Lovely: Chapter EightMature

Days dragged on. Even with the ocean breeze, California grew increasingly hot, and so I spent most of my time wandering the mansion in my underwear. Everette slumbered in his bedroom, where the nights were spent in endless hours of passion.

I had almost come to appreciate my simple sort of life. The ocean view was enough to remind me how beautiful the world was. Everette had brought me a white grand piano and turned it towards a window for me. Whenever I was a little too bored, or I missed the glamor of New York a little too much, I played. It made me feel better, at least momentarily.

I was trying very hard to ignore my burning need to feed, to find someone whose heart I might tear out of their chest. Sometimes when I was digging my nails down Everette's skin, I imagined pinning him down and ripping him apart. The raw lust fueled my need for sex, and I thought that somewhere in Everette's mind it excited him a little too much.

I came to his room one evening, found him in the armchair sipping at a red mixture of blood and alcohol. "Hello, doll," he greeted when he saw me. His eyes raked over my body, lingered in all the wrong places. "To what do I owe this great pleasure?"

I need to feed," I snapped harshly, mostly because all his charms were consuming me. I'd never been able to say no to him, not even when fearing for my life.

Everette swirled his drink and cocked his head. "Oh," he said with a slow nod. "Am I not leaving you satisfied?" He murmured. There was a humorous look in his eyes.

"Of course you are," I purred, stalking across the room to him, much as a tiger might come upon its prey. I was so insanely aware of his presence, of the way he flipped his black hair out of his eyes and ran his tongue across his razor sharp teeth. His gaze flickered to the bed.

"But I cant very well tear you to shreds, now can I?" I continued, swallowing hard.

Everette only shrugged. "Perhaps I want you to." He set down his glass and was before me in an instant, his hands sliding over my bare shoulders. "I would rather die a thousand times than have to imagine you in another's arms."

The words set my heart on fire, brought a tear or two to my eyes. A succubus should not have been able to cry. Or love. Or remotely feel the way I did for Everette. And yet I did.

"But I fear I must share you," he muttered under his breath. "Let me have you first, and then I will let you go." I nodded breathlessly, his lips already upon me. We fell back into the bed, and he showed me just how love was meant to feel.


Everette helped me dress, brushed my hair and pointed me in the direction of a place I could go. I kept my head held high as I approached, even though my heart was thudding in my chest. Something about the dark was putting me on edge. There was no city glow here to guide my way.

Inside, the bar was dimlit and overly crowded. I could tell it was a simple sort of place with a few booths and a pool table. I could feel their eyes upon me, and for some reason it was making my skin crawl. The men around me had such hungry stares; I was longing for the comfort of Everette's bed.

"Hey, baby." There was suddenly a hand upon my shoulder. I spun around to see a harsh face with a nervous expression.

"Dont touch me," I snapped, pulling away from him. I only managed to stumble back a few steps before I had  run into the chest of another. He grabbed at me roughly; I was trapped between the two. "Ow, stop it!"

"Leave her alone." A low, serious voice broke through the crowds. The room feel eerily silent, all gazes falling towards the back corner of the bar. It almost seemed as though the shadows were gathering there. "Leave her alone."

I glanced nervously from one guy to the other, before scurrying over to the table from which the voice had come. No words were said, but I only slid into the seat beside him. The others stared for but a moment before returning to their drinks and their banters and their rowdy music.

I positioned myself so that I might look upon the face of my rescuer, but he was shielded by a long veil of dark brown hair. "Thank you," I murmured, because I wasnt sure what else to say. "I dont usually get into those situations."

Beside me, the man only raised one shoulder. "Dont worry about it," he replied. "Those men think they own anything that comes in the door." There was a hostile bitterness in his tone. I wanted so badly to make it go away, to show him something amazing and renew his faith in the world.

Before I could help myself, my hand was resting lightly upon his forearm. Only then did he look over to me. His face was gentle, a soft expression and eyes that seemed to stare straight through me. Like he was looking for something beyond the surface of my made up skin and teased blonde hair.

"Well, I feel as though I should repay you," I said slowly, leaning in towards him a bit. He mostly kept himself composed, if only his breathing faltered a little. "I have a place a few blocks away..."

The man pulled away sharply, reaching out to push me off of him. I looked to him with astonishment evident across my face. "Your charms will not work on me, Succubus," he warned me. I was taken aback by the abruptness of his words. "I was trained long ago to protect myself from the likes of you."

My ice blue eyes narrowed themselves to slits; I gave him my most venomous stare. "Perhaps I was only being grateful," I spat.

His lips turned up ever so slightly. I couldnt imagine what was so amusing. "Then you may stay here, and have a drink with me. That is all I would ask of you."

His resistance to me had put me off, but now I found myself settling back into the seat. Even though this was a complete stranger beside me, there was a sort of comfort in it all.

"I'm Calla," I told him quietly.

"Demrin," he replied. And then he smiled, and it was brighter than anything I'd seen in a long time.

The End

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