash?” Dylan asked as he came over and looked into my eyes

“Hug me” I said with a very dry voice

I hugged him and my body temperature dropped.

“Was that it?” he said agitated

“I had a fever” I said looking away from him

“You could have used an ice pack” he said harshly as he walked away

“I’m sorry…” I said in a whisper.

“Yeah, you should be” he said as rudely as he could

I let a whimper, but that was it I kept those tears closed inside me. Then Dylan left again and said he’d be back. With Dylan gone I got a fever again.

“You want me to call Dylan again?” his mother asked

“Oh…no not again” I said afraid of how mad he’d be if I said yes

“I’ll take the ice pack” I said with a sad smile

“Okay…” she said, shocked at how sad my smile could get.

“Dylan should be home very soon girlie.” His mother said comfortingly

I nodded and closed my eyes. I soon fell asleep. I must have slept for awhile because when I woke up, Dylan’s mother was fixing dinner.

“Ash, are you awake?” she called from the kitchen

“Yes…”I said my sad smile still painted on my face

“Dylan is still not home Ash, I don’t know where he is, he won’t answer his phone.” She said frustrated

“He’s probably off somewhere thinking about things” I said with my sad smile gone leaving a blank face

I laid back down and felt a tear steam my cheek. I didn’t mean to cry, but it happened I didn’t make a sound the tears just fell. Jacob came in and asked

“Ashlynn, Are you okay?”

I nodded and he left it at that. The tears fell as I slept too. I felt the tears being wiped away by someone, but I didn’t want to wake up to see who it was. Soon the tears stopped and I just laid still and dreamed about the days I’ve spent with Dylan, I then realized that I had liked him all along. I remembered when he just moved in and I didn’t even know his name, I liked him and I knew it, I liked him then, now, and forever.

I then heard Dylan talking to Jacob and Sean in the kitchen. I pretended to sleep and listened to the conversation.

“Dude, you really screwed up. She just wanted you to hold her.” Jacob said

“I know, but did you really want me to tell her that I was sucking the blood out of living creatures in the forest. I got a little angry, so what she’ll get over it.” Dylan said

“You didn’t see her when you left…she cried her eyes out without making a noise” said Sean

“She knows I’m sorry” Dylan said “I just acted like that so I wouldn’t get to close and lose it.”

“Okay” Jacob said “But you have to make it up to her.”

“I know, but how?” Dylan asked looking for something to surprise me

“Give her something she always asks for” said Sean

“Well, I don’t know, there is one thing but it involves rigorous physical contact.” He said and I imagined he was smiling.

Then I drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up, Dylan was sitting on the ground in front of me. I had been moved to Dylan’s bed. Dylan knew I was awake right away and asked


“Yeah” I said with a yawn and stretch

“You love me right?” he said

“Yes” I said with a bit of confusion

“Anything I did and do, it…it wouldn’t matter to you?” he asked, avoiding my eyes

“No, remember I’ve told you this before” I said, putting my chin on his shoulder.

“Well…” he said with a sigh

“What have you done?” I said, pushing my anger back down

I then wrapped my arms around him and sniffed his skin, it smelt like chocolate, sugar, and roses.

“Well…” he said uncomfortably

“It can’t be that bad” I said “Tell me”

“Okay…”He said “I killed someone last night a…a human…on purpose”

“It’s okay with me” I said with a sad smile

“Really?” he said “Because I thought you were going to be mad, since…”

“What?” I said “Since what?”

“Since the human I killed you…knew personally” he said calmly


“I killed your father!”

 “What?!?” I said.

“I’m sorry, but he was in the forest he saw me…feeding and I had to” he said apologetically

“You know I love you, but you’ve crossed the line between love and getting by” I said tears steaming my face. I walked over to my suitcase, picked it up, and said.

“I’m sorry Dylan, I need to get out of here.” I said with my sad smile

I walked out of the bedroom, hugged Dylan’s mother, and then I left. To where? I didn’t know, but I went and everyone let me leave, but Dylan.

“Baby, come back inside” he said pleadingly

“No” I said, with tears burning my face.

“Please, Baby come back inside” he said following me, when he was almost caught up with me I turned left.

“So your just gonna leave me?” he said giving up on following me

“Yep” I said walking a bit slower, which Dylan noticed

“What about the baby?” he asked finding anything to make me stay

“I don’t know” I said slowing my walk, which gave Dylan the chance to catch up. He hugged me and whispered

“If you love me, you’ll stay”

“Damn it! I hate you” I said as I walked back into the house. Dylan smiled and helped me walk back inside.

“For right now, you have the same rules as before, no touching me” I said as I walked back into his room. I plopped on Dylan’s bed and closed my eyes.

“Ash?” he said waiting for me to answer him, I didn’t.

“What happens if I break the rules?” he said walking towards me

“You get your head ripped off” I said

“Oh really?” he said with disbelief in his voice

“Yes” I said

He then came over and wrapped his arms around my stomach. He had his hands on my belly and his shoulders pushing against mine.

“Do you want to keep your head?” I said harshly

“Not really, as long as you stay after you rip my head off” he said pulling me closer and squeezing me.

“Why are you romantic-ish all of the sudden?” I said turning my head toward him.

