Chapter 3

My mom left me alone in my room so I did a little research on how to get over a break-up, and this is what the article said,

"To get over a break-up you

must forget about your ex and

cut him out of all of your pictures."

After I read that part I looked to see if I had any pictures of us together and I found some.  I was surprised I founsd some pictures of us together because he is one of those people who don't like to take pictures.  The article also said,

"Then you put the pictures

in a litter box and use them as

Kitty Litter."

We were luck because my mom sure did like cats.  Then the article said,

"After you use the pictures as

Kitty Litter you call your ex and

tell them your real feelings and

why you don't want to see

them again."

"Ok." I said to myself and I called him.

"Um hello?" he answered.

"Ya hi, it's me Taylor.  Remember me, your ex-girlfriend."

"Oh, hi.  What do you want?"

"Well I wanted to tell you about how I really feal about you dumping me for Ally."I said with alot of anger in my voice.

"Ok, well how do you feel?"

"I fely terrible that you dumped me for another girl, but you dumped me for my best friend that you shouldn't have been kissing in the first place!"

"Oh ya, I wanted to talk to you about that.  I didn't mean what I said when you were leaving and I agreed to never see you again, ya I regret that chioce.  I want you back.  Kissing Ally was a stupid mistake, your the one I really love."

Then I had a choice to make.  A big choice.

The End

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