Chapter 1

Somebody's blue duffel bag slammed into Katy Scott shin and jerked her out of her dream.The 9 AM Train service to Rhinecliff,New Jersey, had to stop in woodstock,and a tall, handsome, broad chined boy in a Decemberists  T-shirt  was standing over her.

"Anybody sitting here?"he asked.

"Nope," She responded.He threw his blue duffel bag under the seats and settled next to  Katy.The train was going about a mile an hour and the smell of the train was like a pair of old gym shoes, stale and sweaty.She jiggled her foot, thinking about how she was going to be super late for check-in at Bay shore Academy.She wouldn't be late if it wasn't for her dad, James,would have bought her a plane ticket.During her thoughts the boy asked "Where are you going?" She smiled "Bay shore Academy,I'm starting this year" She replied, she was so exited to start her brand new boarding school.

"Freshman?"He asked

"Nope, I'm a sophomore"She said happily.

When She looked outside they were almost there.

The End

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