“I want you to be happy” he said

“Oh, Really?” I said thinking of what could make me happy again

“You have a lovely, sick mind my love” he said with a big grin

“Are you still mad at me? About your dad?” he said looking down

“Not really, they’re the ones that kicked me out of the house, why should I care much?” I said with little feeling

“Okay” he said, scooting himself closer to my side.

“Are you ready to eat Ash?” Dylan’s mom came in and asked. Dylan’s mom and dad, Jacob, and Sean left to go eat, while I ate and Dylan watched me. After I was done eating I had a question prodding at the end of my tongue, waiting to be heard.

“You have a question Ash?” Dylan said

“Sort of, but I don’t know how to ask it…”

“Just ask it” he said with a half smile

“Well…is there a way I could become a vampire?” I said looking away from Dylan’s face.

“Yes, but why would you want to be a monster?” he asked with confusion

“I don’t want to be a monster, I want to be like you” I said, staring into Dylan’s blue eyes of wonder.


“No, you don’t” he said lying down and closing his eyes.

“You really think I don’t” I said as I sat on his middle section.

“Yes, I really think you don’t” he said trying to sit up. I then pushed him back down

“Ah! My girl friends trying to seduce me in an empty house. Help!”

“Not trying, I am going to” I said with a smile

Then we went at it, clothes flying in the air just to float back down on top of us. It went on for a very long time pushing, moaning, and laughing, until the family came back. We didn’t hear them come back until they were five feet from the bedroom door. I knew Dylan was sending them brain signals that said, ‘Leave now, and Go away!’, but they came in anyways, all four of them.

“Are we interrupting something?” Dylan’s father asked

“Uhh…not really we were just finishing up” Dylan said, scratching his head that was covered in very sweaty hair, smiling his shiny grin, and breathing very hard (even though he didn’t need to).

“Okay” they all said walking away slowly. I grabbed my clothes and started to put them on.

“Wait Baby don’t put your clothes back on, they were just kidding.” He said with hurt feelings

“I know, the moment was kind of ruined” I said with a small smile

“Okay…” he said like he was going to cry

“You better not break out the sweet little eyes, with the tears falling down your face, and your lip hanging out.” I said walking to him slowly. When he turned around he had the saddest face on that just screamed, ‘please!’

“No” I said turning around to sit on the bed.

“Please!” he said with his puppy dog face right in front of me

“Tonight, right now I’m sore” I said

“I also have a question” I said waiting for him to tell me to speak

“Go ahead” he said

“Okay, is sex really that great for you?” I said

“Well…only with you” he said with a smile on his face as he tried to be romantic.

“Okay…” I said lying back and getting ready to get some sleep. When I woke up everyone who lived in the house was in my room. They surrounded my bed in protective crouches. I didn’t say anything, it was too weird.

“Ash?” I heard Dylan whisper into my right ear

“Yes” I said following his tone of voice

“Don’t worry, it’s just another vampire, he isn’t here to hurt you he’s just passing through, but he might decide to attack” he said as he sat down next to me. Then Jacob shifted over and took over his own and Dylan’s spot in the circle around me. I wrapped my arms around Dylan’s waist and waited for the other vampire to leave

“Okay, he’s gone” Dylan’s father said. When he said that everyone relaxed except for Dylan

“What is it Dylan?” Jacob asked. Then Dylan relaxed and said

“Nothing…it was nothing” he then laid down and put his arm around me, it had been a long day and I was ready to go to sleep, but I had promised Dylan something. I didn’t think he remembered so I didn’t bring it up.

“Are we going to…?” He said as his family left

“Sorry, I’m still sore, but I promise we will sometime this week.

“Okay…” he said with a sigh and a sad smile that broke my heart

“I’m sorry, baby”

“I know” he said as he laid back down. I kissed him and I went to sleep.

When I woke up Dylan was gone along with the rest of his family. I found a note on the dresser next to the bed, it said

Good morning my love,

I, my parents, and my brothers have gone on a really quick trip to Dallas. By the time you finish reading this we’ll be outside the front door.



I didn’t know if he was kidding about being at the door when I finished reading it, but I did hear noises outside the front door. I didn’t go see if the noises were Dylan and his family. I changed into some clean clothes and I walked into the living room. I turned on the television and I laid down to watch it. About an hour later Dylan came inside. He put something on my leg and when I opened my eyes I saw a stack of school books.

“Books?” I asked

“Yeah Ash, I want you to go back to school. You have just enough time to finish the year and pass.” He said with a half smile

“Okay…What are they gonna think about me being pregnant?” I asked knowing there was a catch to it

“Nothing, if you come back they really don’t care” he said helping me stand up

“If you want me to go then I’ll go” I said with no facial expression

“Okay…you start school today” he said looking at his watch

“My mom will drive you, I can’t because I don’t want them to think I’m coming back.” He said smiling

“Okay let’s go” I said as we walked out of the house to the car. He kissed me told me good luck and see you after you get out.

When I got to school, Trisha and Shelby came running to me.

“Oh my god! Where have you been girl?” Trisha asked

“I went on a couple trips with Dylan” I said with a smile

“What happened on the trips?” Shelby asked

“Oh, we just had some fun and I am pregnant. That’s pretty much it.” I said with a smile

“Oh my god, did you say pregnant!?!” Trisha yelled

“Shhh!” I said in a whisper

“Oh sorry” she said smiling quickly

“Time to go to class” I said just before the bell rang.

