Loved Than Broken

Today I was walking home from school with my boyfriend,Todd, and I thought I was as happy as i could be. Than one day I was walking through the halls of Fountain Valley High School, and I saw Todd kissing another girl and then she turned around, and out of all of the girls in the school, he was kissing my best friend!  I got so mad I walked up to him and asked him for an explination, well I asked both of them and Ally said that she didn't mean it.  But I didn't believe that she was making out with my boyfriend.  He didn't say much at all but that he was sorry.

"I can't believe you Todd!  What's the matter with you?  You know shes my bestfriend and you also know that I'm your girlfriend, not her!"

"Well I didn't mean it." he said.

"Than why don't I believe you, Todd?  Someone needs to tell me why I don't believe you!"

"I can't believe your acting like this, it was a just a little kiss!"

"Just a little kiss?  I'm not blind and you know that!" I said very angry.

"If you keep acting this way than............WERE OVER!" he sounded even more angry as I was.

"Well fine than........ were over!" I felt terrible. "I never want to see your face again!" I screamed as I was running away I started to sob.

"Than fine leave me alone for the rest of your life, I don't really care anymore!" He yelled.


The End

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