Lime green curtains not only in Ida's room

They had taken Line to hospital! Hospitalized her! Over... I shuddered- severe depression. I had done this... I had hurt her...

I ran through the hospital doors and towards the receptionist.

"Need to see Evangeline Connors..." I said quickly, and looked desperately to the receptionist.

"Hmm. Third floor, room 608,"

" 'Kay, thank you, " I said, already running by the time Lily made it through the hosiptal entrance.

I hopped in the elevator, and impatiently waited for Lily, and when she walked dumbly through, I jabbed the button.

We waited tensely in the silence for the doors to seperate and allow us through. When they did, Lily grabbed my hand, as I rushed forward. "Just be prepared, Rory, she's not well,"

I gave her a look, and pulled her out of the elevator. "I need to see her, Lily. Show me where she is,"

She lead me forward. I saw the number on the door, and paused for a moment, before pushing the grey door open.

She was lying there, looking exhausted and - unrecognisable. Her beautiful green eyes were sunken and glazed, her porcelain like skin pallid. The hair that had been black when I'd left, was her chestnut brown, once more.

I walked over to her bedside, and she turned to look at me.

Her eyes focused, and regained their usual energy and light. Her hair darkened a little, her skin brightened.

I cried out. She grabbed my hand, and rubbed it soothingly. "Don't," She said, surprisingly loudly.

"Look what I've done to you!"

"Shshh. You're here, I'm better."

"What happened?" She hesitated for a moment, and moved aside to make room for me in her bed, something we had done in what felt like a lifetime ago, but what was really two weeks.

I climbed in, and held her tight. This wasn't how I'd imagined it, in a hospital, but I'd never been so glad to have someone in my arms. I needed her so much, especially right now.

"When I blocked you..." She said slowly, and I noticed her eyes well up.

"Don't cry, I understand why you did it! I was so wrong, I'm going to tell you everything! I swear! Just, tell me what happened first, Evangeline." I said, worry changing my voice.

"Don't be so freaked out, Ror," She said, a smile appearing, and weak as it was, it made me feel better.

"So, I blocked you, you left. I tried...tried so hard, to cope. I honestly did-"

"Please... don't explain yourself, just tell me love,"

She burst into laughter. I smiled despite myself, and fell back into life with her.

"What?" I said, tickling her. She only started to laugh harder.

"You- you are - seventeen- and-" She could not control the laughter here. " And- you called me- love!"

I joined in her laughter. It was so beautiful, and it caused me no end of relief. She would be okay, I had saved her from the death I had almost caused.

"And I call you love, cos I love you!"

"I love you too," She said, her eyes shining. It was the first time we had said it to each other, and we were both ecstatic, despite the circumstances.

"So, basically, I fell apart... and, I couldn't reach you, even when I tried desperately hard. So... I got worse and worse, and I started to lose the kashian looks, the hair, and I finally...collapsed, I think. I woke up in here."

"You didn't... you didn't..."

"No, I didn't try to kill myself. I just collapsed. All I remember was a repitition of this awful stabbing pain in my mind, it had happened once before, in the shower. And then, as I said, I woke up in this prison."

"You were... mentally attacked? But why would he do that!"


The End

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