Always a Bridesmaid...Mature

To: Laura Crabtree.

From: Caroline Hanway.

Subject: Bridesmaid Dresses!!!!!

Date: 16th May.

Laura! I really wish you were here! The measurements for the bridesmaids dress went through and the dresses are in! They're just as we pictured them. I'm attaching a photo of my cousin Dorothy wearing one.

You've never met Dorothy, have you? You two will get along great at my wedding, don't worry.

I'm so excited! Hurry up and get back. I'm growing nervous that you won't get here in time.



To: Caroline Hanway

From: Laura Crabtree

Subject: Re: Bridesmaids Dresses!!!!!

Date: 16th May


The dress looks amazing! You never told me how pretty your cousin Dorothy is. I'll feel quite intimidated. Though of course all of the attention will be on the blushing bride!

And don't worry, my plane is book for the week before your wedding.

Give my love to Greg for me.


The End

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