Love, UnMastered

 " I don't think he even remembers who I am."

Danielle whispers to her two best friends who are swimming close by, then throwing a quick look over her shoulder at the black haired boy a few feet right of the part of the beach where she is swimming.

People are crowding the beach and swimming in their own "zones", though its only 6 o'clock in the evening residents are still diving in the cool crystal green water enjoying the chilled water after the hot summer day.

Danielle goes under water to try and shake off the butterflies in her stomach, and the crawling warmth in her cheeks. Even under water she can still see his buzzed black hair, cream colored skin, and nicely worked out muscles.

She wished with all her might that she could get that image out of her head and, maybe, go up and talk to her crush of two years, nearly 3.

      His name is Renato, they sat beside each other in Eighth Grade French. She found him very easy to talk to, extremely funny, with an adorable smile. By the time they had finished their first two months of French together she liked him. By the fourth month he started becoming more and more absent in class, and when he did show up he would start breaking down because of anxiety attacks. The fifth month, he never showed up to school anymore. He dropped off the face of the earth the rest of the year and grade nine.

 Now Danielle hadn't been totally obsessed with him, she dated another guy, but he was a player. She had other crushes, other people she liked. Though they never really seemed to be...well right.

I still don't know if he is "right"  Danielle screamed in her mind, finally resurfacing.

"Scared us for a second there. We thought you weren't coming back up!" Leah said perched up on a large rock close to the beach.

Danielle spat water at her, a grimace on her face. Her eyes slipping back over to where Renato was laughing and leaving the water. Shaking her head, desperate not to stare, Danielle dove under the water again and started doing front crawl as fast and as hard as she could farther out into the lake.


The End

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