Lovely: Chapter EighteenMature

My heart was pounding as we moved through the streets like wraiths, like shadows. Demrin held tightly to my hand, afraid to let go and get separated in a city so unfamiliar. I didnt want to admit that even I barely knew my way around. Everette had always so effortlessly led me through the labyrinth that was Venice, but I had never paid much attention to its winding paths.

"Where are we going?" Demrin called to me. I said nothing, just kept pushing on. Searching for somewhere safe. And all the while it was as though I could feel Everette's eyes upon me, watching me.

At last I stumbled upon a small inn, an old fashioned looking place with a wooden sign hanging over the door. "Come on," I urged the warlock, pulling him through the door. Together we approached the front desk, me with my head down and a tint of red in my cheeks.

"Welcome to The Black Sunrise," the woman behind the desk said in a knowing voice. I looked up just long enough to meet her eyes, to see the flash of red in them. Vampire eyes. I found myself longing to scan the room for my lover, but refrained.

"We need a room," I muttered, too quickly. Wondered if she could feel my tension. If she could tell by my flawless features just what I was. I could try so hard to forget, but could never change what I was. It was the very reason I was now here, with Demrin, sulking in darkness and hiding from the one person who had proven himself to me over and over again.

The woman pressed a few buttons on her computer before looking back up to us. "Room 19," she said, passing me a key. I snatched it from her hands and whirled around towards Demrin. I wasnt sure if it was fear in his eyes, or amusement at the way I was so frantically moving. If maybe he thought I was simply eager to be with him again, when in truth I was just terrified of all the prying eyes.

We were silent on the way to the room. Once inside I slammed the door hard enough to make the door frame quiver. Turning the lock, I faced Demrin, a sigh escaping my lips. 

"Hi," he said, cracking a smile at me.

Through my deep breaths, I nodded. A few moments passed in which we only stared at each other. I still couldnt believe he was here, he was really here. Still couldnt believe he'd found me after so many weeks apart.

"Come here," he murmured, pushing his hair away from his face. "Let me hold you." 

With only the slightest of hesitation, I tiptoed over to where he stood, let him engulf me with his arms and hold me to his chest. I seemed to fit so perfectly in his arms. After a moment, I looked up, and at the same time he looked down, and his lips crashed into mine. And then we were kissing, both slowly and frantically, rough and compassionately. Demrin fisted his hands in my blonde hair and pulled until a moan fell from my lips.

"Oh, Calla, let me have you," he whispered against my mouth. He was planting a trail of kisses down my jawline, my neck, and then back to my own lips.

I groaned a little, let him explore my body with his hands. Oh, in that moment I wanted him so. Wanted to feel him as I had that night in California. Wanted his skin to brush against my own as he moved through me, deeper and deeper...

I pulled away long enough to meet his eyes. Outside sun was lulling about in the sky, just ready to set. My days had long since become like my nights, and now I too slept with the sun. I danced away from him and pulled the curtains as tightly as they would go. Demrin was still lingering in that same spot, scared to come any closer to me.

I offered him a tiny smirk, going to the bed and sitting down upon it. "Take me, then," I said to him. So he came over to me, and lay on top of my body, and for a while just kissing and feeling him there was enough, because it made me realize that no matter where in the world I was, there would always be someone feeling the exact same as me. I would never truly be alone.

Soon, though, when our clothes had been discarded to the floor, Demrin slipped into me. From there it was all cries of pain, gasps of pleasure. Ecstasy ricocheted from the walls, filling the room. I clutched to him as he teased me, left me moaning and begging for more.

When it was done, he pulled out and rolled over into the bed beside me. Demrin bent down to kiss my forehead, smiling at me. "May I ask you something?" His words were slow, uncertain. I nodded up at him from where I was collapsed, motionless."Come with me," he said abruptly. "Leave with me, Calla. I'll take you anywhere in the world you want to go."

I frowned, looking away from him. For a moment, I even considered his offer. Leaving everything and starting all over. But Everette's touch still lingered on my skin. I adverted my gaze back to him.

But never got a chance to respond to him, for just then the windows shattered inward, causing me to scream out in terror. And who should appear in the midst of broken glass?


The End

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