Mrs. Ash welcomed me back to school and gave me all the assignments I had missed, crap.

English passed, and math, and gym, and science. My day was boring. School was empty without Dylan there. When I got outside Dylan’s mom was waiting in her truck.

“How was school Ash?” she said with a smile

“Fine, Boring” I sad following her facial expression

“Okay” she said as she started to drive. There was an awkward tension between us and I finally came out and said

“Is something wrong?” I said looking out the window

“I just can’t believe I’m gonna be a grandmother” she said with a chuckle

“Oh…ok” I said. Nothing was said for the rest of the drive home. When I got home Dylan wasn’t there. I didn’t worry about it; I just went to the bedroom and laid down.

When I woke up I started screaming, a scream of extreme pain.

“What’s wrong?” Dylan’s mother said, not knowing what to do or not do. I just kept screaming, my stomach was burning like I had swallowed a flaming arrow and the tip was slashing at my insides.

“Do you want me to get Dylan?” she asked as I screamed even louder. I nodded and tried to calm down, didn’t work. I just kept on gripping my sides, screaming, and crying. When Dylan came in, it was too late for me to calm down the pain was unbearable.

“Are you okay? Ash what do you want me to do? How can I help? Are you okay?” is what Dylan said repeatedly

“My stomach…”I said as pain filled tears fell down my face.

“What can I do to help?” he asked as he came closer to me, his chin touching my neck and his hands on my thighs

“Nothing…” I said as my pain started to get worse. When I was very cold the pain seemed to be lessened, so Dylan stayed as close to me as possible. Every thirty seconds he would ask me if I was okay and the answer was always yes or sort of, soon I got tired of it.

“Yes! I am fine” I said then I kissed him.

“See I am fine” I said half smiling

“I’m not” he said “I think I need another kiss”

I laughed and said “Don’t make me laugh, it hurts my stomach” I then kissed him longer this time, his lips were puckered up as I pulled away, his lips asked for more.

“No more?” he asked like I was the old lady who gave him candy and he already ate it all.

“Not now” I said half smiling

“Okay” he said snuggling closer to me.

I then fell asleep in the coldness and hardness of Dylan’s chest, but sometime around midnight Dylan left. I felt tears rising inside me, disturbing my dreamless sleep, but I didn’t cry I felt safe for some reason. I went back to a dreamless sleep and awaited Dylan’s return.

I heard Dylan come home; he laid down next to me and put me on top of him. He kissed me and said

“I love you”

“You better” I said as I laid my head against his chest to cool myself down.

“Ash…?” he said looking away from me

“Yes” I said trying to look at his eyes

“I got something for you…” he said finally looking at me and smiling.

“What is it?” I said looking at him.

“Well…I don’t know how to really do this and it was my mom’s idea” he said nervously looking away from my eyes

“Will you…marry me?” he said getting down on one knee and handing me a little red box.

“I…” was all I could get out. Then I started to cry silently, I didn’t know where the tears came from, but they fell down my face as I put my hand to my mouth. Was I ready to marry Dylan?

“Is that a no?” Dylan said close to tears, also.

“I…I don’t know” I said looking away from him

“But babe you said you would if I asked you” he said with a puppy dog face

“I said if I was ready” I said trying to look away

“You don’t love me?” he said with his eyes full of tears.

“No, I do…” I said forcing a smile

“Okay…” he said as he got up and started to walk away.

“Wait…” I said pleadingly. He turned and I jumped him covering him with kisses.

“Is that a yes?” he said as I wrapped my arms tighter around him.

“Yes” I said smiling

“On one condition” I said waiting to see his face

“What’s that?” he said waiting for an explanation

“We aren’t having a huge or pink wedding” I said “So your mom is gonna have to change the wedding plans.” I said as he grinned

“She’s gonna be upset” he said standing up and helping me up off of the ground

“Okay” I said with a question on the tip of my tongue.

“What’s your question?” he said as his smile became smaller

“Nothing never mind, it’s stupid and I already know the answer” I said walking towards the bed

“Just ask it” he said following me

“Well…” I said “After we get married will you…”

“Will I what? He said as he sat down on the bed next to me

“Will you make me a vampire?” I said avoiding his gaze

“We went over this already” he said, not wanting to say no and start a fight

“Fine…” I said as I walked towards the living room

“Wait!” he said

“I got my answer” I said walking away

“Wait!” he said waiting for me to stop

“What?” I said “Are you gonna actually say no this time and just leave it at that?”

“I will not make you a vampire, but you can ask my father or mother if you’d like” he said looking away from me

“I wonder why I didn’t think of that, Right because I wanted you to do it.” I said tears falling down my face

“Ash…” he said following me

“I’m going for a walk” I said walking out the door

“Ash!” he said following me outside “Come back inside”

“I will when I’m done with my walk” I said walking into the woods

“Ash, please come back inside” he said pleadingly

“No” I said as I disappeared into the woods

Dylan said something else, but I missed it. I was in the woods for what seemed like a day. I saw birds and deer, the forest was full of life. I was dearth of life, I felt empty. I don’t know why I felt like this, but soon I ran out of energy and I sat down. My stomach started to hurt worse than ever. I started to scream in tremendous anguish. Then I felt like I was very dizzy even though I was sitting. I vomited and screamed again. I felt like my blood was being drained from my body. I screamed my lungs out. When I finally was calmed down and regained some energy I stumbled out of the woods. It was getting dark and I was ready to go to sleep. I walked inside and walked towards the sofa, when I was halfway away from the door my knees gave in and I fell down on my side.

