The New-ish Kid

First day of grade 10, Danielle wakes up at 6:20 a.m to get into the shower before her step sister. She turned on her favorite CD that Leah made for her, and cranked the volume until she coud barely hear herself singing along out of key. Danielle blow dryed her short  dark ashy blond hair, and started curling it. Her step sister came into her room after having her shower and blow dryed her own. They laughed and talked about who they were eager to see, and guys that they hoped had gotten more attractive over the summer--typical girl stuff.

Since seeing Renato at the beach, Daniele hadn't really thought about him. She told her other friends that she had seen him and had said how much he had changed, but nothing more after that. Danielle was kind of eager though to see this other guy that she likes--Justin. They talked on MSN about how much they had changed over summer, and apparently Justin had a lot, Danielle couldn't wait to see if he was just blowing smoke or if he actually had. And to see if he would see her any different then as just a friend.

On the bus, Raeane sat in her usual spot, three rows back from the front on the small individual seats. Also as usual she stares out the window with a blank expression on her face. Leah is across the row from Raeanne in the double seats, and gives Danielle a smile when she gets on.

Leah's short medium brown hair with blond highlights is arranged in its usual pushed forward messy style, giving Leah short bangs on the right side of her forehead, and setting off her pale green eyes. Danielle sits down, noticing the change in wardrobe style from Leah's last year's guy clothes. A black and grey striped form fitting t-shirt, and black skinny jeans.

"Cute Outfit." Danielle comments giving Leah an approving smile.

"Thanks. Nice hair." Leah said smiling back.

The ten minute ride to school was quiet, for Danielle and Leah, its nothing out of the ordinary. After spending practically the whole summer together they have talked about any interesting subject until it ran dry. They are still great friends though, that not every couple of best friends can say.

Back of the cafeteria the same table as the previous year, Leah listening to her Ipod, and talking to Raeanne. The three girls waiting for their other friends to arrive at school. Danielle is on a massive first day of school hugging high, and is hugging every person she knows.

Darian, Nicole, and Lisa showed up a little later, and were all greeted by enthusiastic hugs from Danielle. As a group they all got up to look for other people they knew and who they all hung out with. Darian stopped in the middle of hallway, and started talking ot someone. Danielle wasn't really paying attention, but looked up to  see him, Renato in the flesh, at school, at her school!! He didn't seem to recgonize her, but that didn't stop the nerves in Danielle's stomach from doing loop-d-loops.

    Danielle gaped and kept walking not wanting to say something wrong. Leah followed her, kind of guessing something was up, though she didn't want to ask with everyone else around. Darian caught up to when Leah and Danielle rounded the corner of the hallway. She didn't think anything of it.

  Danielle could still feel the warmth on her cheeks, even after being around the whole school twice! This is going to be an interesting year...she thought to herself, biting her lip anxious to get to her homeroom and get her class schedule. Hopeing that she would have another class with him this year, to see if he did in fact remember her.

The End

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