Lovely: Chapter TenMature

It was a week before the bruises began to fade. Everette was constantly at my bedside, gently caressing my face and telling me stories to pass the time. He'd brought me home after the scene in the alley, cleaned up my cuts and tucked me safely into his oversized bed. It was easy to lose track of time there, to forget where dreams began and reality ended.

"Do you remember the first time we met?" Everette mused quietly. His fingers were laced with my own, body hovering over me as I lay amidst the sheets of softest silk. I smiled up at him, wondered how I ever could have feared such a beautiful creature.

"Of course I do," I said. "It was the night I lost my virginity."

Everette looked away, then looked back to me. His face was mostly composed, but something in his eyes seemed almost sad. Like he was scared, terrified, that he couldnt ever love me right.I so longed to tell him that he was the only one who could love me right.

"Yes," he smirked a little, expression brightening at the flood of memories I knew he was having. The same images that danced so wildly in my own head. "You'd just come of age, hadnt you? I was the first man you tried to seduce, and it was I who devoured you."

I was unaware that I was blushing until Everette extended a hand to run his fingers over my cheek. His skin was cold, though usually so heated with passion I never noticed. "You were always the best," he murmured. "I only left you out of fear, Calla. I was so afraid that one day I might hurt you."

Wet tears rimmed my violet eyes. I'd never known myself to be capable of emotions. I was meant to be a vacant creature of death. Feelings like I had for Everette would only complicate things. He was the reason I was practically starving myself, because the thought of sharing another's bed damn near broke my heart.

"Why did you come back?" I demanded, a bit of venom streaking my voice.

Everette's fingers fisted in my hair, tugging at it ever so gently. "Because I love you, Calla. And forever is a long time to be without the one person you love."

He kissed me then, mouth meeting mine in a soft and intense gesture. He was careful not to put his weight upon me, only slinging an arm across my waist and letting his hands explore the body he knew so well. We might have stayed like that for hours, only kissing and touching, until he rolled over beside me, and I let sleep overcome me.


When the sun broke the sky, Everette was gone. I blinked hard in attempt to wake myself. Judging by the way the light spilled in around the curtains, I knew it was late. My lover must have been somewhere in the mansion, hiding away from the glow he would never see again.

I decided that I would go down to the beach. If I was to remain here in California, I might as well enjoy the simple pleasures it had to offer. I was feeling better now, strength returned and fear faded. I put only a little effort into brushing my hair, dressing quickly into a pair of white shorts and a purple tank top with a plunging neckline. A bit of mascara was as much makeup as I could bring myself to wear.

Outside, the air was warm and salty, the breeze playing with stray strands of my blonde hair. I let a small smile take over my lips. I could certainly get used to this. It was the kind of weather that crept into my pores and filled me with my very own sunshine, which I might radiate on my own.

I walked down to the water's edge, stopped at the place where the waves first began to kiss my toes. The water was cool, and so vividly blue. I wished that Everette could be there to share the moment with me, to revel in the beauty the world had to offer. I felt more human than I ever had, less like the killing machine I was supposed to be. I felt like a real, complete person, who could love and fear, who only wanted to throw back her head, laughing and crying all at once.


I heard my name from a few yards down the beach. Turning around so that the sand came up over my bare feet, I squinted into the distance. A vaguely familiar man was approaching me, grinning ever so slightly.

"Demrin," I greeted him with a blinding smile of my own. Glowing. "What a surprise."

He nodded a little. "I was just trying to clear my head," he said truthfully.

I glanced out at the water. To me, it seemed so endless. I wondered how far it went, if it stretched out into forever. "You came to the right place." He said nothing, but when I met his gaze, there was something there I couldnt quite decipher.

"Come on," I said quickly, grabbing his hand and shattering the intensity of the moment. "Let's go swimming."

The End

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