24th May, Magaluf.

Dear Greg,

As I write this, the most beautiful beach is stretching out below my balcony. The sun is setting with the most stunning orange hue. All I can think about is how much you'd enjoy it. I'll send a photo with my next letter.

Alexandra's apartment is lovely, and the town is so full of energy. So many tourists. It's amazing! Alex seems to know so many people, and whenever she tries to introduce me, I just clam up. You know how I am around new people.

Her brother Shane came along too. He's sixteen and very funny. He almost makes up for missing your wise cracks and jokes. Almost.

We start the project tomorrow, at sunrise. I'm so excited. The landscape is just calling out to me! Like I said, I'll send on some pretty pictures so you can see exactly what I'm seeing.

Miss you like crazy and it hasn't even be that long. I'll hopefully be home the start of next week.

I love you.

Laura x x

The End

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