Lovely: Chapter ElevenMature

Everyone always rants and raves about happiness like they have any idea whatsoever. I wondered if I had ever truly been happy before, in all my years of life. But the simplicity I felt now, with the waves at my feet and the feel of Everette's hold upon my heart...that was something that no other feeling could compare to.

I made quick the job of stripping down out of my clothes, only mildly aware of Demrin watching me as he sat idly by. Beneath the shorts and tank I wore a black and white pinstripe bra and a lacy black thong. For lack of a swimsuit, it would have to do.

The water was icy cold; I wrapped my arms around myself as I waded in to my hips, teeth chattering against each other. "Come on!" I called out to Demrin, who hadnt moved a muscle from his spot in the sand.

"No, my dear, I believe I shall stay right here."

Rolling my violet eyes, I dipped my head underneath the water. When I came back up, every strand of my golden hair was dripping wet, clinging to the bare skin of my shoulders and back. "Dont make me beg you," I said with a pout. Demrin only laughed, and I knew it was a hopeless battle trying to get him in.

I started back towards him, moving lazily through the crystalline waves. I could practically feel every grain of sand beneath my feet. Never had I felt so free.

I dropped down on the beach beside Demrin. There was something about him that seemed so dark, so mysterious. There was a thousand secrets hiding behind his emerald eyes, and, God, did I want to uncover them all. I wanted to know every part of him. It was a lust like no other, not just to destroy him, to have him, but also to know him.

I realized how close I was to him now. Close enough to lean in and kiss him, or worse. I recoiled quickly, clearing my throat. All the while he sat by in silence, watching me.

"Something the matter?" He asked me softly. All I could do was shake my head, for no words would come. I met his gaze once again, held it for a long while.

"I feel..."I started, but I didnt know how to finish that sentence. "I want you, Demrin. You cannot begin to understand this burning desire I have for you."

He looked taken aback by that. I bit down upon my bottom lip, afraid I had said too much. But then suddenly his hand was cupping the side of my face, trembling with uncertainty. I fell into him until we were laying back upon the sand, and he was kissing me with such a fierce passion. I fisted my hands into his hair, rolled over so that he was on top of me.

A moan fell from my lips as he grinded his hips against me. More, I wanted more. Needed  to feel his flesh against me...

Demrin pulled away quickly, moving off of me and putting a good foot of distance between us. I sat up, panting heavily from the heat of the moment. "I'm sorry," he said, though his voice was utterly void of emotion. "I just..I cant..."

I turned my face so that he couldnt see my expression. The wistful remorse that had consumed my eyes. "I understand," I told him. Not entirely a lie. "How could you ever trust a succubus?"

"Calla, I-"

"It's getting dark," I cut him off. "I need to get home. I doubt my lover would be happy if I left him waiting."I hoped my words stung him, cut him to the core. But I didnt stick around to find out, just started off up the beach towards Everette's mansion, where the one person in the entire world I could trust would be waiting with open arms.


Everette was in the bedroom when I came in. He eyed my soaking wet appearance with a casual smirk, but said nothing of the matter. The curtains were open, revealing a perfect view of the beach and the ocean beyond.

"Hey," I greeted him, moving into the bathroom so that I might shower and clean up. Everette was up and at my side in a flash, with inhuman speed and grace. His hands moved over my sides, pushing up the hem of my wet tank top, now clinging to my slender frame. Everywhere his fingers touched my body a fire started.

"Swimming?" He inquired with a hint of amusement in his words.

"Yes," I answered, hating how short I sounded. I couldnt give my emotions away, lest Everette might ask questions. Ones I wouldnt be able to answer for him. "I'd like to take a shower now."

"I'll help you," he offered, a malicious gleam in his eyes.

I turned my body around, kissed him softly on the lips. "I'd like to be alone, Everette."

The vampire narrowed his eyes at me. The hand that had once caressed me so lovingly now came up to latch around my throat. He bared his fangs at me, let out a low snarl. "Do not think I am so oblivious to your ways, Succubus. I know how you creep around me in the daylight. You had better consider where your heart lies."

My body quivered before him with fear. Everette pulled away abruptly, as if someone had flipped a switch within him. "I'm sorry," he said quietly. "I'll, um... I'll come to tuck you in, in a while."

I nodded, because it was the only thing I could think to do. Then Everette was off, and I was alone and dazed, wondering why I couldnt ever seem to make love feel real.

The End

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