Love's Name in Vain

Once upon a time in the world of delusional self-aggrandizing behaviour...

Once upon a time there were two characters. They stared at each other from across the room. It was like the no man’s land of the unstoppable force and the immovable object. For a moment it would be deemed as simple curiosity… both had their hearts on loan to someone else… One would wonder if they were loveable by another… These two were the complete opposites of each others partners. Curiosity kills…

After the initial acknowledgement of their sexual tension nothing stood in their way. They no longer cared, as long as they had each other writhing in their beds. As long as it remained justified, which to them, it certainly was. For he knew his relationship was weakened and she had already decided her pre-existing partner would not compare. It was all far too exciting to let go off. The thrill of the chase and the danger of being caught. What did it matter that their partners were oblivious that their love was being tarnished? That their intimacy and their morals were being mocked? It doesn’t matter if its true love right? It doesn’t matter if someone outside of themselves was being devastated and emotionally obliterated without even knowing it… surely? It’s all in the name of true love.

That begs the question as to why not end the pre-existing relationships in hindsight to the inevitable? Surely being adulterous is the obvious sign that the relationship is doomed. Why did these two drag it on and laugh about it? Could it have been fuelled by their mutual hatred for their respective partners? Or was it the thrill again? Was it their holier-than-thou attitude that meant that they could squander their love and not be rebuked for their love crime?

Finally their partners ended their relationships allowing the couple to openly rejoice in their blind love. If their ex lovers don’t know that makes it all okay, right? They got away with it… like getting away with murder, or theft – because that was what its like; ripping someone’s heart out and spitting on it then laughing in their face. Its all okay if they’re completely oblivious isn’t it? It’s all okay if they did it for love.

Our poorest darling doe-eyed girl, however, was scorned to find that her lover had cheated on her… with his ex! How dare he? What kind of a man would do that? Tell his girlfriend he loves only her then gets naughty with someone else? Oh… wait… he does… Surely this ex must be lying! Though she had no idea our heroine would discover this information. She had no idea it wasn’t common knowledge considering she was oblivious to her ex’s secret affair. She must be lying. It must be spite. She must be a horrific person.

Of course she is! She’d been mocked and provoked and pestered! She had her trust ripped from her chest and flung callously about the room while her lover had raunchy sex with someone else. All her knowledge of her relationship, her past, rewritten in seconds! She must be evil! How dare she have emotions about such a painful and soul-destroying discovery? Well it wasn’t true love they had, was it? Just a friendship and several years’ intimacy she had never had with another human being. She shouldn’t be upset at all.

Yes, that’s what it was. Nothing more than an upset ex venting and blaming herself for their actions. It was her fault… surely? True love will prevail through all. As this is true love then there are no needs for apologies; just further alienate anyone who disagrees or was affected by this. Then they can drift away into their magical kingdom. No need to make amends. It was entirely their fault anyway, wasn’t it heroes?

Locking in embrace and rubbing each other’s chests our daring main protagonists declared their love for one another. As she flicked her long hair behind her back our hero noticed something peculiar. She had kept the many hundreds of gifts from her ex boyfriends. Why? They are tokens of love. They are symbols of a once perfectly ordinary relationship. Were his gifts not good enough? His ex wasn’t so materialistic either. She threw out his gifts to her the day they broke up. Why keep these mundane items? Are they for her to reminisce about? She could do what he had done and cheat on him. His ex, while striking and deep, was not a cheater despite all the hardships the relationship faced. This girl had already proved she was willing to deny all moral integrity in order to attain what she wants. That is how they met. What if she wants them again?

Don’t worry love. This is your soul mate. Don’t let it eat away at your conscience. Just sit back and enjoy, that is what you have been doing so far, isn’t it? Or are you bothered because you hear your ex has moved on? Do you hope to keep refreshing the wounds so she never truly disappears? Or does it bother you that your lover has kept many of her exes as friends and you couldn’t keep yours? Just smile. You’re getting all the sex you want now. Isn’t that what this was about? Sex? I mean true love…?

Don’t worry; this one will stay. Her hatred for your ex and your hatred for hers is stronger than your true love combined. When you writhe around it isn’t lust anymore… its hate… its spite. While he wastes away drinking our heroine can exert her force, win a war that has already been won and spit on her threat’s grave. Their wedding bells will be the death toll for any salvageable friendship and our heroes will ride away into their castle… Happily ever after…

The End

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