Where ya’ meeting this bloke anyway?’  ‘That new pub.’  ‘I know he’s supposed to be a copper, but yer never know, do yer?’  So thought we’d meet where there’s lots of people.’

A couple of days pass before Jane and Dee see one another again.

‘Haven’t seen yer for a few days, how’d big date go?’  ‘Sorry about not getting in touch, I’ve been really busy, first of all Mam fell again, she wouldn’t let me take her to A & E this time though.’  ‘So I took her to her GP, he said he wanted her to have a full body MOT.’  ‘So she had ECG at surgery, then she’s got lots of hospital appointments, ENT, and she might have to have a scan, either CT or MRI, thank god for NHS.’

‘Then I’ve been helping Tom with his revision for his GCSEs, yer wouldn’t believe the stuff they teach ‘em nowadays.’  ‘It was supposed to be history of USA but lot of politics in it.  They study everything from KKK TO FDR, do ya’ know no-one knew he was in a wheelchair for years, fooled ‘em all by doing his fireside chats.’  ‘Why was he in a wheelchair?’  ‘He had Polio when he was younger.’  Then there’s the assassination of JFK, conspiracy theory surrounding it, was the FBI or the CIA behind it.’  ‘Is Tom going into politics then?’  ‘Don’t think so, yer know me cousin’s a JP, Tom wants to go into law, he’s hoping to become a QC.’

‘Then Sophie wanted help with her RE homework, she loves all that religion stuff, she’s doing her SATS soon an’all.’  ‘Does she want to be a vicar then?’  ‘No, she wants to be an actress, they’re doing the BFG at school so lots of rehearsals.’  ‘She’s really good, she’s hoping to get into RADA one day and maybe join the RSC when she graduates.  Oh and I had to take her for her MMR jab.’  ‘Don’t envy her that, do yer remember when we had the BCG jab for TB, how painful was that?’’  ‘Tell me abaht it, I’ve still got ‘scar.’  ‘So have I.’

‘Anyway, come on spill, how did the big date go?’  ‘Oh, really great, we’ve been texting and emailing all the time since.’  ‘Before I forget, can you do me a big favour?’  ‘Depends what it is?’  ‘I need you to come and stay with kids for the weekend.’  ‘Why?’  ‘Come with me and I’ll show ya’.

‘Read that last email from Dan.’  ‘Is that ‘is name, can’t imagine him as a Dan.’  ‘Anyway, show me then’ 

Hi, Jane booked us into a B & B on I.O.W, going on RO-RO ferry so no flying’.

‘Did I tell you he hates flying, ever since he went to USSR with BA, he ended up with DVT and his luggage ended up in the UAE.’  ‘And guess what, he loves charity shops so that’s summat else we’ve gor in common.’  ‘He had a bit of excitement in one last week,  he was either in RSPCA or wor it PDSA, anyway, dun’t really matter.’  ‘This old woman collapsed and he had to do CPR on her.’  ‘And did he do it to tune of ‘Staying Alive’ by ‘Bee Gees, like on that advert?  Lol’  ‘I don’t know do I, probl’y not as he has to know First Aid for his job.’  All ‘shop congratulated him ‘cos she wor sitting up b’time ambulance got theer.’  ‘But she must ‘ave ‘ad another do on ‘way t’ospital cos he heard later that she were DOA.’

‘Must go and pick kids up from school let me know details of when you need me to babysit.’  ‘I’ll get me mam and dad to have mine for weekend.’


The End

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