Home comforts

My heart was getting jittery, going a hundred miles an hour as I approached the house. I was desperate to be near her again, and I felt like sprinting to wherever she was. But I also knew that Lily and Ida, her aunts, would not be pleased to see me. I had seemingly abandoned her when she needed me most. My head hung in shame as tears dropped off of my face, and I clung to the gate. But I would make up for it, I promised myself, and I had needed to leave, I needed to make sure she wouldn't be sent off on some ridiculous Tahistori mission, towards her death.

I pushed open the gate slowly and made my way up the garden path, all the while praying that she was ok.

I knocked on the door, my stomach clenched in anxiety.

The door was thrown open, and Lily launched herself at me.

"Oh thank god...thank god...you're here..."

She was sobbing on me, clinging to my muddy shirt, and I peeled her off a little so I could see her face. Panic rising, I pleaded with her.

"Lily! Lily! Tell me... tell me...what's going on.."

"She's a shell! A shell! I don't agree with what they did... I don't believe... she just needed you..."

My heart was hammering in my chest. Panic enveloping me in it's sweaty embrace.

"What did they do?! Lily take me to her, please! " I could hear the anguish in my voice, and I knew Lily could too. She shook her head sadly, and I almost screamed with frustration.

"They took her to the hospital three days ago,"

"What! What's happened? Wait, tell me on the way,"

The End

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