Love Untold

Damn love letters >.>

I don't believe in love at first sight. I believe in semantics. The unknown law of semantics state that love and admiration are two different things. People wish to subsume admiration under love but we MUST keep these ideas separate if only for the sake of understanding. Those who wish that love is irrational are the same people who have never considered that strong feelings are the driving forces not the ideal itself. This is why you can excuse the murdering of a cheater. It is an excuse and an obsession; a jealousy not borne of love but ownership. 

My name is unimportant. I am called many things and known by many for different reasons. Perhaps I shall tell you, but most likely I will not. It does nothing to advance my theories about love. Everyone has different theories and have even categorized it. I think it does love a disservice since separating it does nothing to show or even begin to explain its depths. Love on a basic level connects us in a human-to-human way and becomes stronger depending on who you tend to feel more for. We like to call those experience our bonds. We are tied to each other because of the string theory -strings connect us all, and the reason these bonds can be "broken" is because it's not a circle but a spiral. It seems silly, but many things are if you really think about them on an abstract literal level. But I've interrupted myself. I shall continue. [Yet,] We ascribe names to that -such as familial love (blood is thicker than water) and/or erotic love...Yes, we feel different levels of love and react to different persons differently, but after categorizing them to "explain" it away, now it needs to come together for what it is -something so complexly simple that we need it in order to interact and change the world. Love and hate do not cancel each other out, but I don't, can't quite believe that they are the sides of a coin, either (or a thin line if you so like to hear another cultural reference). Those who wish to capitalize on love wish to use such language, quite disingenuous. Hate makes no room for understanding -yes you can say that the only similarities love and hate have (such a thin line to cross, indeed) are the strong emotions it evokes. In fact, love requires work and conscious effort. Hate doesn't require much thought. It does require some effort, however, I won't take that away from it. Hate is so poisonous and to ever make the same mistake as to say that love can be poisonous too, is false. Because love is what it is, to make it relative and try to fit the situation rather than use it in a situation is what continues to make constant explanations rather tedious and...well, just tedious. But here I am, attempting...again.

Let us not get started with Conditional and Unconditional love! We have so many...words and restrictions about what love is and what it is not that Love, like all other concepts when put into practice, seems to "fall apart". Love is only conditional because we, as physical beings, are conditional. However, that's not to say that love IS conditional. Using love in a war-like metaphor -of conquering all -is just as...outdated, false and ridiculous.

So is romanticizing Love. Romance is romance, but we are so inundated and focused on it that we're not doing the most simple of things that is borne out of love, patience and compassion: listening to each other. So too I am done. After having circled an 'argument' and restrained Love as well, I shall simply [quite anticlimactically] end this letter:

It's not to understand love but to have understanding through what comes from Love.  

The End

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