Everyone has their lovestruck moments, and this is what mine feel like <3

Nothing in the world compares to being lovestruck by you.  Incomparable to the things the others have to offer.  You're the only one like you. My heart will never again've made me so lovestruck.  these words can't even explain it.  We've been in love for quite some time now. I still get lovestruck everyday.  Everytime you look into my eyes I look into  yours blinded by amazement.  A light comes on I soon realize, its the one you light up my heart with.  The lovestruck feeling will never fade, never leave will always be there.  In love as we both are. We don't have to worry, the fire's still going strong. Eternal flame. I have had it since the day I first laid eyes on you to this very I'm wondering, will the candle burn out? Can we keep going strong...can we complete our life's song or will this soon perish and we'll be forced to move on?

The End

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