Lovely: Chapter SixMature

First came the pain. It was hard to describe, exactly, except for the stinging feeling pulsing in the crook of my neck.

When my eyes opened, it was to a room as dark as the midnight sky, with heavy drapes that blotched out the starlight from the bay window. This was no ordinary room, no vacant roadside motel. After my eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, I started to take it all in.

The wallpaper was made to look like crimson velvet, and there was barely a piece of furniture in the room. The bed in which I lay was a massive four-post with a thick silk comforter. It was wrapped tightly around me. I hadnt realized how cold I was. God, why was I so cold?


Calla. My name. It came from across the room, a softly spoken word that sent chills up m spine for reasons I didnt know. I stared into the shadows until I saw the figure emerge; he'd been seated in an arm chair in the corner. As he approached me, my heartbeat started to race, but there was a sort of repressed longing that I simply couldnt ignore.

"Hello, sweetness," he whispered softly. Then he was kissing me, pushing me back into the bed and pressing his weight against me.

"Everette," I moaned, the name so familiar upon my lips. My back was arching into him, lips working furiously against his. I sighed and gasped as his hands explored my body, pushing up the loose tee shirt I hadnt even realized I'd been wearing.

"Dear, sweet, Calla." Everette planted a trail of kisses down my neck, across my collarbone and over my chest. I let my eyes slip closed as he pulled down the lacy thong I wore, dropping it onto the floor. This was certainly a wonderful way to be woken up.

With Everette moving through me, his breath hot in my ear and my nails leaving red marks all down his bare back, everything felt at peace. I forgot about the pounding in my head and the bruised feeling that seemed to cover much of my body. There was only him and I, in perfect tempo, writing the most beautiful melody I could have ever dreamed.


The next time I awoke, there was light. I could just barely see it, filtering in around the curtains, in the small cracks that remained unconcealed. I took a moment to stretch out my body, tensing the muscles of my legs and arching my feet.

I rolled over then, and was only mildly surprised to see Everette in the corner chair. His eyes were low, calculating as he watched me. Even with his lips curled up ever so slightly on one side, he looked ever the predator.

"I thought you might never wake up," He said softly, so soft I had to strain to hear him.

"Isnt that what you wanted?" The words were harsh, but my tone was much too gentle to do any real damage.

Everette shook his head, just enough to send his black hair dancing over his vivid green eyes. "I never wanted to hurt you, Calla." He sounded so painfully sincere. I watched him rise to his feet, come over and perch himself on the bed beside me. "I never wanted to do you any harm. All I ever, ever wanted was to hold you in my arms and tell you the truth about how I feel."

The world had become so surreal. These words couldnt truly be leaving his lips. It was all a dream. "How is that, exactly?" I whispered to him without really realizing it." The words seemed like chocolate mousse upon my tongue, all things sweet and divine.

Everette started, then stopped himself and let out a deep breath. Somehow his fingers had found mine and were not latched with them, holding tightly to my hand. Like it was all he knew.

"Calla Wiles, I am utterly addicted to your presence. I cannot fathom going a day, a moment without you. I need to be with you, Calla, need to hold you and feel your heart beating beside me. I may be dead, but when I'm with you it's so much easier to feel alive."

I was fairly sure my heart had ceased to beat, and for certain my breathing had faltered. Everette was staring right into my eyes. Waiting for a response, any response.

All I could think to do was lean in and kiss him. It was slow and passionate, and made me forget all else. There was no part of me left to hate him, not when all of me had been so consumed by his profession. It was safe to say I was utterly his.

The End

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