She likes him.He likes her.She doesn't know.He doesn't know.He finds someone.She finds someone.What next?

This "story" is some what related to my life. Here's how it all started...Year 7 I saw him if I'm honest he looked like a loser but there was something about him. At that year it was cool to just be in a relationship.I haven't the slightest idea why because it meant nothing, neither did this "relationship" but it turned it something else...a lot more complicated.So eventually we became friends and I learned a lot more about him saw how sweet he was. His current life wasn't was horrible.He was a abused by his mother and she constantly put him down so he had low self esteem and had to look after his younger brother since he could remember. We became best friends we knew everything about each other...or we thought we did. We started dating. He was very cliché and quite intense.He sent me "love letters" telling me how much he loved me (we'd been together like 2 weeks) and that he wanted to grow old with me and that I was his one true love and all that bollocks that he didn't know the meaning of. He wanted the works he was literally planning our future in the first week. It was too much for me and I ended it...I told him I didn't need the pressure and that I wanted a casual relationship.If I'm honest I just didn't want to deal with his shit any more.

The End

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