Lovely: Chapter SevenMature

Everette left shortly after, giving me a chance to change and get cleaned up. Once he was gone, it was safe for me to throw back the heavy curtains and let in some light. The bright sun stung at my eyes, fell over my naked body and filled me a some new sort of hope. I felt as though I'd been trapped in the dark for an eternity.

Everette's touch still lingered upon my skin, and his words were engraved upon my heart. All the time I'd thought him to be the enemy, when in reality he was the one person I'd been searching for. I didnt know what had changed in him, but whatever it was I hoped it would stay.

A frown creased my brow at the unfamiliar view out my window. I'd expected to see rows and rows of skyscrapers, metal fingers tearing at the fragile sky. Instead there was sand, and beyond that, the unmistakable blue of the ocean.

There were certainly no beaches in New York City. No crystalline waves upon shores of gold. The sun had never been so blinding back home. I felt my heart falter a little, and there I was turning away from the window in a frenzy.

I hurried to get dressed, grabbing the first thing in the obnoxiously large closet. Everette must have been bored, because it was filled with what must have been hundred of outfits. Under normal circumstances, I might have paused to admire all the endless possibilities. But now I was diving into a bloodred dress, strapless and short. With my blonde hair gathered over one shoulder, I set off in search of Everette.

Sometimes it was easy to forget exactly what he was. That he was bred to kill, much like myself. To lure in and devour and destroy. His mysterious aura had entranced me from the moment I'd met him, and even as I'd hid from him, I could not forget.

I moved down the corridors in search of the vampire, much like a ghost or the memory of one. All the while there was a faint banging in my head and a pulsing in my chest that cried out in desperate need of..something. I wasnt sure what, but I knew that I wanted it terribly.

When at last I found Everette, it was in a library of sorts. Walls covered in books stretched on endlessly, and in the center of it all was a desk where he was perched. I swallowed hard at the sight of him, so breathtakingly beautiful.

"You found me," he said simply. There was no emotion in the words.

"Where are we?" I demanded, resisting the urge to forget all else and kiss him. Kiss him and let him take me into the corner, push me against a wall and have me all to himself.... "This isnt the city."

"I left the city," he replied, taking a lengthy drag off the cigarette I hadnt even realized he'd been holding. "It bored me, with it's politics and talks of war. I wanted to go somewhere free. They call this place California."


His mane fell from my lips, as it had a thousand times before. But this time, something was different. A pain spread through me like no other. It twinged at my heart, and suddenly I was falling to my knees, screams escaping my throat.

Everette was up and at my side in moments, arm outstretched to hold me. He cradled me to his chest, a deep look of concern in his eyes. "What's..what's happening?" I choked out.

Everette brushed my hair back from my face. "There is something you should know," he told me. His tone was grave, and I didnt like it one bit. " seems you've become," here he paused to search for the word. All the while the pain burned within me, stabbing at my heart and knotting my stomach. "Addicted," he finished at last. "Yes, addicted to my venom."

It was as though I had fallen into a sort of dreamlike state then. I heard his words without them really registering any meaning. Everette bent down and pressed his lips roughly against my forehead, but I barely felt it. I'd heard of humans who had become hooked on the venom of vampires. Girls who became their conduit, their whores. But I was no ordinary girl; I should have been strong enough to resist.

Unless I hadnt wanted to.

"Oh, Calla," the vampire murmured. "It seems I have hurt you again."

I shook my head frantically. "Just make it stop," I pleaded. Anything to divert the suffering. Anything except losing Everette, not when I had just found the answer to all of my long-asked questions.

Everette flashed me a smile, but it seemed to be more wistful than anything else. There was a sadness in his eyes I couldnt quite place. I hated the idea of him hurting, even when I was the one writhing in pain on the floor.

When he lowered his face to my neck, it was in the most intimate of ways. He planted a trail of kisses there, soft and loving. His tongue came out to wet the skin, followed by the fangs. They slid in oh so easily, like an all too familiar lover might.

The ecstasy hit me soon after; I closed my eyes and went limp in his arms. A few stray moans broke free from my throat. Everette sucked at the pinprick wounds, groaning a little as my blood poured into his mouth. Somehow, it seemed more passionate than a thousand nights in his bed could ever be. I never, ever wanted him to stop. He could drain me dry for all I cared, just so long as he would hold me till the very last second.

The End

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