Lovely: Chapter ThirteenMature

It's funny, the way life so easily sways back and forth. How one day everything seems so certain, and then suddenly none of it makes any sense. When I awoke, there was a note on the pillow beside me. I recognized Everette's handwriting immediately, the ways it looped and swirled, how some points were so much darker than the others.

My dearest Calla,

Something's called me away for a few days. Worry not, love. I shall return to you soon. And then we will depart into the world. Together. Take good care of my heart while I'm gone.

Yours, always


I reread it at least three times, my clenched hand crumpling the edges a bit. So Everette had just..left? No farewell kiss, no indication of where he was or when he'd be back. He'd just vanished.

I didnt realize I was crying until a few drops fell upon the note, blurring into the ink. I watched it as it mixed and rolled down the paper like a miniature river. Then I set the note back down and pushed myself from the bed.

At least this gave me a bit more time to enjoy the beach, the ocean, and all that was California. I didnt know where Everette planned to take me next, what wonders, or perils, he had in store. But with him, no expense would be spared. The vampire would travel to the ends of the earth to give me real, raw beauty.

I took my time getting ready, if only for the distraction. I traced my violet eyes lightly in eyeliner and covered my lids with a silvery shadow. I curled my hair to obivion, until a cascade of wild ringlets framed my face. I chose a pair of tight, dark jeans and a simple black tank top with a low v-neck.

"Perfect," I said aloud to myself, breaking through the silence. "Lovely."

When I set off, my stilettos clicking upon the pavement, I didnt really know where I was going. It was already late in the afternoon; I'd slept the day away after my romantic night with my lover. The sun was resting lazily over the lulling waves. People dotted the beach, surfing and laughing and otherwise unaware of the demon watching them from the distance.

Familiarity took over me then, and I found myself outside of the bar to which Everette had first sent me. Most of the rowdy crowd was absent, but there was one person I recognized, sitting in the back. In the place where the darkness congregated.

I greeted him with a wide smile, hoping that some of my natural light might radiate into his shadows. Save him, maybe, if he needed it. "Hello, Demrin," I said, sliding into the seat across from him.

"Calla," he said with a grin of his own. "I wasnt sure I'd ever see you again, the way you left.."

I shushed him gently, reaching over to trail my fingers over his forearm. "I guess I just couldnt stay away."

And it was true. I wanted so very much to hate myself for the way my heart was racing, my blood thickening in my veins. For the way I was leaning in towards him, reveling in how he couldnt quite keep his eyes from straying over me.

Everette would understand, I told myself. I was a succubus. I needed to fuck and feed and kill in order to live. Surely I could just enjoy a few hours of pleasure, and then Demrin would let me tear him apart. Just to feel him against me, through me...

"Everything okay?" Demrin asked, bringing me out of my tangled thoughts.

Yes," I snapped, too quickly. "I, um...I'd like to show you something."

Demrin raised an eyebrow, his gaze bubbling over with suspicion. But he didnt pull away from my touch. He let me continue to draw cirlces over his skin, devouring him with my heavy stare. I was losing control, digging my nails into the palm of my hand to stop myself from lunging over the table at him.

"Please," I whispered. "Let me take you to my house. I promise I'll hold back." Lies. Lies. All of it was a lie.

Demrin remained silent for a long while. I swallowed hard, bit down on my bottom lip and tried to look uninterested. 

"Okay," he said finally. "Okay. Let's go."  

The End

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