“Ash?” I heard Dylan call out through the darkness

“Ugh…” was my only reaction

“Oh god Ash, are you okay?”

“Nuh…” I said as he lifted me up and took me to the sofa

“Sarah!” he called as he started to shake

His mother ran in and saw me; she grabbed her doctor tools and came to me.

“Have you vomited today?” she asked putting gloves on

I nodded and a tear fell down my face.

“It’s gonna be okay” she said

I nodded trying to make her words 100% true.

“I’m so sorry Ash; I should have never let you go in the woods by yourself. I’m so sorry.” Dylan said repetitively

“Dylan…” I said looking for him though my eyes were closed

“Yes” he said scooting closer “I’m here”

“You didn’t do anything wrong” I said giving him a quick kiss on his cheek

“Okay…Ash wait here I need to talk to Dylan privately” Dylan’s mom said with a sad smile

They walked into the hall way. I heard whispering but all I could make out was ‘her’ and ‘baby’. Was there something wrong with my baby? I wasn’t sure, but nothing hurt at the moment.

“Ash…We need you to do something” Dylan said as he walked into the living room

“What is it?” I said sitting up

“Our baby is half vampire and half human and the baby is focusing on his/her vampire needs…you need to drink blood.” He said looking away from me and then looking at me.

“What…?” I said surprised

“You don’t have to suck blood” he said making sure I didn’t get angry

“Okay…” I said ready to drink some blood

“Really, You’re not gonna freak out or vomit?” he said doubtfully

“No, just give me the dang blood”


He grabbed a cup and filled it with blood; while he did this he held his nose. He handed me the cup and I held it tightly in my hand. Was I ready to do this? I didn’t know, but I drank it anyway. I didn’t say that I thought that the blood didn’t taste bad. The blood tasted like sea water or tears.

“Ash, are you okay?” Dylan said “How’re you feeling?”

“Fine” I said looking away with my hand on my stomach that was pretty big now, 8 months and 2 weeks pregnant.

“Okay, are you up to eating” he said. I looked at his eyes they were cold and black like a stone.

“Dylan, you’re the one who needs to eat. Go eat hun.” I said tracing the collar of his black jacket.

“Are you sure?” he said “Because I can stay if you want me to.”

“Go” I said kissing him “I’ll be fine” I said with a smile

He left and I laid down. I couldn’t believe I had about another week until I had a little baby to take care of. I started to think of all the things I could and mostly couldn’t do anymore because of the baby. I rested my head on the arm rest, laid on my back and put my hand on my stomach. I don’t know how long I was asleep, but by the time I woke up Dylan was standing over me. He scared the crap out of me.

“I’m sorry, did I scare you?” he said smiling like he just told a joke.

“No, I’m fine” I said adjusting my position.

“Okay” he said hoping over me and lying down behind me, his bare chest touching my back. I sighed as I felt his lovely muscular thighs touch the back of my legs.

“So…?” he said trying to make small talk

“Umm…well…” he said putting his hands on my hips.

“What?” I said as I laid my head down on his shoulder.

“Nothing…never mind” he said pretending to watch the television

“What?” I said again

“Well…” he said “After we have a kid would you still want to…have sex?”

“Yes, why would I not?” I said smiling

“I don’t know, I’m just viewing all the possibilities” he said

“Okay” I said shivering

“Are you cold?” he said scooting away

“A little, but I’m okay” I said wanting him to come closer to me again.

“Here take my jacket” he said taking off his jacket. When he took off his jacket he had a long scar across his right arm.

“What happened?” I asked tracing the scar with my finger.

“It’s nothing” he said, wincing as I touched his scar.

“What happened??” I said frowning

“Nothing…” he said looking me in my eyes

“Tell me, please?” I said with a puppy dog face

“A werewolf…” he said “He cut me”

“Oh…” I said kissing his scar.

Then I put his jacket on and leaned my face against his chest; he was very stiff. I sighed and took refuge in the cold, tan, smooth, hardness of his chest.

“You really love my chest, don’t you?” he said

“Yes” I said propping my chin up on one of the ridges in his chest.

“Why?” he said curiously

“For the same reason you like mine” I said

“Oh…you have deviant thoughts” he said smiling

“That’s why you love me” I said shifting my weight to stand up and turn on some music.

“What do you want to listen to?” I said as I touched the radio.

“Just turn it on maybe something good is on” he said propping up on his elbow.

We listened to many songs, before I fell asleep. It was always easy to fall asleep in Dylan’s arms. I lifted my arm up to Dylan’s shoulder and I felt the scar, I flinched; I always thought Dylan was invincible. Someone had hurt him…was it somebody I knew? I didn’t want to know, I was afraid of what Dylan’s reaction would be. I slept for a while, but soon I felt restless. Dylan was lying down and pretending to sleep. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I looked at myself; my hair was a fuzz ball. Then I started to think of stupid things that I shouldn’t have thought of like, ‘Do I really love Dylan?’ and ‘Why does Dylan love me so much, or is he lying to me?’ I forcibly squeezed the thoughts out of my brain; I didn’t want Dylan knowing that I was having doubts. I then laid down on the floor, the floor was cool and I was overheating. Dylan walked in and stared at me up and down, I had my eyes closed, but I knew he was doing it.

