Love's pull

When Sen meets Hari, it is love at first sight. But when Sen is captured by enemy warriors, the pair fear they may never see each other again. How will the love struck pair be reunited?

Sen wandered aimlessly around the market. It was a saturday and he had finished his chores. All his friends were busy and his father was out hunting, so he had nothing to do. He had thought for a moment about practising his martial arts, but decided it would be no fun without an opponent. 


Hari trailed around the market square after her elderly grandmother, carrying the heavy baskets that her grandmother insisted she was far too old to carry herself. She was so bored. Her mother had spotted her lounging about the house and had told her to go and help her grandmother shop. 


That was when their eyes met across the packed market square. 


Sen stared. Who was that gorgeous girl? She had cream skin, massive baby-blue eyes, full lips and long blonde waves down to her waist. She wasn't perfectly dressed, just in a beautiful pale blue dress and some simple sandals, but to him, it was like she was wearing a gown woven from dew-drops, sunbeams and rainbows. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.


 Hari stole a few glances at the devilishly handsome boy who couldn't seem to take his eyes off her. He was soooo handsome. He had pale skin dotted all over with golden-brown freckles. His eyes were a bright, sparkling green and his hair was brown, his fringe so long it was falling in his eyes and the rest sticking in all directions in a rebellious I-can't-be-bothered look. His lips were turned up in an ever-so-slight smile.  


Without even realising, the pair begin to advance toward each other..


Sen suddenly found himself standing in front of her, staring into her bottomless blue eyes. 

"H-hi." He managed to stammer

"Hello.." She said softly, blushing and not meeting his eyes.

"I'm Sen. What's your name?" 

"Hariette. But everyone calls me Hari." She smiled shyly. 

Suddenly, Sen felt his arms slide themselves around her and pull her so close their chests were touching. He could feel her heart-beat, racing just like his. He tried to pull away, but he did't seem to be able to. Then, just for a moment he thought he glimpsed a silver force, connecting his heart to hers, drawing them together like two magnets. Then, without thinking, he took her chin in his palm, tilted her face upwards toward his, and kissed her.


Hari closed her eyes and enjoyed the kiss. His lips were so soft... She lifted her hands and ran them through his hair. It, too, was soft as silk underneath her finger tips. Then-

"Hariette? HARIETTE!?! Where is that god forsaken granddaughter of mine?"

It was Hari's grandmother. It seemed that not one person in the whole of the square had noticed Hari and Sen kissing.. Perhaps it was that strange, silver force she had seen connecting their hearts, at work, hiding their passion from the world. 

"I'll find you again. I promise." She murmured to Sen, giving him a quick kiss. "I have to go. I-I think I love you."


"I love you too!" Sen cried as Hari ran off to find her grandmother. He did not follow, only stood and stared as the horrible pulling feeling in his chest increased and increased, urging him to run after her, to envelop her in his arms and never let go. 

The End

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