Lovely: Chapter OneMature

I hated the rain. The way it stained the streets, darkened the perfect sky. It had been raining that night, the night everything I'd ever known fell apart. For me, life had always come a little too easily. When everyone was dying to be near you, to feel your presence at their side, it was a simple thing to get anything you could ever want.

And I was a creature of want, wasnt I? I'd never asked for it, and I certainly did not desire it, but it was a fact nonetheless. A demon. A soulless creation driven by lust.

A succubus.

All childish tales and nightmares aside, we were mostly a peaceful bunch. Rogues who traveled the world alone, in an endless search for love, for raw passion. It was all the same for us. Sex and love blurred into one, fueled by the need to feast upon the souls of the deceived.

The man from the bar had been sufficient, filling me with a sense of satisfaction, in more than one ways. Now he lay discarded in his bed, a heap of blood and tattered organs, for someone else to discover. And I was on my way up Fifth Avenue, towards my apartment. My own sanctuary.

The late night doorman greeted me with a soft smile. "Hello, Miss Wiles," he said pleasantly. I bit down ever so slightly upon my bottom lip, twisting and twisting a strand of blonde hair around my index finger.

"Hello, Thomas," I returned with a gleaming smile of my own.

"You're in late tonight," he said knowingly. "Having a bit too much fun, are you?"

I waved him away with a flick of my wrist. "That's no business of yours," I told him, perhaps a bit too harshly. Then, without so much as a goodbye, I pushed past him into the building, leaving him outside to wonder what he'd done to irritate me so. Even if the answer was nothing.

My own apartment was on the very top floor, where I could see all of the city laid out before me. New York was like some sort of magical kingdom, a fantasy world of absolute perfection. A maze, a labyrinth, and it all led right back to Fifth Avenue. I was at the center of it all.

Perhaps it was not the safest place in the world, not with all that was going on. It was 1940, and they said the World War being waged would be the most important point in history. Everything would change, depending on who came out on top. The man they called Hitler was at the peak of his power. I'd heard of his atrocities, killing and killing millions of innocents for no reason whatsoever.

But here in America, trying so hard to pretend it did not effect us, it was easier to live my life in a blissful state of ignorance. Drinking champagne and teasing my hair and dancing the nights away. Untouched by the perils.

My door opened inwardly, hand reaching for the light switch. It had barely flipped on when a scream fell from my lips. There, sitting nonchalantly upon my bed, was a man dressed entirely in black, except for the sleek red tie to perfectly match his dark red eyes.

He flashed me a smile. I swallowed hard as my gaze took in his pointed teeth, sliding down over his bottom lip. "Hello, Calla."

The End

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