Z Mutants

I stared at her, trying to figure out whether some part of my Alex was still in there.

"Alex?" She looked up, but her expression was, well, expressionless, her eyes were distant but then what had I expected? She was dead- sort of. "You could really do with a shower, you look like crap."  A slight grin spread across her face, only to disappear as quickly as it had come. So she was still in there, somewhere...

I stared at the grains in the table, trying to make sense of it all, why was everything and everyone I loved dying, when was it going to stop? My thoughts blurred with all the questions, pounding against my skull- I stood up, making my way from the table. I needed to be alone, someplace far away from here...

I made my way towards the back door, turning back to see a slumped Alex, running her fingers aglong the table. I closed my eyes, inhaling deeply, before turning my back on her.


I stared into the water, looking at my reflection. The more I stared, my face began to morph: my eyes darkened, my cheeks became sunken, my skin began to rot. Jesus John, get a grip. I glanced down at the joint dwindling between my fingers. I couldn't even enjoy one of the simpler pleasures in my life anymore without zombies intoxicating them.

I leant back, against the grass. Me and Alex used to come here to escape it all, the madness. As a lay there cloud watching, losing track of time I felt almost, normal.

My nostrils flared as the smell of rotten human? Filled my nose. I sat up- across the lake, a pair of blood red eyes stared back at me.

 Oh God, one of the mutants had escaped...

I slowly got up, keeping my eyes locked onto the crimson pair that had become bright with hunger. I took a couple of crowched paces backwards, then ended the eye contact, turning and running for my life.

The government had tested all sorts of vaccines on the zombies, hoping to find a cure, some were promising. Others, well they ended up with cannibalistic, red eyed, pain-in-the-ass savages that would hunt you down for hours until they got what they wanted...You.

My heart pumped harder than ever before, something that would probably work against me. Trees whipped past me, thorns scratching at my legs as I pushed myself forward, I could hear the crunching of twigs and leaves behind me as the hunter slowly closed the gap between its prey. It seriously felt like my life had become a sequel to Dawn of the Dead.

The End

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