Lovely: Chapter FourteenMature

I couldnt ignore the way my heart beat faster each time Demrin's hand accidentally brushed against mine. Or maybe it wasnt an accident at all. I led him over the threshold of Everette's manor. My lover's home, and I was bringing another inside. Some part of me felt a sick stab of remorse, regret at the way I would betray him.

"This is your house?" Demrin's voice drew me out of it, distracted me. I was almost grateful for it, if only that were an emotion I was capable of. Then again, in the past few months I'd found myself capable of so many things a succubus should never feel. The love I felt for Everette, my protector, my life support. But also the way Demrin's heavy gaze tugged at my heartstrings.

"Yeah," I replied, realizing that he'd been staring at me, waiting for an answer. "Well, sort of."

"Oh," he nodded like he understood. Perhaps he did. I couldnt be bothered to think just then, not with the way my head was pounding and my thoughts were all swirling into each other.

I led him deeper inside, smiling a little at the way he took it all in. He seemed genuinely fascinated by the arts that Everette had collected, pieces lining the cream walls in frames that perfect matched the crown moldings. To the left was a parlor, red velvet couches and antique coffee tables arranged over a carpet that must have been ancient. I loved the way his emotions played out over his face as he viewed each piece of artwork. I wondered if Everette had ever felt anything when looking at them, or if he had only wanted them to flaunt, as was in a vampire's nature.

"So, what did you want to show me?" He inquired, once we'd come to the end of the first hall. I let a full smile take over my face, well aware of the way it lit up the shadows of the mansion. My hand found the nearest doorknob, so cool and familiar against the palm of my hand.

The piano room was the only room that allowed light in. The massive bay windows were surrounded with thin white curtains, pulled completely open. Beyond was the most breathtaking view I had ever seen. The ocean must have stretched on forever. In all my years of wandering the lands, all the people I had felt against me and cities I had roamed through, I had never seen anything as magical as the Pacific Ocean.

In the dead center of it all was my white grand piano. My present from Everette. It would follow me wherever I went; that much I knew. It was as much as part of me as anything, for here I had poured my life, my heart and my soul. Here I had given my all into creating something beautiful instead of destroying a life that had been placed in my hands.

"Will you play for me?" Demrin asked softly. I nodded ever so slightly, went to sit down upon the bench. I ran my fingers over the keys; they felt to me like the embrace of a long-time friend, the kind that had been away for too long, but had finally, finally come home.

I started off slowly, making it up as I went. It began as solemn, melancholy. But as I played, the song changed into something brighter and uplifting. It was a tune full of hope and the promise of life. It might have gone on forever, had Demrin not taken me by surprise and caused me to falter.

It was almost as though the song still hung about the air around us, echoing just for us. Demrin had come up behind me and slipped his arms around me, lifting me to my feet. I craned my neck and kissed him, and he kissed me, and everything else melted into a blur.

I spun around into him, shoving aside the bench with a loud groan. We held to each other to keep ourselves standing, kissing and throwing our bodies into one another. He moved his hands down my sides, squeezing me tightly, over my hips and to the place where my shirt didnt quite meet my hips. It was off and on the floor in moments, and then he was moving fingers over bare skin, and I was shivering and moaning against his mouth.

Without a word I pulled away, took his hand and started off running towards the bedroom. I threw my head back and laughed, because I had never felt so free, so young and full of life. Demrin laughed too, and the sound was like something from a fairy tale. Magical. All the world was magical.

I closed the bedroom door behind us. The bed awaited, a mess of tangled sheets half on the floor. Demrin removed his clothes and pulled me back into his arms, and we fell back together into the mattress. Every second was pure passion, pleasure bouncing off the walls.

"Calla, you are the most beautiful, flawless, lovely creature I have ever met," he groaned against my ear, moving deeper and deeper into me. I dragged my nails down his back, yanked at his hair. Cried out for more, more. It was never enough.

We finished together, and he collapsed against me, panting and gasping for breath.

"Oh my god," I breathed, for there was nothing else to say. It had been so long since I'd felt so completely ravished, as I did now.

Demrin let out a shaky laugh, propping himself up onto his elbows and rolling off of me. "I feel...different with you," he said unsurely. "When I'm with you I feel more complete than ever. I could stay here with you like this forever."

I offered him a small smile, nuzzling up against his chest. "You make me feel better too," I mumbled sleepily against him. "Like I'm not such a horrible person after all." He might have said more, but if he did I didnt hear it. I was lost to exhaustion, and it was the most restful sleep I'd ever had. 

The End

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