Lovely: Chapter TwoMature

"Hello, Calla."

I stared in at the man, trying desperately to keep my composure. Even still, fear was seeping through all the cracks, shown in the way my eyes opened a little too wide and my lips remained parted ever so slightly. 

"What are you-"

"Doing here?" He cut me off with a vicious laugh, one that echoed throughout the apartment, ricocheted off the walls and filled my ears. The sound of oncoming doom, that was. "Come now, dearest. Havent you missed me?"

I was doing all I could to ignore his snakelike charms. That was a task much easier said than done. The creature before me was made to lure in anyone and everyone, to win them over and then destroy them. Just like me.

"No," I managed, though my tone was shaky. "You tried to kill me."

"And you'd have done the same to me," he noted. His voice was nonchalant. Casual. As if we were the best of friends, just chatting over a cup of tea.

With inhuman speed, he was up and before me, close enough for our chests to be touching. He reached up to trail his fingertips across the place where the lacy hem of my dress met the bare skin of my chest. Something stirred deep within me, a twinge that started in the pit of my stomach and moved ever downward.

"Everette..." I whispered, hating myself for the way my voice trembled.He brought his hands up to fist them into my platinum hair, tugging it gently to tip my head back. "Kiss me," I pleaded, and so he did, and even as I was screaming internally, a moan of pleasure escaped my lips.

It was over as soon as it started. Everette gave me a great shove away from him, nearly causing me to topple onto the ground. I managed to steady myself on the edge of my dresser.

"I will have you," Everette said coldly, striding over to the window. I hadnt noticed until now that it was open, but I realized how much louder the city seemed to me then. The buzz of life going on all around me. Around us. The unliving demons of the night. "Consider this a warning, Calla Wiles. Nowhere is safe for you now." 

And then he jumped.


I tried my hardest to fall asleep, to close my eyes and let slumber take me away from the world of such fright. But of course I was left to toss and turn awake in my bed all night, wishing and wishing I had someone to keep me company. At the very least, to make the endless hours seem faster.

I was plagued with flashbacks, visions of days both so distant and yet not so very long ago. When New York had been filled with ball gowns and carriages and great, grand parties of scandal. I had been younger than, perhaps sixteen, and living with a few other succubus girls. Life had seemed to us so full of intrigue.

Everette Hayes had come to me then, spoken such sweet words and kissed me so tenderly beneath the stars. For a while, I'd begun to believe that maybe a succubus could feel something after all. But I was young, and oh so naive. I did not know...

I shook my head to shake away the painful memories. It was in vain, of course. Even with him gone, I could feel him there around me.

Whatever he hoped to achieve by returning, he would not be successful. I was older now. I understood a bit more. I knew that there was no hope of love for me, only a lifetime of blood and ecstasy.

With those final thoughts, I nodded off into a very restless sleep.

The End

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