Lovely: Chapter TwelveMature

"Wake up."

I opened my eyes to the sight of darkness surrounding me, only the tiniest amount of starlight trickling in through the mostly closed curtains. Everette was hovering at the edge of my bed, wearing only black pants. I could see the outline of his body in the shadows.

"I want to show you something," he said quietly, and so I let him give me his hand and pull me up from the bed. I reached for the white nightgown on the floor and slipped it on, not that it covered much anyway. Everette led me silently through the halls of the mansion. It seemed almost haunted to me, noiseless and lightless. Without his guidance I would have stumbled for sure.

I was surprised when Everette pulled open a door that led outside. It was chilly, the breeze off the ocean sending chills down my spine. I wrapped my arms around myself in a vain attempt to block some of the cool air. Still Everette led me on, around the house to the back.

He opened up a simple white gate, and a small gasp fell from my lips. For there before me was a tremendous garden. Hundreds and hundreds of bloodred roses, blooming just for me. "Everette..." I whispered. "This is beautiful."

"It's for you," he told me. "A symbol of my love for you. Blooming like a thousand roses." A part of me wanted to ask how many there really were, but it didnt matter, really. They were the most breathtaking thing I had ever seen.

"I love you, Everette." I turned to face him with eyes wide. He reached out and put his hands on my arms, pulling me against his chest and holding me there. I'd have been able to hear his heartbeat perfectly, if only he'd had a beating heart.

"And I love you," he murmured into my hair. "My heart may not beat, but it will belong to you forever."

We were kissing then. Everette and I melded into one person, one unending whole. My body was on fire in his arms, tingling and blazing with the desire to feel more of him. All of him.

Everette broke away and took my by the hand, led me to a small clearing in the flowers. There was a patch of grass there, showered with fallen rose petals. He lay me down and eased himself onto me, pressing his weight against me. We made love like never before, each sigh and moan giving way to the song of the ocean beyond us. And it was real. Nothing had ever been so real.

"I want to leave this place," Everette said softly, after. I was nestled against his chest, hands resting upon his bare, smooth skin. My lips brushed his neck as I looked up to him, tried to meet his eyes. But his gaze was somewhere far away, somewhere I couldnt see if I tried."It bores me so."

It struck me then just how time had passed. Weeks...months had disappeared since Everette had whisked me away from New York City. It barely felt as though a day had gone by. In his arms, time was irrelevant. There was only him and me and this feeling of perfection.

Something flashed within me at the thought of leaving California. The beaches, the very ocean itself. I would never forget the way it had lapped against my body, or how the sand had felt beneath my back. A name whispered its way through my mind, one I did well to push to the side.

"And go where?" I asked in an emotionless tone. Careful not to give anything away.

Everette shrugged, making my head bounce up and down a bit. "Anywhere," he replied. "It's an endless world, Calla. Think of all the beauties we could see together."

I thought to myself that I didnt need to see anything at all, so long as he was always at my side. But in the end I only nodded, because I l0ved Everette and would follow him to the ends of the universe.

The vampire eased me off of him, rose to a sitting position. "Good," he said. "We can leave tomorrow at dusk."

The End

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