Lovescape is a teen love story. Natisha, 17, lives in central london and is unhappy with her relationship with Mike but everytime she tries to end things Mike flips out and they end up being together again, the question is will Natisha be able to escape Mike's love for her?



It was the middle of July, Jayne and I were shopping in the high street of North London. The sun was shining brightly onto her chocolate brown hair. She stood a few inches below my 5ft 9ins, her deep muddy brown eyes smiled as the sun got hotter with each minute. I loved Jayne, she was my best friend and I’d known her basically all my life, I told her everything. It was late morning when we saw the local ice-cream van that used to come down our road, it was so hot the thought of the cold creamy taste of an ice-cream was simply irresistible. We stood patiently in the queue which seemed to be a mile long.

“That guy over there is checking you out.” Jayne whispered, smiling in his direction. I looked over to see a boy standing at around 6ft tall, with short spiked hair, the same chocolaty brown colour as Jayne’s, staring at me from across the street. He was good looking with a symmetrical face. He had an admiring expression on his face and was clearly scanning me up and down. Then his eyes met mine, I couldn’t see what colour they were, he was too far away, he flashed a smile at me allowing me to be stunned by his amazingly white shiny teeth. I gave him a friendly and acknowledging smile before turning back in the other direction, I must have been looking at him for longer than I realised because the mile long queue had gone down to only two people in front. I immediately changed the subject to our plans for Friday night.

“So what time do you want to meet Friday?” I asked, trying to ignore his eyes scanning me. I could feel them on me but pretended not to pay attention.

“About seven because I will need to go home and change, and Mum wants me to stay home for dinner because it’s the only night Dad isn’t working late this week.” Jayne’s dad constantly worked long hours, it was very rare that he would have dinner at home with the rest of the family. “Where are we meeting Jess?” She responded several seconds after, finally catching on that I was no longer paying attention to the guy on the other side of the road.

“Yeah same, I’ll need to wash my hair and stuff anyways. We’re meeting her at the bowling alley, I haven’t told her a time yet because I didn’t know when we were leaving.” I couldn’t feel his eyes on me anymore so I turned to see that he had finally walked on down the high street.

“If I walk down to yours at seven, we can get the quarter past train and meet Jess at around half past.” She said, following my eyes across the street where the mysterious boy had once stood.

“Cool, I’ll text Jess tonight.” There was a long silence as we continued to wait, there was only one person in front of us now, but they were the annoying fussy type who couldn’t make up their mind of what ice-cream they wanted. I sighed impatiently; finally they made their decision and was walking away in a flash.


It was only when we got to the front of the queue that I realised I hadn’t paid any attention as to what I wanted. Hesitate to make my decision afraid of holding up the queue still standing behind me, I quickly ordered a simple 99p ice-cream with a flake. Jayne ordered a Mr Magic, a tall standing ice lolly with bobbly bits with a chocolate coating centered with ice-cream. We walked slowly down the high street in the same direction as the boy had headed, I wasn’t sure why but he wouldn’t leave my mind, I was curious of what was running through his head as he scanned me up and down. Jayne babbled on about school and the next year ahead, we were going to be entering our last year of school. I felt excited but scared at the same time as I realised how quickly it would go and we would be left with only two options, a full-time job or uni.


We continued to shop for a few hours waiting for the lunch hour to pass before heading to a local cafe for something to eat. I didn’t order much, I wasn’t hungry, that boy from earlier was still playing on my mind. I ate in silence; Jayne tilted her head and sighed.

“Is something wrong?” she searched for an answer in my eyes. I simply shook my head and released a short, meant to be convincing, smile out the corner of my mouth. I looked down at my plate and leaned in to take another bite. Jayne was still looking at me suspiciously.

“I’m fine!” I snapped, and then smiled apologetically realising the tone of my voice.

“There is something on your mind though, I can tell.” She smiled slyly, and then continued. “Is it that boy who was looking at you earlier?” She asked, I could hear the concern in her voice, but could tell she was also smiling slightly.

“No, I’m fine.” I lied and gave her another smile and then continued after a small paused, “honest.” She accepted my lie with a nod, but she wasn’t convinced in the slightest.

The rest of lunch was just chit chat, I had quickly changed the subject to our plans for the summer. We had planned to take a trip to the coast, several shopping days and trips to the cinema and bowling.


After lunch we continued to wonder around the shops for the rest of the afternoon. Once we had finished shopping in all our favourite shops we headed North to the train station, when we were walking I noticed that the same boy from earlier was again on the other side of the road. I sighed with frustration, I wonder if he was following us, slightly freaked out and scared I grabbed Jayne’s arm and pulled her down the street. Gradually I started to run, still gripping Jayne’s arm with my right hand.

“What? What’s wrong?” She asked, panicking. “Why are we running?”

“That boy is back, I just want to go home.” I said, trying to keep my breath as we picked up more speed, running in and out around the huge crowd of summer shoppers.

“Oh,” she let out a happy sigh; the panic was no longer in her voice. She seemed relieved, but she continued to keep up with my speed as we kept running. Finally, I stopped to catch my breath, I turned around to see if he was still there but he didn’t seem to be in eye range any longer. From that point we just walked at normal pace, but I couldn’t resist turning my head every so often to check that he wasn’t behind us again. 