“What do you want?” I said opening my eyes. I could see he had a sweater on.

“I gotta go somewhere” he said with a distasteful look on his face

“Where?” I said standing up

“It’s irrelevant” he said looking over his shoulder

“Just go” I said fanning myself with my hand

“Are you gonna be okay?” he asked unsurely

“Yeah, I guess” I said hugging him to cool myself off

“Okay, my mom has a bunch of ice packs set up in the living room for you.” He said forcing a smile

“Okay…” I said kissing him. I walked over to the couch and sat down, I was instantly cooled, but it wasn’t as good as Dylan’s chest-ice pack.

I slept for a couple hours and then I felt a sharp pain in my side. Many things happened and then before I knew it I was in labor. It took Dylan’s mom about two minutes to figure what was happening and what to do. She grabbed the phone and talked very fast, I didn’t really pay attention to who it was and what she said because I was in pain. About five seconds after she used the phone, Dylan showed up, he looked like he’d just rushed back from a gothic concert, he was dressed in black and he looked sexy. He started to shake, I wanted to reach out and hug him.

After nine pain filled hours, I had a little baby in my arms, a baby boy.

“What should we name him?” Dylan asked smiling at the little bundle of joy.

“I don’t know, I have a couple names” I said thinking them over

“What names?” he asked

“I’ve thought of Adam, Austin, George, Jeffery, Robert, Justin, and Devin.” I said trying to pick one

“Do you have some?” I said looking at my little boy.

“I like Devin and Adam” he said “Which one fits him better?”

“I think I like Devin more” I said

“Okay, Devin…” he said “What is his middle name?”

“Oh…umm…you can pick” I said smiling and staring at my baby that Dylan and I made.

“Hmm…Devin Ashton Shane” he said

“Sure” I said “I like it, does that work for you Devin?” I said looking at the baby and leaning into Dylan’s shoulder. I closed my eyes and slept for awhile.

After about an hour, I felt my baby being taken away from me, I immediately woke up and reached for Devin. Dylan was the one picking up Devin. I pretended to sleep again, but I was really watching Dylan interact with Devin. Dylan smiled, kissed Devin on the head, put Devin in his crib, and kissed me on the cheek; Then Dylan sat down next to me on the couch; maybe this was a good change. Dylan kissed my head and walked to the bedroom. Then I sat up and bent my back backwards until it popped; I stretched my arms up and began to walk to the bedroom to plop down and sleep. I got to the bed plopped down on the bed and then Devin started crying, I sighed and walked in to go and calm him down, but Dylan was already there so I watched from afar.

“Ash, go back to bed” he said without looking at me

“I’m sorry, I was just curious.” I said

“That’s fine, but I’m the one who is immortal and doesn’t need to sleep. Let me take care of Devin, go to bed.” He said smiling at Devin as he rocked back and forth

“Okay” I said

Then I walked over to Dylan and Devin, kissed Dylan and walked to bed. I don’t know how long Dylan stayed with Devin, but he must have liked spending time with Devin or he was just trying to fulfill what he said that ‘he wanted to be a good father’. Sometime near dawn Dylan came to bed, when he laid down he reached for me and pulled me closer to him. I was kind of uncomfortable in this position, but I didn’t tell him that. I started to scoot away from him.

“What are you doing?” he said as he tried to pull me closer.

“Nothing” I said as I allowed him to pull me closer.

Then he flipped me over on top of him. I laughed and kissed him. Then I grabbed his arms and I felt the scar, when I touched it Dylan winced.

“I…I’m sorry Dylan, I didn’t mean to” I said, removing my hands quickly. Then I rolled off of him.

“Its okay, the scar is just a bit sore” he said, wanting me to roll back onto him. He then sat up and leaned against the wall, I grabbed him at his middle and he held me.

“I love you, ash” he said “I love you, I love you. I love you!”

I laughed and said “I know, I love you too.”

“How did I get so lucky” he said “I was so lonely before I moved here, then the day I saw you I felt like I was alive again.”

“You talk about me like I’m an angel” I said smiling

“Have I ever thanked you?” I asked

“For what?” he asked

“For being the best man in the world” I said squeezing him tighter

“No I don’t think you have” he said

“Okay” I said

I slid up on top of Dylan and kissed him.

“Thank you” I said

“I don’t think I’ve been thanked enough, I think you should give me another kiss” he said

“I think we should save the rowdiness for the honeymoon in a week” I said reminding him that the wedding was in a week. I plopped over and closed my eyes.

Days passed as the pressure became higher.

Wedding time! All I could think about ‘don’t trip!’

“I’m so excited!” said Sarah

“You’re one of few” I said

“You aren’t happy?” she said

“I am, I’m just scared” I said

“Don’t be it’ll be fun” she said smiling

She walked into the closet and grabbed my dress. I slipped it on and spun around slowly.

“Okay something new…” she said leaning over and picking up a pair of diamond earrings.

“Something old” she said picking up a pair of white stilettos

“Something borrowed” she said picking up her golden eye shadow

“Something blue” she said picking up a blue diamond necklace.

She handed these four things to me and left.

“Calm down…” I said as I put on the eye shadow.

