Lovely: Chapter ThreeMature

Let me tell you something about New York City. Time slips away so easily within its confines, and before I knew it, weeks had passed since the unexpected visit from Everette. I confess I'd been living on edge, but now I found myself starting to relax.

Winter was in the midst of its fury, covering the streets and the sidewalks with snow. It was already the second week of December, and I found myself wrapped in a black pea coat and hurrying down Fifth Avenue in the dark. So far I hadnt caught glimpse of anyone else, no figures creeping by in the shadows. 

I was not the only sort of creature stalking the night in this city, or any, for that matter. Right before the eyes of the mortals lay an entire world of terror, with horrors more vast than any one man could imagine. As if keeping ourselves hidden from the world wasnt enough, there was constant fighting between species, wars of our very own.

So I had learned that I must always be on my guard. My eyes were always taking in my surroundings, always aware of what was happening. So that, if ever danger approached me, I would know it was there before it even came close.

At last my apartment building came into sight. I sped up my pace a bit, reveling in the sound of my heels as they clicked upon the pavement. Like the sound of a heart as it was being torn from the chest.

"Miss Wiles," Thomas greeted me, as ever. But this time something was off. There was something missing from his voice; his usually chipper tone was bleak.

I paused beside him, a frown creasing my brow. "What's the matter?" I asked him gently.

His own expression was something like shock. "Havent you heard the news?" He said. When I didnt answer, he shook his head. "It must be nice to live in such a dream world," he muttered. "You're so fabulous, so regal and unaffected by anything that happens around you." I wasnt sure if I was to be taking offense to his words.

"Japan bombed Pearl Harbor this morning," Thomas told me in an emotionless voice. "We've declared war upon them, and I'm to be drafted at the end of the month."

I heard his words without really registering them. I was so unconnected to their world, so unbothered by their problems. Whatever happened to their feeble race, I would go on, loveless and soulless and completely without a place.

But I had never seen such a pitiful look upon someone's face. Without hesitation I reached out to take Thomas by the hand. "When you get off, come up to my room," I murmured lowly. "I'll be waiting for you there."

Before he could reply, I leaned in to kiss him slightly on the cheek, and then I vanished through the doors like a ghost.

The End

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