Lovely: Chapter SeventeenMature

 It didnt take long for me to fall in love with all that was Venice. Oh, Everette made it so easy for me, giving me anything I could ever dream of. He took me out in dresses made of the finest silk, sailed me in boats down the streets of water. Days turned to weeks, and soon I found myself losing track of time altogether. Each kiss, each touch took me further away from reality.

I awoke one day to an empty bed, as I was so accustom to. I smiled a sleepy smile, stretched my arms high above my head and sprawled out my naked body. Everette had left with the moon, and now I was free to revel in the sunlight.

I thought about staying there in bed, wasting away with the days. And why not? Time to me was endless. Most of the time I didnt bother keeping up with the world around me. I was content to disappear in a world all my own, where only Everette and I belonged.

But soon I grew restless. Throwing the covers off of me, I retreated into the bathroom. In the massive mirror I saw my reflection, slender and pale, with bruised hips and bruised lips and a few lingering teeth marks about my throat. I hadnt fed once since coming to Venice, surviving off the ecstasy Everette provided. But soon..soon the way I seemed to be falling into myself would take over.

I bent over to splash some cold water from the sink onto my face. My hair was still mostly in tact, tangled blonde strands falling about my face. I shook it out a bit, fluffed it up with my fingers. Good enough. Being a succubus gave me a natural sort of allure, one that required minimal effort on my part.

In the massive closet that belonged to me, I had hundreds of things to choose from. Everette saw no limit when it came to me. I was his princess and he solemnly believed that the world should kneel at my feet. I didnt know how I had gotten so lucky, how I had managed to find a lover who was so completely perfect. Everything I'd ever wanted was now in my grasp.

After a bit, I finally settled on a tight shirt of the deepest blue and some black leggings. Underneath it all I slipped into some lingerie, a nice surprise for Everette later on. I flipped off the lights and returned to my room. Our room.

And almost immediately a scream fell from my lips. My hands flew up to cover my mouth, to silence myself. My violet eyes went wide as I took in the figure standing before me, how very surreal it all was to me. Because it simply couldnt be real.

"Calla." My name fell from his lips in that familiar way of his, the one that had haunted my dreams. Rang in my mind as Everette had moved so deeply through me.


The warlock nodded, his vivid eyes taking me in, trailing up and down my body. And then, all composure forgotten, we were running to each other, clutching to each other like goddamn life support.

"Oh, Demrin," I whispered against his shoulder. "How did you find me?"

"I have my ways," he said cryptically. His arms were wrapped tightly around my body, crushing me against him. "I had to see you. I had to know you were more than a dream.."

I pulled away, fighting the tears threatening to break free. I couldnt believe that Demrin was really, really here. In Venice. He'd found me, come all this way just to see me.

As quickly as the magic had been formed, it fell in shattered fragments to the floor around us. Demrin must have noticed the way my expression faded, the way the light left my eyes.

"Calla, what's the matter?" He asked frantically, taking a step towards me.

I recoiled as though he was a poisonous snake. "You cant be here," I said, and the words were true. If Everette were to find him, to find us...I shuddered at the mere thought of what my lover might do. The vampire's fury was comparable to a vicious tsunami, and I would never forgive myself if Demrin were to be the one caught in his storms.

"I dont understand," Demrin replied slowly. I could hear the pain, the hurt dripping in every single syllable.

A sigh fell from my lips. "Come on," I said, extending a hand to him. "Let's go somewhere."

The End

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