I put on the necklace, the earrings, and the shoes. I was ready. My dad of course was dead and my mom wasn’t going to come, so my cousin walked me down the aisle.

The pastor did his thing. We said our vows which made everyone in the whole room cry.

“You may kiss the bride” the pastor said softly

We kissed.

We walked to the reception and cut the cake together. We fed each other a piece of cake and smeared it all over our faces, and then I licked it off of Dylan’s face.

After the reception we went back to the house and had a quick sip of wine before we headed to the airport.

“What do you wanna do tonight?” I asked Dylan, once we got on the private jet.

“Well I know what I wanna do?” he said “I don’t know what you wanna do, but I hope we’re on the same page.”

I grabbed him by his waist and kissed him, and then I lifted my legs and curled up next to him.

            When we got to the hotel in Hawaii, Dylan had to go to meet someone really quick. Once he was gone I ran to my bag I had brought a diary. I wrote…

Dear Diary,

I’m so lucky! How is it possible that I get married to one of the few vampires with a pulsating heart in his chest instead of an ice cube? I’m so excited! I can’t believe this the hottest, sexiest and most dangerous person in the world is married to me…I now believe in God. The one thing I’m trying to do on this honeymoon is to not think of Devin, even though I just made myself think of him. I just want this night to be as perfect as God can possibly make it. If tonight is one of the best nights of my life, I’d do anything God…I’d even go to church if that’s what it takes to get God convinced this is what I deserve and what Dylan deserves. We all need a perfect night with the one we love the most…mine is going to be with the sweetest vampire in history. I wish I could do something to make this night as special as possible. I hope this night isn’t just sex I hope its love. I know I sound cheesy, but I’ve never loved someone this much. I don’t think I’ve ever loved someone enough to write this down on paper. I guess I’ll stop here I can hear Dylan coming.

That is where I ended. Then Dylan walked in. I got up and walked into the bathroom.

I took a shower and by the time I was done and I was getting ready for the night…I remembered that I left the diary on the bed. I walked out and Dylan was reading it.

“Dylan! Don’t you know the meaning of privacy?” I said snatching the booklet away.

“Sorry, I didn’t know it was that important to you” he said

“It is” I said putting my diary back in my bag.

“So…am I really ‘the hottest, sexiest and most dangerous person’, ‘the sweetest vampire in history’, and ‘one of few vampires with a pulsating heart in his chest instead of an ice cube’?” he said with a smirk on his face.

“If it wasn’t true I wouldn’t have written it.” I said as I kissed him.

“Lord…” he said “If we do anything against your rules tonight…don’t stop us.” He said as he kissed me and pulled me on top of him.

I laughed I couldn’t stop myself. Then we began. I don’t remember when we started, but I do remember waking up and looking at the clock that glowed in blue, 6:36 A.M.

I got out of the bed and walked to my bag; I took out my diary and started to write.

Dear Diary,

If you have ever had the time of your life and then barely remembered it, you know how I feel. It was the best time of my life and that’s all I can remember, I feel like a bad person. I should remember. I just will try to not let Dylan know; I’ll say it was the best night of my life and that I’ll never forget it. We are going home today, because our honeymoon was only for one night and one morning. I hope Dylan doesn’t wake up, but more than that I hope Dylan doesn’t read this. I also hope this forgetfulness is temporary.

I put the book away just as Dylan woke up. He slipped his clothes on and grabbed our bags. We walked out to the rented jeep and climbed in. Dylan got out the keys and started the car, and then we drove off to the airport.

We got to the airport and got on our plane. I slept through most of the flight, but soon before we got off a flight attendant came by and asked if I needed something, I said no and she left.

We walked off the plane and I spotted Devin and my new family. I handed Dylan my bags and ran to hold my baby, when I reached them I got hugs from everyone.

“How was everything?” Sarah asked

“Fine” me and Dylan both said

“Filneh?” Devin asked. I smiled Devin sounded just like Dylan when he talked.

“I’ll be more excited when you say things that sound more like words” I said as we followed Abraham to the truck and van. Sarah, Devin, and I got into the van; and Dylan, Abraham, Jasin, Sean, and Jacob got into the truck.

No one in the van spoke, except Devin. When we got to the house we all sat in the living room, then Dylan walked to the bedroom. He came back with jingling keys.

“Let’s ride!” he said as he gave me the keys. I read the label on the key it said VW

“What type of car is it?” I said

“Lamborghini…”he said with a smile

“You’re kidding, right?” I said in disbelief as I looked at Sarah.

“It’s yours” she said

“Cool” I said

“Ok let’s go take a ride” he said

“Ok” I said

He grabbed my hand and dragged me to the garage. I looked at Sarah my eyes said ‘all this over a stupid sports car?’ and she nodded. I shrugged as he opened the door and revealed my new, shiny, red Lamborghini.

“Now we have a place to…” I said as his father interrupted

“…drive” I said

“It’s okay I know what you were going to say don’t mind me” he said as he walked away

“Ok let’s ride!” he said

“Am I driving?” I said

“Of course it’s your car” he said

“Ok” I said as we both opened the butterfly doors and climbed in. I then backed up and drove off. We put the roof down and let our hair blow in the wind.

“I love this car!” I said.

“Can I drive?” he asked

“Sure” I said as I slipped over into the passenger seat touching him and sending a shock through my spine. I sat down and he started to drive towards the mountains.

