Lovely: Chapter SixteenMature

Everette took me all over the city, being as sweet as ever, kissing my cheek and buying me anything I pleased. We could only go out in the night, of course, but that was alright with me. With the stars overhead, it was all so much more romantic. It was easier to forget about life for a while.

"We could get married, you know," the vampire said quietly to me one night, as we were leaning against the balcony of our apartment, sipping champagne. His was mixed with blood, of course, but mine tasted just as delicious as it should have. Perfect. Lovely.

I swallowed hard at those words. "Human traditions will not bind us," I reminded him. "And you should know that I will be with you forever."

Everette cocked his head a little, almost like he was confused at my words. I watched him watching me, the way his eyes moved over my body. A mixture of desire and fear. He had never been particularly careful around me, but since we'd fled California, he seemed to be holding back.

"This is where I was, you know," he said offhandedly, bringing his glass to his lips. "I wanted to find you the most perfect place. Where we could have a home."

I smiled at him, setting my own flute down on the railing. My arms snaked around his waist and I buried my face in his chest, planting some kisses there, playing with the buttons of his white dress shirt. "My home will always be wherever you are," I told him softly. 

Everette grinned, bringing his lips down to meet my own. I threw myself into the kiss, moaning beneath his lips. A week in Venice had almost erased the memories of my last night in Los Angeles. The city of angels, in which I had completed my greatest sin of all. I could only just remember how Demrin's breath had tickled my neck, how he had pushed himself so deep inside. What would Everette think of me, if he only knew?

Everette broke the kiss and linked his fingers with my own. He tugged my arm a little, a silent invitation to the bedroom. My throat burned at the thought of it. It had been so long since I'd felt the blood rushing down, the heartstrings stained with the heat of passion. But of course Everette could do nothing to satisfy that particular need. He could only please me and please me until I couldnt stand it, until I was begging him to stop because the shaking was driving me insane.

Still, I followed him. He closed the patio doors softly but left the shades open, let the moonlight filter in and set the mood. I danced over towards the bed and removed my dress, a lacy thing of deep violet silk. It felt to the ground, leaving me in only my black bra and underwear.

"Come here," Everette summoned, his controlling side coming out. He was thirsty tonight; I could see it in his bloodred eyes. He would leave me battered and bruised by the time he was done. Ravished.

I came to him and let his hands move over my bare skin, teasing as they toyed with the underwire of my bra. We kissed as he explored my body, as he had a thousand times before. Somehow it always felt new and exciting, and utterly forbidden.

After, when Everette had fallen into some variation of sleep, I crept out of the bed. Looking back on him, he looked so peaceful, so happy. I never wanted to see that look leave his angelic face, or be the one to take it from him. I slid open the patio door and stepped outside. The flooded streets reflected the stars, made them look so much closer than they were.

It wouldnt have been hard to jump to them. To fall in among them and find some peace of my own. Maybe the stars werent really so out of reach after all, I thought. It all just depended on how you looked at it.

I wondered if Demrin could see the stars, wherever he was. And if he had woken up and cursed my name, damned me for leaving him alone in bed after all the passion we'd created. It wasnt natural for one man to have so consumed me. I was not meant to hold onto such things. Live and forget, but never regret.

I shook my head a little. There was no need to dwell. He was gone, and that was all there was to it. I was here with Everette, where I belonged.

And that was all there was to it.

The End

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