After what seemed like ages, we finally arrived at the train station. As the crowd formed around us the air of the tunnel whooshed through the station as the train arrived, I had to grab Jayne’s arm as I tripped and stumbled as the crowd pushed and shoved me as they scurried to the doors of the train. Jayne quickly grabbed my arm and ran through the rush and leaped on the train a split second before the doors closed and the train departed whizzing to the next station. Struggling to catch my breathe I staggered to the nearest seat.

“Gosh that was too close.” I said puffing.

“I know, you alright babes?” Jayne looked at me with major concern.

“Yeah, I’m fine, I just need to get my breathe back.” I smiled at her confused, she still looked really alarmed.

“No, seriously, you’ve gone really pale.”

“I’m fine, watch.” But as I went to stand I saw my reflection in the train window opposite, I looked like I’d seen a ghost, no in fact I looked like a ghost. Suddenly the carriage started to spin out of control, everything was a big blur, I could see Jayne standing in front of me her lips moving but I couldn’t hear what she was saying. It felt like I was on a roller-coaster going down the big drop, only I was falling backwards, then I heard a huge thud.


“Natisha? Babes, are you ok?” I could hear Jayne’s voice but it was as if my body was glue to the ground and my eyelids were super glued shut. I couldn’t move and I couldn’t open my eyes. I tried to open my mouth to talk but no sound came out. I could hear chatter but it was muffled. Then it went quiet again and I could see stars spinning in the distance behind the darkness of my eyelids.


My eyes flew open as I felt something hot wrap around a small area of my arm, my vision still blurred, I was able to make out the shape of the person kneeling beside me, it was a male shape. He had short spiky hair and was holding my hand with one of his and had two of his fingers on my wrist. I stuttered as I struggled to say Jayne’s name.


“I’m here babes.” She was shouting she was there, but from a distance. I was puzzled, why wasn’t she beside me. I tried to lift my head to look for her, but it was too heavy.

“No, no, no. Don’t lift your head, just lay down and relax.” A strange soft voice whispered in my ear. It was the guy kneeling beside me, he was more clear now, he had short spiky hair, gorgeous blue sparkling eyes, and a dazzling smile. That’s when it hit me, he was the same guy from across the street earlier when Jayne and I were getting our ice creams. Hang on, what? What was he doing here? Why had Jayne let him come so close to me? Oh my god, I had to get off this train and away from him. I flung my arm away from him, my heart racing, I wrestled against the dizziness and pain of my body and staggered to my feet, I grabbed Jayne’s arm and headed for the door of the carriage but before I could reach them the train began to move again and the dizziness took over, this time it hit me harder and the floor of the carriage punched my back with more force as I hit the ground again. Then the darkness returned and I could hear the muffled gasps and chatter of the massive of people that were crowding me again. 


Hours must have past because when I woke up again it was pitch black outside, but when I finally opened my eyes I was no longer on the train, I looked around panicking, as I took in each detail I realised where I was. The bleach white nightgown and bed sheets, the heart monitor, the wires in my arm. Jayne in the armchair sleeping like a baby, and then by the window was the guy again. 

“Erm, hi. Why are you here?” I tried to sound angry but I was too weak to put any emotion into my voice. I was extremely puzzled why he’d come to the hospital with me. 

“Hey, nice to see you awake again.” He flashed a charming smile at me. “I thought I’d stay with you till you came round again. Wanted to make sure you were ok.” 

Before I could answer I heard the door creek open, and a familiar face popped round the side.

“Mike!” I screeched. I tried to get out of bed to run and hug him but it hurt too much. Instead he ran over to me and squeezed me tight.

“Baby! I got so worried, you’re lucky Justin here found your phone and rang me.” Then he turned to the gorgeous guy sitting by the window. “Thanks dude, I own you one.”

“Justin? Who’s Justin?” 

“I’m Justin.” He smiled, “remember me, the guy across the street and then the guy who saved your life?”

“Saved my life? What? Why, what happened?”

“You only fainted but as you hit the floor you knocked yourself unconscious, so I put you in the recovery position, stopped the train and called for an ambulance. I then had to sit with Jayne and stop her from hyperventilating with panic about you. Which is also why I’m still here, Jayne asked me to stay here with her until you were awake again. You were very close to being in a coma.”

“Oh, well thanks.” I smiled.

“Yeah, if there’s anything we can do just say.”

“Nah, it’s fine man, I’m glad I helped I couldn’t just do nothing. No-one else was gonna help.”

At that point Jayne woke up. “Oh, hey, you’re awake.” She said with relief ignoring mike. Jayne and Mike had never got along since the night I met him. Jayne said he was too controlling, which I suppose was true sometimes, but I was happy nonetheless. “Justin thank you so much for helping us, I really appreciate it.” She grinned and then winked at him. He nodded and then stood up. 

“It was nice meeting you Natisha, Mike and I’ll talk to you later Jayne.” He looked around the room at each of us, smiled and then left before anyone could say anything else.

“That was so sweet of him.” I smiled at Jayne.

