Lovely: Chapter NineteenMature

A million emotions played out across Everette's face. Rage, hate..but something more. Something like sorrow. "Calla," He whispered, and I swear he had never sounded so broken.

I felt my mouth open and close multiple times, yet no sound came out. Numb, that's what I was. I was numb, frozen in that single moment. In the way his bloodthirsty eyes were looking at me. I didnt understand how someone who had spent so many intimate nights with me could look at me like he'd never seen me in his life.

"Calla," he repeated, this time with more steadiness in his voice. "What's going on?"

"Everette," I stammered. I almost sprung to my feet, ran to him in all my desperation. But then I remembered just where I was, who I was with, and that all my clothes rested in a pile on the floor.

The vampire had bared his teeth at us, was glaring with such acid and venom in his eyes. "What's going on?" This time he roared it, so loud he might have shaken the window. If only he hadnt already broken it.

"This isnt what it looks like," I blurted, even though it was, in fact, exactly what it looked like. I clutched to the sheets around me, my covering and protection. All the while Demrin was at my side. I could still feel his fingertips on the small of my back, motionless.

Everette let out a feral growl; in spite of myself, I flinched where I was. "I cant believe this, Calla. I cant fucking believe this!" Across the room I could see the red glow of his eyes. "After all I've done for you, this is how you repay me. We have a life together! A home!"

"Everette," I whispered. Or maybe I didnt say anything at all. I couldnt be sure, because I was in such shock at the whole thing. Everette was here. Demrin was here. And we had just...

I was going to be sick.

"Please, Everette, let me explain," I begged of him, my voice rising a few octaves higher than normal. But my lover was already shaking his head, a slow and final sort of motion. One that told me he wouldnt listen, no matter what I said. My hands were trembling from the waves of emotion within me, threatening to burst free.

"How could you?" He asked me then. All the fires had burnt out from him. His gaze had fallen to the floor. His shoulders were slumped. "I loved you, Calla. Oh, God, I loved you so. And I thought you felt the same."

"Everette!" I cried out, letting the covers fall away as I lunged towards him. But no, he was gone. Vanished with inhuman speed, leaving nothing but a silence in his place.

Before I quite knew what was happening, I could feel the tears starting to stream down my face. Sobs shook my slender frame. I collapsed back against the mattress, digging my nails into the crumpled sheets.

"Calla," Demrin murmured softly, moving his hand up my bare back. I lifted my head just enough to meet his soft stare, to see all the concern buried in his expression.

"Dont fucking touch me!" I shrieked, flinching away from his touch. Hurt flickered across his face, but it was gone as quickly as it had come. Then I was on my feet, violet eyes darting frantically around the room. "I have to go," I said suddenly. "I have to find him...fix this..."

Demrin stood as well, looking anywhere but at me. Regret was all I felt now, no more of the rushes he'd given me. No more did I long for his presence, his body against mine or his breath on my neck. I didnt lust after the sound of his heartbeat, but only for the still silence of my one true lover.

"Do you really think that's the best idea?" Demrin muttered, picking his clothes up off the ground, sliding his skinny body back into them.

"Of course it is!" I snapped, a little too harshly. My mind was racing with a thousand thoughts. And yet I felt completely empty.

I spun around, right into Demrin's chest. Gasping a little, I grabbed onto him, steadying myself. My breaths were uneven, and his eyes were moving over my body in a terribly painful way.

"Stay," he pleaded in a nearly soundless voice. "Please stay."

I couldnt speak, only shake my head and pull away from him. "I have to go," I repeated. "I just...I need him."

Demrin nodded, like just maybe he understood. But he didnt. He couldnt, could he? Because he didnt have anyone like Everette in his life, anyone who had held them and wiped their tears and loved them over and over again.

I paused in the doorway, just long enough to look back at him over my shoulder. "I'm sorry," I told him, and they were the most sincere words I'd ever spoken.Then I left him there, and set off into the night, hoping my heart might lead me home.

The End

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