Loves' Aftermath

Have I been invited to your dinner of love?

Your heartbreaking words cut like swords

You are my love and the only one I must confess

Hard to let go of, to stop thinking of, to stop talking to

The one which I have no future

But still makes me laugh, and comforts me

Have I been invited to your trap love?

Where all these times are meaningless

Yet they mean the world to me

If its some chance of hope

To aliviate this sorrow and self torture

And maybe I am causing this

Maybe you are evil

And if only you knew the details I can't forget

Maybe you would cock your head

From regret, regret from what? if we played it all out

Regret from this envy, wishing we had more time

Sorrow from not being able to confess that I miss you

Love from all my heart

The End

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