“Where are we going?” I asked

“This is our other place” he said

We drove to Butterfly Canyon.

“So…”he began to talk, but was interrupted by my lips on his. I lifted my hand up and closed the roof. We kissed for hours until Dylan’s thigh started to vibrate against my hip. He reached down in his pocket, floating his fingers right across my thigh giving my goose bumps.

“Hello?” Dylan said

“Wait mom slow down” he said with wide eyes

“Ok…I’ll be there soon” he said. I then flipped off of him and buckled my seat belt.

“What now?” I asked

“We have a vampire slayer in our house” he said

“Who is he looking for?” I asked

“Me…”He said

“No! Dylan we can’t go home” I said

“I have to I am not about to turn my back on our family and our son!” he said smashing his foot harder on the gas pedal. I nodded as tears fell down my cheeks.

When we got to the house Dylan ran inside and told me to stay in the car. I heard Dylan scream. I flinched, but I stayed in the car. Then I saw Devin stumbling toward me, I lifted him into my arms and squeezed him.

“We need to leave…” Dylan said “…all get in the van”

I ran to the van and put Devin in his car seat. Dylan climbed in next to me, then Sarah, Abraham, Jacob, Sean, and Jasin got in, all with fangs elongated. I felt very uncomfortable. Dylan had his waist turned toward me and his arm around me; his breath on my neck as he breathed fast. He was gripping to me and he was hurting my arm. Then Dylan turned on the radio and played some rock. I felt warm tears falling down my face silently. Then Dylan kissed me over and over again, and before I knew it we were making out in sight of our family. I pushed away, but he didn’t want to stop. I pulled my legs up and Dylan plopped down on the floor mats with his head propped up on my legs.

“Sorry Ash” he said

“It’s okay” I said

 “Here sit in the seat” I said as I slid down on the floor. Dylan climbed up into the chair and then picked me up, and set me in his lap. Then Dylan started to nibble or my ear, then on my cheeks and then he kissed me. I soon fell asleep in Dylan’s arms; his open shirt was very inviting. When the van finally stopped we were at my house, the one I hadn’t been inside in almost two years.

“What…” I began, but was cut off by Abraham.

“You shall stay with your mother until we get rid of this slayer, take Devin.” He said

I nodded and unbuckled Devin; he hopped into my arms and Dylan opened the door for us. I kissed Dylan goodbye and walked towards the porch; rocking Devin in my arms. I heard the van drive away as I knocked on the door.

“Well, look what we have here…” my mom said “Come in child” she said as tears fell down her face.

“Well who is this little bundle of joy?” she said reaching for Devin

“Devin Shane” I said handing him to her

“Hello” she said “Can you say Grandma?”

“Graondmas” Devin said

“Close enough” she said

“So I guess Dylan’s the father…” she said


“Are ya’ll married?” she asked

“Yes” I said as I showed her my ring

“Why are you here?” she asked

“I can’t stay at Dylan’s house because they have a bug problem and Dylan and the rest of the family went to Washington to look at houses.” I lied

“Okay, did you bring any clothes?” she asked

“No, they were kind of in a rush.” I said

“Okay, How long will you be staying” she asked

“I’m not sure” I said

“Okay” she said “Please sit down. Would you like something to drink?”

“No thanks mom” I said as I sat down

“I’m sorry I haven’t been here in awhile, everything’s been crazy what with the wedding and Devin.”

“Its okay” she said “I just want to know one thing”

“Okay…” I said

“Why didn’t you invite me to the wedding?” she asked

“I did, I wrote out the invitation for you and I gave it to Dylan to put in the mailbox” I said

“Oh, I guess I never got it” she said

“That’s weird” I said as she handed Devin to me.

I got to my old bedroom and sat down for a couple minutes. I then went and got Devin, laid him in his spot on my mother’s bed; who had to go to work. I then remembered my diary…it was in my bag which Dylan has; I prayed he would let Sarah put my stuff away.


I hoped out of the car and grabbed our bags, time in Italy. Then I saw Ash’s bag I almost cried but I picked it up and took it inside the house. I opened it and inside I saw her diary, she told me not to read it, but I couldn’t resist. I opened it and turned the page; I read the pages.

She doesn’t remember our honeymoon…

I walked to the phone and called Ash.

“Hello” Ash said

“Hi” I said

“Dylan?” she asked

“Yeah…” I said

“Is something wrong, hun?” she asked

“Umm…I was just wondering how you were doing…” I said

“Oh, well I’m okay” She said “What about you?”

“I’m okay” I said “I miss you”

“I miss you too” she said

“I have a question for you” I said

“Ok, what is it?” she asked

“I read your diary, I know you told me not to but I couldn’t resist.” I said “You wrote that you don’t remember our honeymoon, is that true?”

“Yes, I remember parts of it but I forgot most of it” she said

“Ok” I said

“Yeah…” she said

“I gotta get going, hun.” I said “I love you”

“I love you too” she said

Then I heard a little voice say “bum-mum-da.”

“Was that Devin?” I asked

“Yeah” she said

“How is Devin?” I asked

“He’s fine” she said

“Ok, I’ll talk to you later hun” I said

“When are you coming back?” she asked

“Soon…” I said

“Love you” I said

Right before I hung up I heard her stifle a sob and I died a bit inside.


