Masked by insecurities and depression, Teresa struggles to battle her own demons day after day. Through understanding the direction of her life and if this new love interest is actually real will test Teresa's confidence and ability to move forward.

She couldn't have been more fed up if "fed up" were a door slammed in her face. What Teresa realized a little more everyday is how insecure she had become since her last relationship. Always guarding herself from the worst that could happen but now she found herself lost in a world where she couldn't tell reality apart from her own imagination. Questioning if a genuine man even existed and if her questioning was normal. Was questioning DJ wrong? While he seems like a great guy, she couldn't help but wonder if he, like men before, had premeditated intentions. 

Teresa might have been your average college student if she was physically going to a campus for classes, instead she left the local state college and decided online classes might suite her well. Guaranteeing her friends she had left behind that she would finish on time and graduate with them, which was officially two years ago and she was still taking courses. Due to lack of dedication and discipline, that bitch named procrastination planned her part in the extension. Finally focused on school but still looking for employment, Teresa knew she would be okay especially with the support of her mother, Dionna. Their relationship was unhealthy because the mother required Teresa's presence as much as Teresa required hers and regardless of how much they fought, there were good times. Dionna loved to patronize Teresa and criticize her every move because she could and because Teresa let her knowing she had few options. Curtis was Teresa's absent but very much present father who was going through a spell of his own, unemployed and owing Dionna plenty of back child support and alimony. 

Teresa wondered if the failed marriage of her parents might have played such a role in her insecurity factor when it came to men. So the question of the matter is if DJ might even be worth the questioning.  The dating game now compared to two years ago hadn't changed, Teresa had changed, and now she needed to figured out where exactly her confidence crumbled at some point. DJ was tall, dark, and handsome but aside from those qualities he was very smart. Smart enough to out think Teresa? She wondered. What might have egged on an early slab of her insecurities might be due to the fact that sex was already a factor in this picture as well, and it was good. They're not even in a relationship officially and Teresa was okay with that especially when DJ made it very clear he was not dating anyone else. You might have to question the definition of dating in this day in age but what is the problem? 

The End

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