Lovely: Chapter FourMature

I couldnt really remember much of life except killing. No fond memories of childhood floated about, no recollections of playmates or fairy tale games. I'd seen many ages go by, and through them all I'd found myself the light at the center of it all. But I hadnt the slightest idea as to how I'd gotten to be so loved and adored.

I'd been young when I'd learned the truth of what I was. Young and in love, as it would be. Like many cliche stories, he was all wrong for me. Oh, but I fell for every word he uttered, every lie I took to be a promise. And when he left me, abandoned me with a shattered heart and a lack of purity I would never get back, I discovered what my true desire was.

The lust was insatiable. It took years to get it under control. Years of spilling blood sloppily, tearing out hearts in less concealed alleyes. My luck turned when I fell in with a group of girls from the Upper East Side. Once you get a taste of that lifestyle, of the fame and the vast wealth, there is simply no turning back.

And now I was there still, in my Fifth Avenue apartment, dressed in only a set of black lace lingerie. I was perched on the bed and sipping champagne. Outside the mortal world was reeling over their great loss. America would certainly be weeping tonight. My own thoughts were distracted with the promise of the pleasure that was sure to come soon.

As if on que, there came on knock on my door. I cast aside the bottle and sauntered across the room, pulling it open slowly and surely.

"Thomas?" I asked softly, even though I could see him clearly before me. He nodded, swallowed hard. I could sense that he was feeling out of place. "Come in."

I watched his eyes as they trailed over my body, taking in my slender, mostly naked form. "Miss Wiles.." He stammered.

"Calla," I told him. "Just call me Calla for tonight."

There was little more he could say, let alone do. Thomas entered the room and I closed the door tightly behind him. When I spun around, he was hovering nervously by the edge of the bed.

"I thought that you could use some cheering up," I murmured. I approached him like a snake might, slithering over and pressing my body against his. I pressed his lips to his, hard, pouring my all into the kiss. His mouth worked against my own, hands tentatively daring to explore my body.

"Tell me what you want," I whispered, hot against the skin of his neck. "And I'll make all your dreams come true."


More like nightmares.

The End

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