“Yeah, he’s a great guy, funny too.” I looked at her confused. “Oh, whilst we were waiting for you to regain consciousness we got chatting, he was trying to detracted me from worrying about you. Then when I fell asleep he must have rung Mike.”

“Oh, so he stayed so you wouldn’t worry?” I tried to sound pleased but failed and I sounded exactly how I was feeling. Disappointed. Mike gave me a disapproving look.

“Well yeah, and he wanted to make sure you were ok. We are meeting up next week sometime, we didn’t say this week because we didn’t know how long you’d be ill for. You’re invited obviously and Jess if she’s free and he’s bringing his mates. It’s weird how you can meet someone randomly and suddenly you have a whole bunch of new friends to add to your social circle.”

“Yeah, that sounds really cool. Always good to meet new friends.” I gave her a sneaky wink so Mike couldn’t see. “Do you have his number then?”

“Yeah, and he saved it in your phone too.” She laughed, but then stopped as soon as she noticed the anger in Mike’s face.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, turning to him.

“You know how I feel about you hanging around other guys.” His voice was filled with anger. I pushed him away from me unlocking our embrace. 

“For goodness sake Mike!” Now my voice was angry too. “When are you gonna start trusting me?!”

“It’s not you I don’t trust.” His eyes shot at Jayne.

“What has Jayne got to do with this? Justin saved my god damn life, and now you have a problem with me hanging out with him and Jayne?”

“I’m not going into this now.” He turned and slammed the door. Jayne and I watched him as he stormed off passed the window of my room down the hospital corridor.


“Calm down babes, he’ll get over it.”

“But that’s the thing Jayne, he never gets over it. You’re not there when we argue, every single argument he has to bring up the guys we hang out with. I’m getting sick of it. He was fine the first three months but for the last two and a half months he’s been jealous and entrusting in me. And he says it’s you he doesn’t trust but it’s obviously me because you’re single, you can do what you want, it’s like he thinks I’m gonna go off with someone else. I don’t get it. What have I done to make him think that?”

“You haven’t done anything babes, it’s his problem not yours.”

“You’re right it is his problem and I’m not gonna put up with taking the blame any longer!” I turned to get out of bed and Jayne ran to help me. “It’s ok I feel fine.”

“Yeah last time you said that you nearly put yourself in a coma.” She smiled.

“No seriously I’m fine now. Promise, see.” I stood up and to my surprise I was actually ok. No dizziness, no darkness, no muffled chatter and gossip.

“Where are you going?”

“To find Mike. Stay here, this is something I have to do on my own.” I smiled at her, hugged her tight and then left the room.


I walked down the long white corridor of the hospital, passing several rooms just like mine before I got to the waiting room, where as I guessed Mike was sitting, he’s left leg shaking and his head in his hands.

“Mike we need to talk.” I tried to stay firm and not let he’s charm sweep me off my feet like he had every “talk” we’d had in the last six months. He looked up at me slowly. “Outside, not here.”

“Ok.” He said, softly and quietly with a small smile escaping from his lips.

As we walked outside he tried to put his arm around my wrist and hug me, I moved his arm away and gave him the same disapproving look he’d given me earlier. I walked ahead and waited outside as Mike strolled through the automatic doors. 

“Right, please just listen and don’t talk until I have finished.” He nodded. “I am absolutely sick and tired of your lack of trust in me, you say it’s Jayne you don’t trust but she’s not the one you need to trust because she’s not in this relationship. I want to be able to hang out with guys without you questioning me every five seconds and using it against me in arguments. This is your last chance. Trust me or I’m gone.” I stressed the words ’last’ and ‘gone’ so he knew I meant what I was saying.

There was a long awkward silence, so I started to walk back in because I knew Jayne would be getting worried about me. She hated it when I was alone with Mike when he was in a bad mood, he could get very violent. He often punched things when we argued; I didn’t know whether it was to scare me or to stop him from hitting me. As I walked into the hospital again I heard him yell with anger and then heard the thud as he hit the nearest wall. I shivered and started to run down the corridor. Then I heard him running up behind me, I turned round, there was no point me trying to run away he was a lot faster than me and I was too weak to run any faster. 

“What do you want Mike?” I sighed.

He was looking down at the floor, then he slowly lifted his head up and looked me in the eyes. He had his “I’m sorry” expression on his face. This was his way of saying sorry without speaking, normally I’d smile and kiss him at this point. But this time I couldn’t, I didn’t want to. I ignored him as he started to smile expecting my kiss of forgiveness and I continued to walk down the corridor towards my room. He ran in front of me and stood in the doorway so I couldn’t go any further. He looked down at me, using his hand to lift my chin. I knew what his next move would be and before it was too late I moved my head away.

“Let me go in please.”

“Not until you give me a forgiveness kiss.” His voice was soft and not angry anymore but I knew that would soon change.

“I cant Mike. I just cant.” I looked down at the floor. “I don’t have it in me to forgive you yet.”

“Baby, I’m really sorry.” And for the first time ever, the three words I’d been waiting to hear for the last six months, flew out of his mouth and sailed into my ears. “I love you.”

The End

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