“Who was that?” I heard my mom ask

“Dylan…” I said

“Ok” she said

After I put Devin to bed, I was so tired so I went to sleep.

When I woke up, I heard my mom yelling. I went into the living room and saw Dylan and my mom arguing.

“Ash is coming with me.” Dylan said

“She is staying here!” my mom yelled

“Ash, why don’t you go get Devin; let’s go…” he said

I ran to get Devin and then came back to the living room.

“Ash, please stay” my mom pleaded

“I’m sorry mom, I have to go…” I said as I walked out of the house with Devin in my arms and Dylan following behind me.

When we got outside, Dylan kissed Devin on the forehead and then gave me a hug.

“I missed you, babe, I missed you so much…” he said

“I missed you too” I said as we began to kiss

We walked to the car and when I got inside, Sarah embraced me with a big hug.

The ride was pretty much quiet besides the occasional whispers in my ear from Dylan; He was telling me that he loved me and that everything was gonna be great from now on. I couldn’t help thinking…Wasn’t it great before? Which made Dylan chuckle.

We got to the house and I was ready for a nice long nap, but Devin was hungry.

While I fed him in my bedroom, Dylan was in the kitchen talking to the rest of his family and I was eavesdropping.

“Dylan, I can tell something is wrong.” Sarah said

“There is nothing wrong…” he said

“What is it?!?” she said raising her voice

“Sarah, if he isn’t going to tell us then he isn’t going to tell us, calm yourself.” Abraham said

“I’m worried…” she said

“Nothing to worry about…” Dylan said doubtfully

“What is it?” she asked “Is there something wrong with you, something wrong with Devin…Please, don’t tell me there is something wrong Ash.”

“There is nothing wrong mother!” Dylan said

“Yes there is! Now tell me what is wrong!” she said beginning to cry

“Ok…” he said “The werewolves…they are coming…soon.”

“No!” she yelled as she grabbed onto the kitchen counter for support

“You wanted to know…” Dylan said as he began to walk to our room. Then he saw me and the agony on his face was heart breaking.

“What all did you hear?” he asked when he got to the room and closed the door

“All of it…” I said as I left out a sob

“Babe…” he said as he picked me up and put me in his lap.

“I don’t wanna lose you Dylan!” I said “I can’t lose you…”

“You aren’t gonna lose me…” he said

“How do you know?!? Huh? How can you be so sure?!?” I yelled

“Babe, calm down” he said as he began to kiss my neck

“Ok…” I said; calmer now.

I got up and walked out of the room into Devin’s room and I put him in his crib.

I walked back into my room and laid down on the bed.

“Want a back rub?” Dylan asked

“It would be nice” I said

He put his hands on my shoulders and began to give me a massage. I sighed with pleasure.

“You’re going to turn this into sex somehow, aren’t you?” I asked

“Probably” he said as he hopped onto my back; still rubbing my back.

I turned around and kissed him.

“Well, hun, you’re not getting any tonight. I’m too tired.” I said as I laid down and closed my eyes

He laid down and wrapped his arms around me and I fell asleep.

When I woke up, Dylan was on the floor and he was bleeding.

“Ash…stay there…” he said in a pained voice

I didn’t listen and went to him.

“Damn it! You never listen to me!” he said

“I’m sorry…just keep low and quiet.” He said

I did what he said, but I couldn’t help but look at his wounds. I lifted up his shirt and saw the gash from which he was bleeding.

“Babe…” I said but he cut me off with a ‘shush’

When I touched his wound he flinched.

“I’m sorry” I said

“It’s ok…” he said with a tear falling from his face

I reached up and wiped the tear away.

“It’s all good, the werewolf is gone.” He said

I kissed his wound and I felt goose bumps cover my body.

I looked at the wound carefully and I spotted and piece of wood.

“Where you staked?” I asked

“He tried to, but he missed…it still hurts though.” He said

I dug my finger into the wound.

“What the hell are you doing?!?” he yelled

I pulled out the piece of wood.

“Oh…much better…” he said

I got on top of him and pressed my thighs against him.

“Don’t think this is me trying to seduce you, cause it isn’t.” I said

“What are you doing?” he asked

“Stopping the bleeding.” I said “Where is everybody? Oh my God…Where is Devin?!?”

“Everybody is in the kitchen hiding…but…” he said

“No!” I said

“Devin was taken by the werewolves…” he said

My heart broke and I cried out in agony.

“Babe, I’m so sorry, I couldn’t stop them!” he said

I knew what he was telling the true but I couldn’t stop screaming.

“Babe, hush, it’ll be okay…” he said as he tried to calm me with a kiss, but I pulled away.

“Are you guys okay?” Sarah said as she walked in and saw me crying and Dylan’s wound.

“What happened?” she asked

“Don’t worry about me…Please, comfort Ash.” Dylan said

“Ash, what’s wrong?” she asked me

“My baby…he’s gone” I said as I started to cry again.

“I’ll never see him again…” I said in-between sobs.

“Don’t say that, you will see him again! Dylan and all of us will go find him…” she said

“Ok…” I said

“Ash…” Dylan said

“Yes?” I said

“Come here…” he said

“What?” I said as I sat down next to him on the floor.

“I love you…I’m not sure if I’ve told you enough…but, I love you…” he said

I said nothing as I put my head on his chest and I closed my eyes.

The End

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