Loves Cravings.

Ever since he turned her into a vampire Taretan has been in love with her but she despises him. Hidden deep though she has feelings but she doesn't plan to embrace them any time soon.

Ten thousand years later, Dariana comes along. Jealousy becomes a new part of Sarinas life. Will he accept her feelings for him?

Then it turns out Dariana is not what she seems. What will this do to Taraten and Sarina?

A yelp escapes my lips as the knife slit my hand. I glared at the blood lying in the meal before going to the sink. By the time I got there the wound had healed. All that was left was blood. My blood on the masters meal. I glared and binned the food.

The next thing unmade wasn't nearly as good. Instead of eyeballs and gravy, it was intestines and chocolate. Not his favorite but it will have to do.

"Sarina? He is ready for his meal. Is it ready?" The little sale girl asked me walking into the kitchen. Her small, eight year old, form shaking with terror.

"Yup. Tell him it is intestines and chocolate today. They were out of eyeballs." I told her. Her brown eyes wandered over to the shelf where tree full cartons of eyeballs were sitting.

"He will know you are lying. He will punish you." She squeaked the trembles ten times worse.

"Sorry Derella. I slit my hand and the blood fell in the meal. It takes fondling to prepare them." I told her. Then I walked over with the tray and gave her a hug.

"It's all right sis. No matter what happens I will always protect you." I told her. She looked up at me, great full. "Now get a move on. He doesn't like to be kept waiting." I added. She nodded as then ran from the room.

I sat down and counted to five hundred. At five hundred and three I heard the unmistakable yell.

"Sarina!?" I groaned again and then got out of the kitchen. I walked down the hall, turned right and then paused at the door.

"How mad is he?" I asked the guard standing outside.

"He just burned the whole yawn." he told me.

"Oh no. I'm in trouble." I whimpered. I tool a deep breath in and walked into the room.

"Where is my eyeballs and gravy? What happened and why did you tell Derella to lie?" he screamed as soon as I entered the room.

"I'm sorry. I slit my hand and-" I got interrupted by a guard seizing me and dragging me towards him.

"And why cancel my eyeballs just because of that?" He hissed.

"I got blood in it." I said so quietly I doubted even his vampiric hearing heard it.

"What?" he asked his eyes glinting red.

"I got blood in it. Mistress Ellie said you are not allowed any blood." I told him.

"Oh Mistress Ellie says does she? What does Mistress Ellie say about this?" and with that he pounced on me. The guard took a hold of my hair and dragged my head sideways. His canines enlargened and he bit in. He sucked blood out of me. The pain was unbelievable. It felt like he was dragging all my innards out of they two holes. Like he was running over me again and again with a horse carriage.

I vaguely felt him drop me but the pain continued. Only them did I realize.

He was going to turn me into a monster.

The End

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