Loves Keen Sting

Lucy Lower has always been a crush magnet, but until a new boy comes, that all changes! Who is he?

"No."I reply, tossing my white-blonde hair over my shoulder, "I do not want to go out will you, Malcom."

"'Kay."He grumbles, every week, he asks me, every week!

"Why does he always ask you?"Asks Dylan, my best boy-friend. II have loads of friends, but Lilith and Dylan are my very best.

"Because, D, he fancies me."I smile my most alluring smile at the departing Malcom, he smiles back shakily.

"Hon, you shouldn't toy with his heart like that! It's so mean!"Lilith chides me.

"Oh, who cares? I do it to everyone!"I said lazily.

"Ohhhh, "purrs my other friend Mia, "hot stuff comin' this way!"

"Where?"I asked, looking around wildly.

"Okay, calm down!"Exlaims Dylan.

"Lucy, look at him!" Mutters Mia. I look where she's pointing.

"ohh la laa!" I say, in my best french accent, which if I say so my self, is JUST as alluring as my normal one!

But he didn't even glance at us. I felt my eyes widen in response to this action.

"He did not!" gasped Mia.

"Mia, he just did."I gawped after the boy.

He was a perfect match for me! But, in my eyes, all hot boys are a perfect match for me.

But this one was.... there was something about him that lured me in;

His honey blonde cules, his striking blue eyes, his slightly crooked nose.... But his lips! They  were full and rounded and so PERFECT!

This boy was all around: HOT!

Well, I know he's not a vampire, cause' he has tanned skin, and no fangs. He was just a ordanary, hot boy!

That I was going to get.

The End

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