Love's Key ConceptsMature

Letters written between 4 core characters - Laura, her work associate Alexandra, her fiance Greg and his sister Caroline.

To: Greg Hanway.

From: Laura Crabtree.

Subject: <no subject>

Date: 3 June

Greg - so many apologies to make. It seems a pity I cannot make them in person.

Oh, God, I wish my biggest offense here was towards Caroline. And although I am deeply, painstakingly sorry for what I've done to her, I'm afraid I have much more to confess.

I do not wish to tell you these things through email. However, I'm having a hard time trying to organize how I'm going to get back to you. No planes seem to be going any time soon. I'm hoping you'll call me in the next few days - otherwise this will eat me up inside.


The End

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